The Pieces Begin to Fall in Place

Spy_Funhouse_Image     The seemingly endless saga of the Trump dossier took a dramatic turn this past week and each day seems to bring ever more evidence of collusion within the Obama Administration and the Deep State.

The good news is that the dossier has now been completely debunked as unverified derogatory opposition research, aimed at crippling the Trump campaign in 2016. The bad news is that the dossier scandal now implicates Republicans as well as Deep State operatives who colluded against our President. The scandal is so pervasive it is hard to image how any governmental agency could independently investigate and unravel the vast conspiracy to undermine our President.

Here’s what we know:

*The Clinton Campaign and the Democrat National Committee paid a commercial firm, Fusion GPS, to dig up dirt on then-candidate Trump back in mid-2016. It didn’t matter if the information was true or not, so long as it was believable. Ex-UK spy Michael Steele put the dossier together under contract from Fusion GPS.

*In July 2016, FBI Director Jim Comey was pressured not to indict candidate Clinton for her role in recklessly exposing national secrets to foreign powers. Not coincidentally, the same month he opened up an investigation into the Trump campaign’s involvement with Russians. Within 30 days, the dossier came into FBI hands courtesy of the DNC and Clinton campaign.

*To further damage the Trump campaign, the dossier was offered directly to the Washington Post, the New York Times, and CNN. UK spy Michael Steele met with each of these news organizations twice in the late summer of 2016 to achieve widespread release of the salacious material.

*Republican John McCain became involved in peddling the dossier to the FBI when he attended a Canadian conference in late 2016, after President Trump had been elected.  (Note- the FBI already had the dossier from another undisclosed source.) McCain directed his staff to research the dossier and to turn it over to the FBI in early 2017.

*When Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from involvement in the Department of Justice (DOJ) probe of alleged Trump campaign collusion with the Russians, his deputy appointed Robert Mueller as a Special Counsel. Mueller’s team was loaded up with numerous FBI and other officials who had striking conflicts of interest. Peter Strzok had direct Clinton Campaign ties as did Lisa Page, both of whom were dismissed weeks ago from the Mueller team. This past week another DOJ official on the Mueller team, Bruce Ohr, was unmasked as having ties to the Steele dossier and whose wife worked for Fusion GPS. These deep state ties are more than troubling- they are very likely criminal.

Clearly, the DOJ has too little integrity at the top to accomplish a thorough investigation into all of this related unethical activity. The Clinton Uranium One scandal (involving DOJ and FBI staff), overlaps with the Benghazi intelligence debacle, the Clinton email scandal, and the fake Trump dossier scandal. These scandals involve most of the senior FBI and DOJ staff who comprise major roles in the Deep State. It almost seems hopeless that anyone short of a disinterested Special Counsel or a major House Intelligence Committee probe might set the record straight by shedding public light on all the Deep State activity.

Time will tell whether the Trump Administration can muster enough traction and sufficient loyalists to expose all of this Deep State activity. In the interim, hopefully the Congress will provide cover for our President, keeping the Deep State in check as it investigates corruption at the highest levels in the DOJ and FBI.

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The Inseparability of Providence and State

Jay_FederalistMy missives to the people of New York in Federalist Papers numbered 2-5, included rhetorical references to “Providence” as the author of our constitution and our destiny.  In my day, this was equivalent to the more contemporary reference to a triune God- Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  In the late 18th Century, the colonial print media and the vast majority of Americans unquestionably agreed that Providence and Natural Law were instrumental in the governance of our great nation.

You will note my previous post, on the subject of diversity, is consistent with the following quotation from Federalist #2- “With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people–a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms, and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established general liberty and independence.”  

Now, permit me to address another essential truth from the Holy Book of Isaiah, made even even more popular as lyrics in Handel’s Messiah dating from the mid-18th Century (around the time our Republic was being conceived).  Isaiah Chapter 9, Verse 6b, “…and the Government shall be upon his shoulder….”

When in the course of American events has this simple Biblical statement been invalidated?  Never! So, why then did our High Court choose to separate Him from the affairs of state in its landmark court cases, beginning in 1947?  If the government truly rests upon His shoulder, then its survival must necessarily depend on Him, the One who supports and lifts up our government.

