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First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; Author of several of the Federalist Papers


I searched for a metaphor to describe Dr. Jeffrey Moss and the Lee County school board’s actions this past budget cycle.  I mused for days about the unusual behaviors of Moss, Tatum, Williams, Smith, Smith, and Bonardi.  They demonstrated genuine disrespect and … Continue reading

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Memo to Supe: You Should Not Litigate Learning!

“[T]he administration of the public schools of the state is best left to the legislative and executive branches of government.”          Leandro, 346 N.C. at 357, 488 S.E.2d at 261. As the Lee County Board of Commissioners, the Lee County Superintendent … Continue reading

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Shape Up or Ship Out!

In researching public school performance historical records this week, I ran across some data I thought the taxpayers of Lee County and our Board of Education might like to know. According to the Department of Public Instruction’s published data, tracking back … Continue reading

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