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First Secretary of the Treasury, Founding Father, and a leading federalist. I wrote most of the federalist papers, collaborating with John Jay and James Madison. Some in the Republican Party consider me the best ever Secretary of the Treasury. I was an original proponent for a strong central bank to help protect the financial security of our nation.

Economic Development Communications Gone Bad

In yet another production of tone deaf economic development activity, Bob Heuts and Tommy Mann convened the quarterly joint City-Town-County-EDC meeting on economic development last night at the McSwain Center.  Excuse me for saying this but, it was a waste … Continue reading

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Whither the Economy?

I was wrong.  There, I said it. When I wrote Federalist #30, I stated the following: “It may perhaps be imagined that, from the scantiness of the resources of the country, the necessity of diverting the established funds in the … Continue reading

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The Big Lies Just Keep on Coming

Fact- the citizens of the 2nd Congressional District of North Carolina are poorly represented in the Congress.  With each passing month it becomes ever more apparent just how inept Representative Bob Etheridge is in every aspect of his job; most … Continue reading

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