The Everson, McCollum, and Engel supreme court cases between 1947 and 1952 propelled our republic down a course of religious separation, leading to the moral and ethical decline in governance, public education and American civilization in general.  Mankind was born into sin and, left to its own devices, will unite to rebel against God for an unholy purpose.  That is a principal reason why God divided mankind into tribes and ethnicities as detailed in Genesis 11, the story of Babel.  God clearly wants believers to unite with Him to achieve His purposes in this world, never to compromise on the principles given to us by Jesus in the Gospels.

I am encouraged that the 45th President of the United States is showing the moral courage and wisdom to follow the stated intent of Providence by formally recognizing Israel’s capital in Jerusalem, by restoring Christian traditions like saying “Merry Christmas” in public places, by reading excerpts of the Christmas story in his public speeches, and by putting Christian judges and justices on the federal bench.  Clearly, President Trump is being influenced by Providence and, like Nebuchadnezzar II, is being used by Providence to achieve His purposes in these United States and around the world.  Hallelujah!

Now, let us resolve to reverse the 70-year course of our federal courts by restoring the preeminence of Providence in governing the affairs of men. Let us restore the teaching of Christ in public schools to receive the blessing of Providence in our pursuit of education.  Let us compel our judges to follow the canons of Mosaic Law (particularly including adherence to the 10 Commandments) when deciding federal court cases.  Let us elect Judeo-Christian leaders who will honor Providence and seek His favor in governing our Christian nation.  In so doing, we will make America great again!

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The Importance of Honestly Run Political Parties

There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.
~ John Adams, Letter to Jonathan Jackson (October 2, 1780).

Sadly, that train has already left the station.  Clearly, what Adams dreaded over two centuries ago came to pass long ago, and survives to this day.

So, what can we do?  We’re not likely to get the toothpaste back into the tube, so we’re probably stuck with political parties.

Emergence of a viable third party with significant influence isn’t likely to change that significantly in and of itself.  I suspect it would most likely transform a two sided battle into a three sided battle.  While this might change the dynamic to some degree, it is not likely to affect the impact of poor governance within political parties.

The reader might well at this point wonder “why does it matter if political parties are operated in an honest manner?”

I find two principles that argue strongly for  honest and open governance in our political parties.

First and foremost, I see no organizations or  groups that equal political parties in influence over who winds up on the ballot and who gets elected.  Certainly, donations from corporations, trade groups, and wealthy individuals have an effect, but those donations are likely to be funneled through or influenced by a political party.

If political parties are not run in an open and honest manner, how can they possibly be expected to promote the best candidates for office?  If the guiding principle is cronyism and quest for power and personal influence rather than open and honest governance, we are more likely to get cronies and power seekers rather than genuine public servants.

Political parties also tend to excel at organizing people, which is certainly a significant factor in their effectiveness at getting candidates on the ballot and getting them elected.  This is also a factor arguing for open and honest governance.  Much of the work of political parties is accomplished through the investment of time, treasure, and perspiration by volunteers.  If those volunteers do not have a reasonable expectation that their investment is managed honestly, we can count on them to stop making such investments.

Certainly, things that are done with volunteers can be done with money, but are they done as effectively?  Can paid callers in a phone bank match the impact of a volunteer knocking on doors?  If someone is paid to knock on doors, are they likely to be as effective as the volunteer acting out of passion for the cause rather than the need for a paycheck?  Furthermore, accomplishing things with money rather than volunteers only serves to reinforce a perception, whether or not is accurate, that a certain party operates by and for wealthy people, with no care or thought for working citizens.

No political party can be maximally successful without open and honest governance that truly respects the investment made by it’s volunteers.



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Diversity in America

Tower of BableCall me Ishmael.  No, seriously, call me John.  I have little interest in being anything but a native American, born into a multi-generational American family, raised and educated here, but sufficiently worldly, having traveled to foreign lands to share their cultures and ways of life.   I read voraciously and I have learned much about my distant European ancestry along with the wonders of Asian and African cultures.

I am also a fan of the Holy Bible.  I read a little of it daily and follow the sermons of half a dozen preachers who provide amazing insights into God’s will for mankind.   It is from those lessons that I have landed on the topic of diversity in America.

Today in America, diversity is celebrated and promoted in virtually every aspect of our lives.  Colleges seek students from diverse (often foreign) backgrounds even ahead of more gifted local students who represent less diverse populations.  Corporations hire and groom employees from diverse backgrounds, seeking to balance their leadership ranks with people from diverse genders, ethnicities, races, ages, and even sexual preferences.  For years, our military has been recruiting non-U.S. citizens into the services and opening up all military specialties to persons of both genders and all sexual preferences, all in the name of diversity.

