If it’s Friday…

it’s Talking Points with the Founding Fathers!

I’ll begin with this:  No apologies will be given.  None. 

What am I referring to?  I’m referring to believing in God.  Believing in the Creator.  Believing that my rights are being trampled when I see that our county attorneys are going with the flow that “Government leaders are only allowed to have prayers to a general god or creator based on case precedent.” 

Read more: Sanford Herald – Commissioners balk at prayer ruling

I don’t apologize for this:  MY GOD ISN’T “GENERAL” nor does he bow to any legal entity. 

These questions that follow are not for you atheists.  Just the ones who sit in the pews on Sunday morning and raise their hands yet won’t fight against this nonsense:  Do you go to church or play church?  Do you believe in God?  Have you ever read the Constitution?  Declaration of Independence?  Do you understand that our country was founded upon faith in God? Because frankly, you’re acting more like someone from a third world country who has never heard of Him, the Creator.  No, I will not apologize for questioning you on your faith.  Since you are accepting the world’s attempt to squelch my rights to free speech, I have a right to ask.

I expect the hate-mail will come.  I don’t care.  I’ll say it again:  I am not apologizing.  For years, we had prayer before graduations; prayer before just about all public meetings; prayer at the pole; prayer at School Board meetings.  And now suddenly, we can’t pray before a BOC meeting and use Jesus Christ or Savior? 

This patriot has had enough of the attacks coming from the left. Prayer is the only thing that will save us now and get our country back on track. 

I wonder what would happen if  individuals who DO BELIEVE in God  show up at the next 6 pm BOC meeting and pray “The Lord’s Prayer” in unison?  Just what will they do?  Throw us out? Make fun of us.  We have precedent for that:  Remember Commissioner Hayes berating the crowd?  Go ahead and attempt to kick us out of “our building”. And if the local press doesn’t want to write about it, well, there’s always the Fayetteville Observer.  And we can use blogs and other means to show just how not “inclusive” our own little corner of the world called Sanford, has decided to become.   

If that offends you, get a life.   Isn’t it interesting that prayer before the commissioner meetings was never a problem when the Democrats held control.  Only when the Republicans gained control.  If that sounds far-fetched then why hasn’t Commissioner Hayes or any of the others beside Ms. Shook and Mr. Womack stood up and taken a stand?

If anyone tries to say this just came up, don’t bother.  The left and progressives have been trying for years to take God out of everything.  We need God in America again.

To all Lee County leaders in all professions:  Why are you silent?

Where are the pastors here in town?  Why are they not speaking publicly on this?  The world is desperate need of a positive example.  To be honest, after this week’s tragedies, Lee County is in desperate need of some good news.   And prayer.

Give the anti-Jesus crowd room and they will bar us from saying prayers at our bedside and at church gatherings.  Finally, I would like to add another tip to the Herald’s column “Tips for a safe school year”.  Pray.  It works wonders. 

Patrick Henry

About Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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5 Responses to If it’s Friday…

  1. Goose says:

    Are you confusing your God with yourself? We don’t require Gods to follow rules made by men. I don’t care what you do in your churches or your bedroom, I don’t even care what you do silently. So just why must you make a big deal about public prayers spoken aloud and in unison. Can your God only hear spoken prayers, are you as individuals too dumb to make up your own prayers and must have a leader speak for you. Remember, as well as there is freedom of religion there is also freedom FROM religion. Or are you just ranting because you have nothing better to write about? HONK?

  2. Patrick Henry says:


    1) No apologies will be given.
    2) Get a life.
    3) You say “I don’t care what you do in your churches or your bedroom, I don’t even care what you do silently”, Yet you do otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to berate me for how I feel and what I suggest.
    4) BTW – Why does it offend YOU so much for me to say how I feel?
    5) I have alot to talk about. And this subject happens to be at the top of my list.
    6) I repeat and will a thousand times if I have to: I will NOT apologize for my faith.
    7) There is only one GOD. The Creator. The one that gives us unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Every other “God” is man made. Period. No apologies for that either.
    8) You are right freedom from religion exists as well. Wow. Maybe you should have brought this up long before the Republicans took control of the Lee County BOC if it bothered you so much. You know, put your money where your “honk” is.

    Patrick Henry

  3. @Goose- Patrick is right. Who are you or anyone else (in particular, the Government) to instruct commissioners how to pray? The Bill of Rights was appended to our constitution to protect that right to public prayer; the U.S. Supreme Court upheld that right in 1983 in Marsh v. Chambers. For us Christians, no one but Jesus, Himself, has authority to tell us how to pray. And He told us to ask things in His name. Until and unless our country officially revokes the sovereign authority of the Holy Trinity, from Whom all natural rights were bestowed, those who would prefer to pray differently have just one other recourse– vote the offenders out of office.


  4. Goose says:

    It was a big mistake for me to even comment on Religion. Even the ones that call themselves Christians can not agree or why would there be so many different churches in Sanford? Even back in the founding fathers days there were more differents faiths so they couldn’t agree on juwt one. Go with the Holy Trinity and have peace on the subject!.

  5. Blessings to you, my brother!

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