About the Founding Fathers’ Political Blog

This blog is your go-to website for facts and opinions about all things political.   Registered blog authors compose content consistent with the vision, ideals and values of our founding fathers as they comment on political matters in Lee County, the state of North Carolina, and the USA.  The reader is encouraged to evaluate blog posts then comment, thus creating a political conversation on topics of interest.

Readers will notice all blog posts are under the surname of a founding father (or mother).  This is purposeful.  It is the objective of this blog site to focus on the message, not the messenger or the messenger’s agenda.  Blog authors are expected to research and represent the views and opinions of their namesakes.  Doing so will elevate the quality of the posts and help our fellow citizens view their content from the perspective of our forefathers.

We invite you to participate with comments and suggestions on how to establish better governance in the county and higher level jurisdictions.  Commentors are neither expected nor required to pick a surname prior to commenting.  You are welcome to comment using your normal user name or under a surname, whichever best suits your situation.  Please note- vulgar or profane comments will be intercepted and discarded.  We will also intercede when posts or comments devolve into ad hominem attacks or libelous material.

Thanks for visiting our site, and please return often.  Email us if you are interested in becoming a blog author.  The email address is James.Madison.16Mar1751@gmail.com.


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