Diversity has become a standard, if not the mission, for virtually every aspect of our lives.  Yet, where did this compulsion come from?  I have scoured the scriptures for evidence of God-directed diversity.  The obvious early example, in Genesis Chapter 1, was God’s creation of man and woman (man’s helper)- giving us two distinctly different genders.  Later, in Genesis 11, God created diverse cultures by dividing up the people near Babel, confusing their languages and dividing them into separate nations so the people would not all work collaboratively together toward a single purpose not pleasing to God.  Clearly, God ordered differences in gender, speech, race and ethnicity.  In Genesis 18, He cautioned against the sinful behavior of homosexuality, today considered a part of diversity.

Throughout the Bible, God instructs us to seek harmony with each other and to treat different people with dignity and respect.  But nowhere is there a demand or direction for taking heterogeneous tribes or nations and assimilating them to create a multi-cultural, gender neutral, secular nation or state.  In fact, a literal read of Exodus 12: 48-49 leads us to insist that “strangers” who seek to sojourn with us must obey our laws and act in the same manner we find customary.  This command from God would seem to demand conformity, rather than cultural diversity.

So, this brings me to the present day consideration of American Exceptionalism and President Trump’s campaign promise to “Make America Great Again” (MAGA).  The founding documents for our colonies, our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and countless other important documents clearly established these United States as a Christian nation, owing its successes to Almighty God, the Holy Trinity.  It is by His hand the USA has survived these 240+ years and that we have been blessed as a superpower and Christian banner bearer for the world.  However, we have witnessed a serious decline in holiness and obedience to God – as a nation – over the last 70 or so years.

Much of our cultural deterioration is attributable to our pursuit of unnatural diversity as a means of regulating our society.  Our laws and regulations placing quotas and thresholds for race, ethnicity, gender, language, sexual, and religious preferences have caused us to diminish our nation’s greatness in the pursuit of diversity.  Our insistence on maintaining open borders and allowing a massive influx of non-native, non-English speaking people to take up illegal residence here and act in the capacity of slaves has weakened our school system, challenged our social services institutions, and perpetuated a servant class in America.  Our assimilation of Sharia law-believing Muslims has made our society vulnerable to a constant threat of terror and mass murder.  Our military has watered down its fighting effectiveness and readiness by thrusting women into unnatural combatant roles requiring strength and stamina that would challenge most men.   Worse still, in recent years, the military has allowed gay and transgender recruits to intersperse among predominantly (and fervently) heterosexual fighting units, causing dissension and a general lack of trust and camaraderie within the ranks.

This pursuit of diversity seems to have no bounds.  It threatens our survival as an exceptional Christian nation and as the world’s dominant superpower.  President Trump recognizes this vulnerability and has expressed his desire to restore America’s greatness.  He will find this restoration to be difficult, but he must persevere the politically correct and morally bankrupt forces that will oppose him in the pursuit.  Anarchist groups like ANTIFA will threaten law and order continuously.  Liberals and progressives of the Democrat Party will defend the perpetuation of diversity, arguing the Trump Administration is homophobic, Islamophobic, and xenophobic in its policies.

Truly, if we are to survive as a Christian nation and to be a cause for good in the world, we must seriously alter our pursuit of diversity as a matter of public policy.  That is not to say we should not strive to live in harmony with those who are different.  To the contrary, we should make every effort to treat others with love and respect.  We just do not need to compel unnatural homogeneity in a heterogeneous world or to violate Biblical principles in regulating our society.

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Hillary is Concerned about the GOP ?

HRCI couldn’t help but be intrigued by the interview Madam Clinton gave to ABC News on October 25th.  She was asked what concerns her about the country- truly one of those famous softball questions she typically gets.  In response, she indicated one of the things she was most concerned about was the implosion of the Republican Party.

Say what?

I replayed the clip just to make sure I had heard it correctly.  I let her words sink in.  Suddenly, it occurred to me she was being sincere; but not in the way most Americans might reason.

Her exact words were, “I am concerned the GOP is imploding…It is becoming a far right captive party to ideological, religious, and commercial interests.”  In a stream of consciousness she confessed her heart-felt concerns the Republican Party’s center of gravity  is moving to the right, away from the establishment swamp in which its elected federal officials had taken refuge the past 20 or so years.

