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God is good, the Democrat Party is not.

How’s that for a byline? Well, it’s true. If you’re a democrat reading this and you feel hate well up inside of you, then just chalk it up to being a democrat. That’s what true democrats do- they hate; that … Continue reading

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The Founding Fathers’ Blog is Back

After a long layoff, conservative authors of the Founding Fathers’ blog believe it is time to revive the forum.  This is an era of declining conservative content in print media and the blogosphere seems dominated by hate speech and race … Continue reading

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There ought to be a law……..

  The Main Stream Media spectacle has been in full swing following the mindless tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, fully exploiting the event as Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel described as not “letting a serious crisis to go to waste.”  Yes, … Continue reading

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Progressivism versus Religious Freedom

  Why do progressives espouse disdain for religion, especially Christianity?  Easy, theirs is a means that doesn’t justify their ends; there can be little doubt. The United States of America was clearly founded as a Christian nation in which other religious beliefs … Continue reading

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Founding Fathers Endorse BOC Candidates

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”  I couldn’t help but be reminded of this earlier quote when contemplating the slate of 2012 commissioner candidates we founding fathers endorse for Lee County.  Never before has there been a more … Continue reading

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Essential Liberty

Last Friday was James Madison’s birthday, so let us then remember his legacy as the father of our Constitution. Madison conceived the basic outline of the Constitution before the Constitutional Convention even met. He came to the Convention steeped in … Continue reading

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