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I am a wealthy planter, originally from Maryland, and an early advocate of independence from Great Britain. I served as a delegate to the Continental Congress and later as United States Senator for Maryland. I was the only Catholic and last surviving signatory of the Declaration of Independence.

Defending Marriage…Why?

  It has never been a matter of ‘rights,’ it has always been a matter of responsibility.  Just ask Qween Amar (seen wearing his chiffon tu-tu in the picture).   Recently, in arguments heard at the US Supreme Court, many opinions … Continue reading

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Dr. Moss is moving on

  Jeff Moss did what most school system superintendents do, he stayed fours years and moved onto a higher paying job. Few people in this county will shed a tear for him. (Well maybe Bill Tatum will since he was … Continue reading

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Democratic Party demand for Re-redistricting. How quaint!

  In a recent public forum, Bob Phillips of the left-wing group Common Cause spoke fervently of the dire need for North Carolina to revisit the legislative redistricting that the Republican led State Legislature enacted following the 2010 Census.  He … Continue reading

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Control of School Property

  Would a county board of education, Lee County or otherwise, concur with the State legislature’s proposal to wrest control of educational properties from them and trust that responsibility with the respective county boards of commissioners?  No, of course they … Continue reading

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It isn’t reform that needed; it’s enforcement!

  The airways have been flooded these past few weeks with obfuscation and superfluous rhetoric about the need for drastic and effective immigration policy reform.  Why?  There are plenty of effective and just laws already on the books that clearly … Continue reading

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There ought to be a law……..

  The Main Stream Media spectacle has been in full swing following the mindless tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, fully exploiting the event as Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel described as not “letting a serious crisis to go to waste.”  Yes, … Continue reading

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Why the need for year-round Public Schools? Why now?

  I must continually remind myself that I live in Lee County, NC.  It is futile to ask meaningful questions of the Lee County School System (LCSS).  Still, I marvel at how the LCSS Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Committee came right out of left field with a recommendation to … Continue reading

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Progressivism versus Religious Freedom

  Why do progressives espouse disdain for religion, especially Christianity?  Easy, theirs is a means that doesn’t justify their ends; there can be little doubt. The United States of America was clearly founded as a Christian nation in which other religious beliefs … Continue reading

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Slow Your Roll, Dr. Smith: Extending our Superintendent is a Hasty and Bad Move!

  Even before the new Lee County Board of Education can be sworn in there has already been a not-so-behind-the-scenes effort to further extend the contract of our Superintendent, Dr. Jeff Moss.  What in the world are you thinking, Lynn Smith?  It was bad enough … Continue reading

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Upsetting the Apple Cart (What the LEED-PAC Fears Most)

  As the faces and motives of the LEED-PAC are becoming known, it is apparent that maintaining the traditional status quo in Lee County is of paramount importance.  Just face it, things have been done a certain way and a … Continue reading

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