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First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; Author of several of the Federalist Papers

The Inseparability of Providence and State

My missives to the people of New York in Federalist Papers numbered 2-5, included rhetorical references to “Providence” as the author of our constitution and our destiny.  In my day, this was equivalent to the more contemporary reference to a … Continue reading

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Diversity in America

Call me Ishmael.  No, seriously, call me John.  I have little interest in being anything but a native American, born into a multi-generational American family, raised and educated here, but sufficiently worldly, having traveled to foreign lands to share their … Continue reading

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Hillary is Concerned about the GOP ?

I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the interview Madam Clinton gave to ABC News on October 25th.  She was asked what concerns her about the country- truly one of those famous softball questions she typically gets.  In response, she … Continue reading

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That fishy smell is coming from Sanford City Hall

Completely unbeknownst to the citizens of Sanford their elected and appointed leaders at City Hall are plotting to ruin one of Sanford’s most respected and cherished restaurants—Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant. Even worse, they are colluding on this matter without any hint … Continue reading

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Essential Liberty

Last Friday was James Madison’s birthday, so let us then remember his legacy as the father of our Constitution. Madison conceived the basic outline of the Constitution before the Constitutional Convention even met. He came to the Convention steeped in … Continue reading

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NC House District Boundaries Re-Drawn

For those of you in Lee County who haven’t yet scrutinized the proposed new maps for NC house districts, let me be the first to provide some relevant details — right from the NC General Assembly’s (NCGA) website.  In particular, … Continue reading

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Stacking, Unpacking, and Hijacking the State

For six hours Thursday, three words- stacking, unpacking, and hijacking -were thrown about in cliche fashion  by liberals and race-baiting bigots, alike.  These words rolled off the lips of NAACP officials, several democrat party chairpersons, and mountain folk, many of whom questionably … Continue reading

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