You are Wrong, Ann McCracken. Someone Always Pays!

  Ann McCracken, Lee County Democratic Party’s newly anointed party chair, in her post-Obamacare decision gloat, made a very profound statement. “People should not have to pay for their healthcare…”  Why not Ann?  Who will?  Nothing in life is free, so somebody will be paying for ‘people not to have to pay for their healthcare.’  Sorry Ann, but you are just wrong.  You and the rhetoric of your progressive/socialist party are wrong.

  You and your ilk, liberal-progressives in this country, have smugly fashioned this debate as if it were really about anyone’s healthcare or the medical treatment that anyone might possibly receive.  Your rhetoric is replete with the right buzzwords and tear-jerking vignettes about the millions of poor who have been ‘disenfranchised out of adequate medical or as you put it healthcare’.  The reality has always been the dirty secret that isn’t very secret, this debate has ALWAYS been about government control of peoples’ lives.  The Supreme Court’s decision simply muddies the waters of reality further, by creating taxes out of ‘whole cloth’ (remember the ObamaCare law had no mention of the word tax in it, although there were many, many instances of taxation and IRS enforcement of regulations).  Also remember that this law was passed without a single Republican Party vote in the US House.  No, even Speaker Pelosi knew that this law wasn’t about healthcare, because she hadn’t even read it to know what was in it.  The law was merely a vehicle for the Democratic Party to exert more coercive control over the lives of the American people, who by the way have always opposed this law.

  So Ann, who will pay for this ‘healthcare’?  The law is murkier now thanks to the Chief Justice’s contrived finding of taxation authority in Obamacare.  What will be the source of the $1,7 trillion projected cost of this abomination?  The federal government has NO money except what it forcibly takes from the citizenry in the form of taxes.  Every funding mechanism found in the law is about government coercion of American citizens to do things that might be contrary to their best personal interest, all in the name of the collective good?  The government can now decide when a person has excess income that may need ‘redistributed’ to the more needy.  The government can now decide who gets what medical treatment and what constitutes sounds healthy living.  That has come at the loss of liberty, and Ann you say you are for that loss!  Mindnumbing!

  Sorry Ann, you gloated on ‘Black Thursday’. You cheered the increases in government control.  You choose to give away your liberty, but you didn’t have the right to bargain away that of anyone else!  You and your progressive cronies think you are so smart, you are so smug.  May all of you survive the restrictions that you have championed not only in medical care, but of the collective control you have ceded to the central government. May your ‘care panel’ deem you worthy of progressively scarcer and more costly medical care when you need it.  May you lament the very decisions you have cheered because you got what you asked for, now we all have to live with it.  Yes Ann you are very wrong!

About Charles Carroll

I am a wealthy planter, originally from Maryland, and an early advocate of independence from Great Britain. I served as a delegate to the Continental Congress and later as United States Senator for Maryland. I was the only Catholic and last surviving signatory of the Declaration of Independence.
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