Obama’s “Job” on Your Next IRS 1040 Form

That loud sucking noise you’re hearing today is the vaccuum being created by PBO and his cronies in Washington, D.C. as they whisk away the traditional deductions we’ve all become accustomed to over the past several decades.  Yes, you got it right, that “Jobs Bill” has to be paid for, and our president is intent on taking it from you and me.

Previously, his rhetoric was that just the Millionaires and Billionaires needed to pay their fair share.  But his tax advisors told him that wouldn’t generate enough revenue to pay all the bills he’s created.  So now he’s going after us wealthy “Thousandaires.”  Yep, all of us who generate a modicum of income and who were responsible with our savings and investments (so we wouldn’t have to depend on ponzi schemes like Social Security and Medicare in our old age) are now going to be the billpayers for extending unemployment claims for those out of work.  We’re going to be directly subsidizing PBO’s new infrastructure investments in states that bankrupted themselves through overzealous spending.  He needs our money to continue extending unemployment benefits a few more months.  He needs our money to keep paying people not to work.  PBO wants to spend a half trillion dollars more and he’s coming after you and me.   Amazing!

Many of us already were being stung by the alternative minimum tax, which took even more thousands from us beyond what the tax tables required each year, at tax time no less.  Starting in April 2012, a lot more of us will be slapped with this rude awakening if PBO gets his way.   He wants to eliminate your contributions to churches and other charitable agencies for starters.  No telling where it will end.  PBO just needs to get his “super committee” to agree to his plan and he’ll have his $457Billion in no time.  It seems there’s no stopping him.

But you and I can do something about this morbid attack on our wealth and savings.  We can fight back, and fight back hard!  All of us need to urge our elected officials in Washington not to fall prey to this unconscionable wealth re-distribution scheme.  In the immortal words of Nancy Reagan- “JUST SAY NO!”  Tell everyone you know to tell our politicians no.  Tell them in every medium and at every opportunity.

About James Madison

I was the fourth president of these United States. My wife Dolley and I are greatly disturbed with the erosion of your liberties and the encroachment of the present federal, state, and local governments. I was an original member of the Democratic-Republican Party in this country and I would welcome a return to the conservative values that united Democrats and Republicans in my day. Let's start with putting God back in our lives and our government so He will richly bless our endeavors in Lee County. Let's force our elected officials be more transparent and accountable to the electorate in fiscal and social matters. I look forward to hearing your ideas about these matters and others that are on your hearts and minds. Thank You for participating!
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7 Responses to Obama’s “Job” on Your Next IRS 1040 Form

  1. Obama is doing nothing but waiting to say “See I told you those Republicans were the blame.” Unfortunately, there are alot of people right here in Lee County who are fooled by it. They will be on the sideline cheering this nonsense and eventual JOB KILLER. You can’t keep paying people to NOT work. There must be an incentive to get out and do something.

    Here comes Greece. And this time the ones causing the ruckus may be those of us who are sick of the President, the progressives and the Nancy Pelosi Democrats stealing from us. That’s exactly what it is when you take from one to pay another: Stealing.

  2. Randall Lee Yow says:

    James Madison,
    So you do not think this country needs tax reform? I am afraid you are very misguided sir. Tax loopholes that allow certain corporations to avoid all taxes need to be done away with. Why should General Electric not pay any taxes and then be allowed to move jobs to China? Why should a failing company like Yahoo not pay taxes? I find it hard to believe that you think the tax system does not need to be worked on and adjusted. As for the matter of Social Security it is in fine shape, we just need Congress to pay back the 2.6 trillion dollars that they borrowed from it.

    Mrs Barber,
    The difference between us and Greece is a little thing called American Exceptionalism, and the fact that people are still willing to buy our debt and lend us money. If not China then Brazil or Saudi Arabia. Just think if we hadn’t been paying off those finks and liars in Pakistan for the last ten years we would have the money for this jobs plan easy.

    -Randall Lee Yow

  3. Randall Lee Yow says:

    First of all, The Democrats were not the only people raiding Social Security. Pretty much ever President since Nixon has done it. Reagan did it so much early on that he had to raise the payroll tax for social security in 1983. Most people fail to realize that 2.6 trillion dollars of our 16 trillion is owed from one part of the government to the other.

    Second, the current state of the GOP, Republican Party, Tea Party, or what ever you want to call it this week is one of stasis. They want to sit on their hands until the next election. That is a policy for failure. Our economy and the world cannot wait over a year to start getting things going. The real troubles right now are not American based they are European and Japanese. Let us remember the world’s second largest economy got hobbled by an earthquake, tsunami, and a still on going nuclear disaster. If we wait it simply might be too late!

