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The fact that I was a woman did not make me a different Soldier however the fact I served my country as a Soldier made me a different woman! I have been honored and criticized for my military achievements, subject to curiosity, speculation, and gossip. Contemporaries and descendants alike remain undecided as to whether they should celebrate or censure a woman who so clearly challenged gender constraints and social norms. In 1782, standing 5’ 7”, donned with a weapon, a fictitious name and men’s apparel, I became the first female to fight in the Revolutionary War. Although wounded and having to resort to removing a musket ball from my own thigh to avoid being discovered as a female, I remained STANDING as a patriot.

Do Lee County Politicians Have an Anti-Military Bias?

Watching the behavior of Lee County politicians leads me to believe some of our elected officials may have an anti-military bias.  Consider these three examples:   1.  In 2010, the Lee County board of commissioners twice publicly deliberated ending their commitment to the multi-county pact … Continue reading

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