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Poverty, the Never-Ending War

  I cannot conceive how we could ever end the war on poverty.  There simply are too many people who depend upon the existence of a poverty class in the United States for poverty to end. Face it, from the county level … Continue reading

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Renee, We Hardly Know Ye!

  Freshman Republican Congresswoman Renee Elmers has hit the airways with her reelection campaign radio ads.  Those ads are really good reminders to her constituents in the 2d Congressional District that she was a part of the conservative revolt in … Continue reading

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Republican In Name Only- RINO

Were the people of America, with one voice, to ask, What shall we do to perpetuate our liberties and secure our happiness? The answer would be, ‘govern well, and you will have nothing to fear either from internal disaffection or … Continue reading

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Juxtaposing God, Religion, and the State

We’ve heard a lot of noise lately about God & religion in public settings.  There are ACLU challenges being levied against public prayer by our state legislature, and in the Forsyth and Rowan County Boards of Commissioners.  We even have internal cessation of prayer … Continue reading

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Goodbye Howard, Hello (Again) Renee!

Now that we have warmed up to the new congressional district boundaries, Senator Rucho and Representative Lewis have gone and changed the maps.  The new district boundaries released on Wednesday are strikingly different for several of the U.S. House Districts, not the least of … Continue reading

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NC House District Boundaries Re-Drawn

For those of you in Lee County who haven’t yet scrutinized the proposed new maps for NC house districts, let me be the first to provide some relevant details — right from the NC General Assembly’s (NCGA) website.  In particular, … Continue reading

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Jim Crow Was a Democrat

  As the debate over voter identification heats up and party rhetoric becomes more inflamed, old wounds about voter disenfranchisement are being opened.  Democrats are screaming all across the country that the Republicans want to return the country to the … Continue reading

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