    Third, there are only two candidates running on the Republican ticket that have a chance to beat President Obama. Ron Paul who is just different to gather enough Conservative, Liberal, and Libertarian votes to possibly win. Jon Huntsman who is probably the smartest and most experienced man on the right running. Neither of these fine gentlemen is going to get the nomination.

    Fourth, you sure through around the terms socialism and Marxism quite a bit, but I believe you might suffer from a condition known as Triumphalism.

    Fifth and finally, the great pain of the moderate is not being liberal enough for some and not being conservative enough for others. I however am very comfortable in the Lee County Democratic Party being that it is populated by such intelligent and upstanding citizens that carry the thoughtfulness of the past with the desire to make the future a better place. That and I can disagree about things in the party (gun control, immigration, free trade) without being thrown out.

    -Randall Lee Yow

  4. Randall,,

    It would be a Democrats dream for Huntsman to win. That’s why they are pushing his accolades on the leftists stations. Give me a break.

    Secondly, why do you care who could beat Obama? After all, he is the Savior according to the Democratic party. It delights me to no end to hear the left “guide” the right on who to choose. It’s even funnier when I hear the right talk about if the left should put up a challenger for the President!

    And who cares who stole Social security? It’s broke. It’s broke. And it’s broke. Oh, yes, it’s broke. Where is your solution to fixing something that was NEVER meant to be a permanent solution?

    And the bottom line is this administration is the most business unfriendly one in history. Even golden boy Clinton wasn’t this bad. Clinton knew when to govern differently to help America. My God, I can’t believe I am saying this but it’s true.

    Greece is coming because this administration continually pits the workers against the non-workers to win elections. You say not? Prove it. His jobs bill, (what number are we on now 14?) rewards those who don’t work and punishes those who do. Yep I said it. The rich get soaked again. Oh that’s right, the rich are those making $250,000 or more. Dang, I reread that. I’m sorry. It’s those making $200,000. Wait. That means when those making $200,000 are taxed higher they can’t hire. Wait. Wait. I got it. That means they can’t hire at Kathy’s Java Express. They can’t hire at Chick-Fil-A. They can’t hire at Steel and Pipe. They can’t hire at ….whatever you want to substitute. Oh my, that means if I can’t get hired, I can’t spend as much at the Lee Co. Fair. I can’t go to the Temple Theatre (oops, they will get our tax dollars anyway). I can’t go to McDonald’s as much with my grandson. It means I flat out cannot stimulate the economy no matter where I would want to spend it. Now, multiply that by the millions of those looking for work. We cannot afford to have a society where millions of people are out of jobs and businesses are taxed into infinity. Never has worked. You cannot tax a society into prosperity. Again, it’s never worked.

    Most places in Europe have permanent unemployment benefits. Who pays for that?

    Do you say the government? Wrong. Government doesn’t have a dime until it takes from me and you. Do you say the businesses? Wrong. Government can’t get a dime until the businesses provide a service or good for a consumer to buy. Same thing in America.

    It all comes from the consumer. All of it. Even those Democratic called “evil machines”, oh I mean the corporations, don’t have a dime until I buy something. This is what is called Economics 101. Share the idea with your leftist friends.

    Now that all being said, Mr. Yow, this isn’t a scolding of you but the Democratic party. Actually both parties in the name of “compromise” have driven America to the brink.

    If you want to refer to American exceptionalism, refer to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. There’s a key topic of both of them: individual liberty. American exceptionalism starts with you. Not government. Government’s purpose has been distorted. The Federal Government is too big. Period.

    You cannot continue to take from Peter to pay Paul as our Government seems to think it can do. Let’s refer to a great individual, Margaret Thatcher, and the haunting words that should drive all of us to steer clear of socialism:

    “The trouble with Socialism is, sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” We are at that point.

    Sheila Barber

    • Oh about Pakistan? I agree 200% with that Randall. You bet’cha. They kept the “deceased one” in hiding. See why we need an overhaul? If the states kept their money, government would be in much, much better shape to help the citizens. Where it is now, they take from the states and give back just a bit at a time. There’s no sense in NC citizens paying for California’s screw ups. But we do. So rejoice in the fact that your tax dollars subsidized Osama’s housing in Pakistan.

      Got the warm googly feeling yet? Come over. We can have some hot choc and sit on my porch and discuss it. Actually that’s not a bad idea!

  5. Randall Lee Yow says:


    Most economists do not treat the European Union as a whole because they do not posses one central bank. I did not realize Japan had slipped, but Bloomberg, the CIA World Fact Book, and the World Bank still have them ranked as 3rd overall with a GDP of $1.288 trillion. That is still a rather hefty chunk of change. My comment about the European problems and Japanese problems still stand. Right now Typhoon Roke is shutting them down again.

    -Randall Lee Yow

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