With absolute precision she correctly identified the three pillars of conservatism in which the Republican Party finds its strength- strong ideological principles, a foundation in Judeo-Christian values, and an unwavering alliance with capitalism.    She could not have been more accurate in describing the bow wave of activity being triggered today by President Donald Trump’s populist rhetoric and his “America First” portfolio of policies.  I take her at her word that she is deeply concerned the GOP is gravitating back to these pillars of strength.  After all, this means the stranglehold that establishment republicans have had on the GOP is being rejected by the American public.

No doubt HRC fears a more resilient and powerful GOP will emerge from the swamp.  She must know just how sharply this regenerated party will contrast with the progressive, socialist, anti-Christian, Caucasian-bashing, phobo-phobians who comprise the remnants of the once dominant Democrat Party.  Her party bears no resemblance to the party of Jefferson, Jackson, and Roosevelt.  It is more of an amalgamation of the parties of Che, Fidel, and Mao.

I believe Clinton is genuinely concerned she has been a primary catalyst for the rise of populism and the demise of the Democrat Party.  She fears the emerging Republican Party will come to dominate the national political scene for decades to come.  The evidence is already apparent: despite many GOP miscues since the 2016 general election, its record of success in subsequent special elections is untarnished.  The upcoming gubernatorial election in Virginia appears headed for yet another conservative victory.  This is certainly not the Clinton legacy she and her intractable husband had envisioned.

Perhaps even more of concern to Hillary, despite seemingly insurmountable forces from the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the Washington Swamp, President Trump is starting to gain traction in his plans to make America great again.  Most assuredly, the new “far right” GOP will forge an alliance with the President and restore American greatness through economic growth and prosperity, reverence for Biblical values, and enforcement of the rule of law- things that HRC’s democrats long ago abandoned.

For once, I believe Hillary was actually telling the truth.

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“Obey the Law whenever you know what it is.”

obey the lawThis is something a wise County Sheriff once told me.  I believe it was in reference to “concealed carry” rules in our county.  His point was that we all have an obligation to obey the law as we understand it.  There is an old saying, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” but that doesn’t always make sense.  Common sense is what I call “natural law.”  That is the simple rule that is expressed more famously by the statement, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  That’s what a good person should ordinarily do in absence of any formalized rules and regulations that are vigorously enforced by some agency of the law.

The trouble is, even that good person will often act in his or her own best interests in the absence of rule enforcement.  The most common example I can think of is what I observe in four out of five instances every single day, everywhere I drive in the South.  That is not stopping for a STOP sign before making a right turn, and sometimes at a red light if there is no traffic.  The standard for making a legal stop is what we used to call a “foot-down stop,” which is what a motorcyclist is supposed to do when stopping.  Not just stopping cold, then taking off again, but stopping and putting both feet on the ground to steady the bike and keep it from falling over.  So a policeman stops such a person running that STOP sign and they say, “But officer, I DID stop!”  Well, no, it was more of a yield in most cases.  And that’s the law…STOP means STOP.

So we have local, state and federal rules, regulations and laws.  Federal law says that smoking marijuana is wrong.  Colorado state law says it is OK.  Which law to obey?  Who made those laws?  Federal law says that illegal immigrants, especially those who have committed crimes, must be held in detention until such time as a determination is made as to what to do with them.  At the same time, a “sanctuary city” such as San Francisco, may release that person back into the general population to do goodness-knows-what again without consequences.

What we have here is a failure of character.  In the STOP sign instance, it is a failure of personal character…it is a form of greed, in that “what I need right now is more important than the law, and I know I’m breaking it, but there’s no harm.”  In the case of the illegal who was caught committing a crime, the character flaw is broader and more flagrant…”We don’t like the law, we don’t like your politics, and we are going to disregard that law no matter who it harms…so just stick it where the sun don’t shine!”

I’m going to let some of my co-founders discuss in more detail why we have laws and what the rights and responsibilities of our three branches of government are in relationship to each other.

In the meanwhile…STOP at the stop sign, please!  While you’re at it, think about that speed limit, too.  Does 55 mean 55-60, or does it mean “eight is great, but nine, you’re mine,” as my eldest son used to say to me before he lost his driver’s license.

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God is good, the Democrat Party is not.

SatanHow’s that for a byline?

