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Do Lee County Politicians Have an Anti-Military Bias?

Watching the behavior of Lee County politicians leads me to believe some of our elected officials may have an anti-military bias.  Consider these three examples:   1.  In 2010, the Lee County board of commissioners twice publicly deliberated ending their commitment to the multi-county pact … Continue reading

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What Have You Done With Our Country ?

I don’t recognize this place.  Am I in Augustus’ Rome?  I see a clearly delineated Patrician class (politicians, leaders of industry, the “press”) and a clearly delineated Plebian class (all the “unwashed” worker bees) anxiously awaiting their treats delivered through … Continue reading

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The Big Lies Just Keep on Coming

Fact- the citizens of the 2nd Congressional District of North Carolina are poorly represented in the Congress.  With each passing month it becomes ever more apparent just how inept Representative Bob Etheridge is in every aspect of his job; most … Continue reading

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In Pursuit of a Sound Economic Development Policy

In my previous blog post on this subject, I presented ample evidence that Lee County’s economic policy is broken.   I made this claim without exploring one other possible explanation for our perilous economic situation– that we simply don’t have an economic development policy.  … Continue reading

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How to make a difference in Washington D.C. ?

How do we make a difference in Washington?  We start by cleaning up our local government in Sanford and Lee County.   The problems in Washington D.C. did not occur over night and they will not be fixed overnight.    Part … Continue reading

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Lee County’s Broken Economic Development Policy

Lee County economic development is in a rut. Our elected leaders are failing us in properly formulating policy and plans to improve the present situation. Continue reading

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