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Republican In Name Only- RINO

Were the people of America, with one voice, to ask, What shall we do to perpetuate our liberties and secure our happiness? The answer would be, ‘govern well, and you will have nothing to fear either from internal disaffection or … Continue reading

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Beaufort County Still Haunted by Dr. Jeff Moss

Dr. Jeff Moss continues to haunt the Beaufort County taxpayers.  His gargantuan building plan led to incredible amounts of debt, voted over the objection of conservative county commissioners back in 2004 and 2005.  This has led to a glut of facility … Continue reading

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Juxtaposing God, Religion, and the State

We’ve heard a lot of noise lately about God & religion in public settings.  There are ACLU challenges being levied against public prayer by our state legislature, and in the Forsyth and Rowan County Boards of Commissioners.  We even have internal cessation of prayer … Continue reading

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Essential Liberty

Last Friday was James Madison’s birthday, so let us then remember his legacy as the father of our Constitution. Madison conceived the basic outline of the Constitution before the Constitutional Convention even met. He came to the Convention steeped in … Continue reading

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