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That fishy smell is coming from Sanford City Hall

Completely unbeknownst to the citizens of Sanford their elected and appointed leaders at City Hall are plotting to ruin one of Sanford’s most respected and cherished restaurants—Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant. Even worse, they are colluding on this matter without any hint … Continue reading

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Democratic Party demand for Re-redistricting. How quaint!

  In a recent public forum, Bob Phillips of the left-wing group Common Cause spoke fervently of the dire need for North Carolina to revisit the legislative redistricting that the Republican led State Legislature enacted following the 2010 Census.  He … Continue reading

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Control of School Property

  Would a county board of education, Lee County or otherwise, concur with the State legislature’s proposal to wrest control of educational properties from them and trust that responsibility with the respective county boards of commissioners?  No, of course they … Continue reading

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It isn’t reform that needed; it’s enforcement!

  The airways have been flooded these past few weeks with obfuscation and superfluous rhetoric about the need for drastic and effective immigration policy reform.  Why?  There are plenty of effective and just laws already on the books that clearly … Continue reading

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Wailing & Gnashing of Teeth in Sanford & Broadway

My, oh my.  Not since the electric 2009 debate over the half-cent sales tax increase has the county witnessed so much wailing and gnashing of teeth over an issue like the sales tax distribution in Lee County.  County commissioners have … Continue reading

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