Well, it’s true. If you’re a democrat reading this and you feel hate well up inside of you, then just chalk it up to being a democrat. That’s what true democrats do- they hate; that is, in addition to lying, cheating, stealing, and suppressing minority citizens. If you regularly practice one of those behaviors, you probably are a democrat.

I used to think one could be a committed democrat and be righteous. How naive of me! In fact, aligning oneself with the Democrat Party is flirting with evil. Here’s my reasoning…

There exist in this world a number of divine institutions, those given to us by Almighty God. Each of these institutions is described in the Holy Bible – principally in the Book of Genesis – and they include: Marriage, Family, Civil Government, and the Church, among others.  God made it clear in His written Word that He is to be a part of each of these divine institutions. Apart from Him, each would be unproductive or counter-productive to His Will in the universe.

Despite widespread misinterpretation of Thomas Jefferson’s famous 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, the “wall of separation” that existed early on in the U.S. civil government was never intended by our Founders to wall off God from any of His sovereign institutions; instead it was intended to keep the civil government institution from encroaching on the other God-ordained institutions. God never intended for any of His institutions to be separated in any way from Him. As so eloquently stated by Jesus, in John 15:5, “…apart from me you can do nothing.”

While it is common knowledge that God created the universe, it would not be appropriate to accuse God of creating the Democrat Party; that has been an invention of man (perhaps with a little inspiration from the evil one). When God gave mankind the institution of civil government, He allowed us to exercise free will in how to organize into jurisdictions and how to develop human laws to govern ourselves. Out of those methods came political parties. They  were not divine institutions, but they were not God-ordained to be unrighteous or irreligious, either. From the inception of U.S. political parties in the late 18th century there was reverence for Almighty God, even in Jefferson’s Democratic Republican Party from which the present day Democrat Party evolved.

Fast forward to 2012 and the Democrat Party convention in Charlotte, NC. Millions watched in horror as the majority of convention goers voted three times, overwhelmingly, to remove all references to God from their official party platform. (This was reminiscent of the Apostle Peter’s trio of denials mentioned in all four of the Gospels.) In the end, party officials over-rode the rabble and left references to God in the platform. However, by 2016, democrats had a more subtle and successful approach to appease their rank and file; they removed biblical references and other Christian tenets from the official party platform before the televised convention, so as not to arouse the attention of the general public. All went as planned with smooth adoption of the changes. You can see the  results of their work at the Democrat Party official platform site:

By contrast, here is the site for the most recent Republican Party platform:

I read through both party platforms in mid-2016 and I came to the conclusion neither is what a Bible-believing, Constitution-loving person of Christian character might fully embrace. However, there is a massive chasm between the two party platforms. The Democrat Party platform is rooted in evil, supporting unrestricted abortion of unborn babies with government funding, lawlessness at the borders of our country, the division of the country of Israel, and a defense of Islamic culture and practices. The Republican Party platform sustains support of Almighty God, prayer, the 10 Commandments, traditional marriage (as ordained by God), a defense of the unborn, and preservation of Israel. While the republican platform may not be complete in its exposition of Judeo-Christian principles, at least it honors and reveres God and it supports the premise our country is a Christian nation and republicans endorse the practice of the Christian faith in our country.

The truth is in the details. God is unquestionably good. He wants us to have a personal relationship with Him and to revere Him and His Word. One simply cannot honor God and also be true to the Democrat Party with its agnostic and anti-Christian precepts. On the other hand, one can genuinely affiliate with the tenets of the Republican Party platform and still be true to God.

Oh sure, a person can still be a Christian and affiliate with the Democrat Party, but that affiliation is democrat in name only.  A truly committed democrat adopts his party platform by affiliation,  and that means he supports evil as defined in the Holy Bible. Think about that the next time you hear someone extol the virtues of the Democrat Party or argue there is no difference between the political parties. Indeed, there is!

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The Founding Fathers’ Blog is Back

Conservative_imageAfter a long layoff, conservative authors of the Founding Fathers’ blog believe it is time to revive the forum.  This is an era of declining conservative content in print media and the blogosphere seems dominated by hate speech and race baiting from the left.  (Only in the medium of talk radio is there a strong presence of conservative advocacy, a domain in which Judeo-Christian principles and traditional America values are revered and promoted)

Years ago, this blog served a useful conservative purpose- exposing liberal and progressive behaviors in Lee County, North Carolina, and our country.  There still exists a need for locally generated conservative content, especially given the rapid decline in quality of local blogs (like the Rant) and the recent departure of the only conservative editor our local paper managed to employ over the last two decades.

