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If it’s Friday…

it’s talking with the Founding Fathers!  Part 2… I think this would be a delightful idea to continue every Friday for any of the Founding Fathers to do. So let it begin with me.   I found this at the American … Continue reading

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An addendum to “Munchkin Politics”

No, this isn’t an apology for anything in that post.  It’s just ironic that Tamara has the gall to write on munchkin blogger’s site – E-Lee Disgust: “With election day less than a week away, some candidates can really let … Continue reading

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Munchkin politics!

Somewhere in the middle, somewhere in the heat of the fight, we can always find our trusty KC.  Another scandal and who is allegedly the “informant”?  KC.  And who allegedly is the culprit – the GOP.  Talk about a sore … Continue reading

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Insanity abounds!

I’ve thought and pondered if it would be worth my precious time to respond to some things in the Sanford Herald this morning.  Should I?   More than likely, we’ll read something else on Billy’s blog or in the paper about … Continue reading

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Founding Fathers’ Pick in District 2- Charlie Parks

Like many of his loyal GOP brethren, Charlie was stung by the Herald’s endorsement of his opponent in yesterday’s paper.  This short column is intended to take a little of that sting out of the paper’s decision. Lee County citizens could easily discern … Continue reading

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If it’s Friday…

It’s talking points with the Founding Fathers… Ok, this patriot has decided to have a bit of fun with someone on the other blogger’s site.   After reading  Ms. Brogan’s campaign cry for the sheriff in today’s Sanford Herald, I had a vision of … Continue reading

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He’s Proud!

Wow, I come home from a hard day’s work and didn’t expect to get cartoons in the mail.  But I did.  Amongst the bills, the usual flyers with burger deals, haircuts and good old Mutual Omaha ad, I found this Jimmy … Continue reading

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