God is good, the Democrat Party is not.

SatanHow’s that for a byline?

Well, it’s true. If you’re a democrat reading this and you feel hate well up inside of you, then just chalk it up to being a democrat. That’s what true democrats do- they hate; that is, in addition to lying, cheating, stealing, and suppressing minority citizens. If you regularly practice one of those behaviors, you probably are a democrat.

I used to think one could be a committed democrat and be righteous. How naive of me! In fact, aligning oneself with the Democrat Party is flirting with evil. Here’s my reasoning…

There exist in this world a number of divine institutions, those given to us by Almighty God. Each of these institutions is described in the Holy Bible – principally in the Book of Genesis – and they include: Marriage, Family, Civil Government, and the Church, among others.  God made it clear in His written Word that He is to be a part of each of these divine institutions. Apart from Him, each would be unproductive or counter-productive to His Will in the universe.

Despite widespread misinterpretation of Thomas Jefferson’s famous 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, the “wall of separation” that existed early on in the U.S. civil government was never intended by our Founders to wall off God from any of His sovereign institutions; instead it was intended to keep the civil government institution from encroaching on the other God-ordained institutions. God never intended for any of His institutions to be separated in any way from Him. As so eloquently stated by Jesus, in John 15:5, “…apart from me you can do nothing.”

While it is common knowledge that God created the universe, it would not be appropriate to accuse God of creating the Democrat Party; that has been an invention of man (perhaps with a little inspiration from the evil one). When God gave mankind the institution of civil government, He allowed us to exercise free will in how to organize into jurisdictions and how to develop human laws to govern ourselves. Out of those methods came political parties. They  were not divine institutions, but they were not God-ordained to be unrighteous or irreligious, either. From the inception of U.S. political parties in the late 18th century there was reverence for Almighty God, even in Jefferson’s Democratic Republican Party from which the present day Democrat Party evolved.

Fast forward to 2012 and the Democrat Party convention in Charlotte, NC. Millions watched in horror as the majority of convention goers voted three times, overwhelmingly, to remove all references to God from their official party platform. (This was reminiscent of the Apostle Peter’s trio of denials mentioned in all four of the Gospels.) In the end, party officials over-rode the rabble and left references to God in the platform. However, by 2016, democrats had a more subtle and successful approach to appease their rank and file; they removed biblical references and other Christian tenets from the official party platform before the televised convention, so as not to arouse the attention of the general public. All went as planned with smooth adoption of the changes. You can see the  results of their work at the Democrat Party official platform site:  https://www.democrats.org/party-platform

By contrast, here is the site for the most recent Republican Party platform:  https://www.gop.com/the-2016-republican-party-platform/

I read through both party platforms in mid-2016 and I came to the conclusion neither is what a Bible-believing, Constitution-loving person of Christian character might fully embrace. However, there is a massive chasm between the two party platforms. The Democrat Party platform is rooted in evil, supporting unrestricted abortion of unborn babies with government funding, lawlessness at the borders of our country, the division of the country of Israel, and a defense of Islamic culture and practices. The Republican Party platform sustains support of Almighty God, prayer, the 10 Commandments, traditional marriage (as ordained by God), a defense of the unborn, and preservation of Israel. While the republican platform may not be complete in its exposition of Judeo-Christian principles, at least it honors and reveres God and it supports the premise our country is a Christian nation and republicans endorse the practice of the Christian faith in our country.

The truth is in the details. God is unquestionably good. He wants us to have a personal relationship with Him and to revere Him and His Word. One simply cannot honor God and also be true to the Democrat Party with its agnostic and anti-Christian precepts. On the other hand, one can genuinely affiliate with the tenets of the Republican Party platform and still be true to God.

Oh sure, a person can still be a Christian and affiliate with the Democrat Party, but that affiliation is democrat in name only.  A truly committed democrat adopts his party platform by affiliation,  and that means he supports evil as defined in the Holy Bible. Think about that the next time you hear someone extol the virtues of the Democrat Party or argue there is no difference between the political parties. Indeed, there is!

About Benjamin Rush

A lesser known founding father of the United States, I hailed from the state of Pennsylvania and have been a physician, writer, educator, humanitarian and a deeply devout Christian. I am also the founder of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I was an early opponent of slavery and capital punishment. I was a professor of medical theory and clinical practice at the University of Pennsylvania. In some circles I am referred to as the Father of Modern Psychiatry. I signed the Declaration of Independence and was a participant in the Continental Congress. Originally, I mistakenly opposed Gen. George Washington and worked hard to replace him as the Commander-In-Chief because of the poor preparation of the Continental Army. However, later in life I supported this seminal American hero. In 1812, I helped reconcile the friendship of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams by encouraging them to exchange letters.
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