We are encouraged by the strong interest being shown by the growing number of local conservatives who wish to publish original content, including opinion pieces and newsworthy reports the local paper seems incapable of sharing with the public.  As always, authors are required to use the surname of their chosen Founding Father when posting content.  However, comments can be made using one’s actual name or a surname, whichever is preferred.

Let the dialogue begin….

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Defending Marriage…Why?

Qween Amar  It has never been a matter of ‘rights,’ it has always been a matter of responsibility.  Just ask Qween Amar (seen wearing his chiffon tu-tu in the picture).

  Recently, in arguments heard at the US Supreme Court, many opinions were expressed over the terms of marriage, equality, and right.  Little was heard about the term responsible behavior.  Sadly, marriage, equality, and ‘rights’ are all about responsible behavior. Justice Alito asked simply ‘when was marriage first legislated, 1868, 1791? When?.’ It wasn’t.  The idea predates any United States.  Justice Kennedy, who is often called the ‘swing judge’ usually because his convictions keep swinging in the breezes of prevailing politics instead of the Constitution, said it best.  ‘This was never a federal question. This is an area of State responsibility.’  So true, but it was the federal courts agreeing to hear a case involving a clearly defined state issue in the first place that made it a federal question. Irresponsible federal intervention caused this problem. 

  Marriage was NEVER about religion.  Marriage was ALWAYS about civil responsible behavior in a community.  It was how communities insured moral, ethical, and even yes responsible behavior of its members.  Marriage was about support, parenting, and good order and discipline in a society.  It was about who paid the bills for the civil partnership and its results.  It was about rules of behavior that were for the good of the community, society.  Incest, inbreeding, and what are now called social diseases were not, shall any one dare to say, prevalent around the time that the term marriage was first used.  Males and females partnered to breed.  They had children the, even then, old fashioned way, one man impregnating one female in a natural way.  There were no test tubes, turkey basters, surrogates, or donors.  There were also clearly known responsible partners, and supporters.  Communities knew who to hold accountable for the offspring. 

  There were no issues about equality.  Men were men, women were women and societies clearly understood the rules that they set for themselves.  Communities knew that Fathers should not breed daughters and that mothers should not breed with their sons.  They also knew that homosexuality could not lead to any children.  Communities also knew that homosexuality lead to many disease related deaths not seen in male and female relationships.  There were reasons that societies formed these taboos against certain behaviors.  They were inherently irresponsible behaviors that were not good for the community.  Religions adopted these practices and taboos from civil society rather than religions foisting these taboos onto society.

  The responsible action is for the court to dismiss this court challenge.  It should further vacate any and all federal court rulings concerning marriage, and dismiss any current federal challenges of the question of marriage in any federal court.  This is a state question.  It is also a question for states to determine what is moral and ethical within state boundaries.  Irresponsible sex and breeding is still not in the best interests of any society.  Inbreeding is a health issue, as is homosexual sex (just check with the National Institutes for Health and the Centers for Disease Control if you question that).  Child support, role modeling and responsible parenting are still sorely needed in this country.  So is responsible parenting and social behavior.

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Dr. Moss is moving on

Jeff Moss  Jeff Moss did what most school system superintendents do, he stayed fours years and moved onto a higher paying job. Few people in this county will shed a tear for him. (Well maybe Bill Tatum will since he was responsible for bringing him here in the first place.)  No, Jeff Moss will move on along with his higher salary and his NC State retirement, courtesy of Bill and crew.  That means the Lee County Board of Education will pick another hired man.  How many is this now, eight in the past 15 years? 

  Here’s an idea.  Board of Education, don’t use any search service, especially at $40K.  Didn’t those services bring Jeff Moss, and what’s his name, McCormick, to Lee County.  And, let it not be forgotten, that those services brought Jeff Moss to Stanley, Beaufort and Lee counties in NC, and now to Beaufort to SC.  They sure do a good job now don’t they?  LCBOE you keep claiming that you can wear big boy and big girl pants when you pretend to stand up to the county commissioners (at least Bill gave you credit for wearing them in the paper).  Stand up and hire a new schools boss without a search service which has proven especially fallible in the past.  Do the job yourselves.

  On that note, goodbye Dr. Moss, you have done the job you were hired to do.  It will take years to figure out all you did, but then you were good at it.  It is time though that you and the LCBOE do move on and get your era behind everyone.

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