Diversity in America

Tower of BableCall me Ishmael.  No, seriously, call me John.  I have little interest in being anything but a native American, born into a multi-generational American family, raised and educated here, but sufficiently worldly, having traveled to foreign lands to share their cultures and ways of life.   I read voraciously and I have learned much about my distant European ancestry along with the wonders of Asian and African cultures.

I am also a fan of the Holy Bible.  I read a little of it daily and follow the sermons of half a dozen preachers who provide amazing insights into God’s will for mankind.   It is from those lessons that I have landed on the topic of diversity in America.

Today in America, diversity is celebrated and promoted in virtually every aspect of our lives.  Colleges seek students from diverse (often foreign) backgrounds even ahead of more gifted local students who represent less diverse populations.  Corporations hire and groom employees from diverse backgrounds, seeking to balance their leadership ranks with people from diverse genders, ethnicities, races, ages, and even sexual preferences.  For years, our military has been recruiting non-U.S. citizens into the services and opening up all military specialties to persons of both genders and all sexual preferences, all in the name of diversity.

Diversity has become a standard, if not the mission, for virtually every aspect of our lives.  Yet, where did this compulsion come from?  I have scoured the scriptures for evidence of God-directed diversity.  The obvious early example, in Genesis Chapter 1, was God’s creation of man and woman (man’s helper)- giving us two distinctly different genders.  Later, in Genesis 11, God created diverse cultures by dividing up the people near Babel, confusing their languages and dividing them into separate nations so the people would not all work collaboratively together toward a single purpose not pleasing to God.  Clearly, God ordered differences in gender, speech, race and ethnicity.  In Genesis 18, He cautioned against the sinful behavior of homosexuality, today considered a part of diversity.

Throughout the Bible, God instructs us to seek harmony with each other and to treat different people with dignity and respect.  But nowhere is there a demand or direction for taking heterogeneous tribes or nations and assimilating them to create a multi-cultural, gender neutral, secular nation or state.  In fact, a literal read of Exodus 12: 48-49 leads us to insist that “strangers” who seek to sojourn with us must obey our laws and act in the same manner we find customary.  This command from God would seem to demand conformity, rather than cultural diversity.

So, this brings me to the present day consideration of American Exceptionalism and President Trump’s campaign promise to “Make America Great Again” (MAGA).  The founding documents for our colonies, our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and countless other important documents clearly established these United States as a Christian nation, owing its successes to Almighty God, the Holy Trinity.  It is by His hand the USA has survived these 240+ years and that we have been blessed as a superpower and Christian banner bearer for the world.  However, we have witnessed a serious decline in holiness and obedience to God – as a nation – over the last 70 or so years.

Much of our cultural deterioration is attributable to our pursuit of unnatural diversity as a means of regulating our society.  Our laws and regulations placing quotas and thresholds for race, ethnicity, gender, language, sexual, and religious preferences have caused us to diminish our nation’s greatness in the pursuit of diversity.  Our insistence on maintaining open borders and allowing a massive influx of non-native, non-English speaking people to take up illegal residence here and act in the capacity of slaves has weakened our school system, challenged our social services institutions, and perpetuated a servant class in America.  Our assimilation of Sharia law-believing Muslims has made our society vulnerable to a constant threat of terror and mass murder.  Our military has watered down its fighting effectiveness and readiness by thrusting women into unnatural combatant roles requiring strength and stamina that would challenge most men.   Worse still, in recent years, the military has allowed gay and transgender recruits to intersperse among predominantly (and fervently) heterosexual fighting units, causing dissension and a general lack of trust and camaraderie within the ranks.

This pursuit of diversity seems to have no bounds.  It threatens our survival as an exceptional Christian nation and as the world’s dominant superpower.  President Trump recognizes this vulnerability and has expressed his desire to restore America’s greatness.  He will find this restoration to be difficult, but he must persevere the politically correct and morally bankrupt forces that will oppose him in the pursuit.  Anarchist groups like ANTIFA will threaten law and order continuously.  Liberals and progressives of the Democrat Party will defend the perpetuation of diversity, arguing the Trump Administration is homophobic, Islamophobic, and xenophobic in its policies.

Truly, if we are to survive as a Christian nation and to be a cause for good in the world, we must seriously alter our pursuit of diversity as a matter of public policy.  That is not to say we should not strive to live in harmony with those who are different.  To the contrary, we should make every effort to treat others with love and respect.  We just do not need to compel unnatural homogeneity in a heterogeneous world or to violate Biblical principles in regulating our society.

About John Jay

First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; Author of several of the Federalist Papers
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2 Responses to Diversity in America

  1. Karen Kay says:

    “John Jay”: Sounds like you want to impose the Christian version of Sharia Law on our country in violation of the US Constitution, but then again, here is a confusing excerpt from your last sentence that doesn’t make sense in light of your earlier statements: you wrote in part, “We just do not need to compel unnatural homogeneity in a heterogeneous world…”

    Maybe what you meant to say was “we just DO NEED to compel unnatural (Christian-only) homogeneity in a heterogeneous world.” (just like we did to various nations of Native Americans)

    (Note how you correctly described our world as “heterogeneous” which is apparently horrifying to you. Sad!)

  2. Benjamin Rush says:

    “Maybe what you meant to say was “we just DO NEED to compel unnatural (Christian-only) homogeneity in a heterogeneous world.” (just like we did to various nations of Native Americans)”

    What would make you think he meant to say that?

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