Jim Crow Was a Democrat

  As the debate over voter identification heats up and party rhetoric becomes more inflamed, old wounds about voter disenfranchisement are being opened.  Democrats are screaming all across the country that the Republicans want to return the country to the days of Jim Crow Laws in order to keep minorities, the elderly, and the poor from voting.  To the Democrats, the very notion of placing any requirement on potential voters, especially those who tend to vote Democrat, is abhorrent.  History though, is not on the side of the Democrat Party.   The Voter ID movement is about responsible, fraud-free voting.

  Jim Crow laws emerged throughout the South following the Civil War Reconstruction period. They were the blatant efforts of the reemerging Democrat Party in the south to return to the pre-civil war Black Codes.  Jim Crow laws effectively kept minorities from influencing the electoral process, and eventually they were eliminated, in large measure, by the efforts of the Republican Party.  Granted, Republicans were trying to break the Democratic stranglehold of the political process in most Southern states.  Unable to limit voter turn-out, the Democrat Party began a new tack: increase favorable voter turn-out.

  Consistent with popular socialist doctrines for taking control of a political party or movement, Democrats began the ‘noble’ cause of  enfranchising oppressed elements of American society.  Their goal: get more people out to vote, those who want or need whatever the Democrats are promising but who, otherwise, would not vote if it required any real effort.  Same day registration, motor-voter, bus rides to the polling place, and ‘get out the vote’ campaigns such as those organized by ACORN are but a few of their programs.  These efforts often were effective; yet, almost always, they were accompanied by some form of voter fraud.

   Another sad reality is that, since the general election of 1936, virtually all instances of verifiable voter fraud have involved the Democrat Party and its ‘voter enfranchisement’ programs.  Name the issue and some Democrat element was involved; be it ACORN, the SEIU, or the Chicago political machine. The expression “vote early, vote often,” isn’t about Republicans who support voter IDs.  Dead people who vote almost never vote Republican. But it is the evil Republicans who want to deny letting every vote count?  To paraphrase the Great Bard, methinks the Democrats protest too much!

  This Republic works best when every vote counts; but those votes should be from eligible, qualified voters.  The implementation of voter ID cards would go a long way towards ensuring the validity of every vote cast.  It would ensure that only those who are properly registered are voting, that they themselves vote, and that they vote in the proper jurisdiction.  There would be little left to question about how many times someone voted, or whether the dead mysteriously appeared from a grave to cast a ballot.  In countries that truly value the significance of elections, such as Mexico, Voter ID cards have the voter’s picture, a fingerprint, their signature, and validation features.  In some countries, voters have their thumbs stained after voting.  Every qualified vote should count. 

  A few simple things to remember:  Jim Crow was a Democrat.  It took Republicans to end the Jim Crow days.  Voter IDs aren’t about Jim Crow, they’re about ending fraud.

About Charles Carroll

I am a wealthy planter, originally from Maryland, and an early advocate of independence from Great Britain. I served as a delegate to the Continental Congress and later as United States Senator for Maryland. I was the only Catholic and last surviving signatory of the Declaration of Independence.
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3 Responses to Jim Crow Was a Democrat

  1. Goose says:

    Mr. Carroll, While I enjoy your points, your point of view and especially your great style of writing I do have a few quibbles:
    1. Jim Crow was a racial stereotype like Uncle Tom so could not be an actual Democrat.
    2. “Jim Crow laws” were mostly about segregation not voting rights. The voting rights laws were passed after the radical Republicans packed up their carpetbags and went back North since the freemen had a tendency to vote for people they knew rather than strangers. Most of the former rebels took the oath and regained their voting rights over the years while the South was ‘Reconstructed’; Many poor illiterate white folks were also disenfranchised by the laws passed by the white elite.
    3. Though I admire the GOP, It was mostly the Supreme Court ruling from the bench that broke the back of both the Jim Crow and the voting rights laws.
    Enough nit picking, I have put some holes in your ‘simple things to remember’ but stand with you on voter IDs, the current system is weak enough to be a joke.
    Since you mentioned countries that value voting, why not Australia where voting is compulsory with a turnout rate usually in the 97-99% area. According to a person I exchange e mail with it is not really the $20 fine that drives attendance; it is the social pressure of having your name published in the newspaper. I don’t really want to force people out to vote in Lee County, the ones that care will vote, if you don’t care stay home.

    • scottred says:

      The radical “Republicans” were not from the Republican Party but a small group with the Democrat Party called Dixiecrats. There are still Conservative leaning Democrats in the Democrat Party today but they call them Blue Dog Democrats. Democrat Public Relations, liberal media, liberal teachers over the decades have gotten some people to believe their re-writing of history by propagandizing that the Conservative White Democrats were actually Republicans but that is false.
      Also, it was more Republicans who passed the Civil Rights law of 1964 even though they were the minority party at the time but 88% of them voted to pass the law while only 63% of Democrats voted Yes.

  2. MSrebel says:

    Add this to the list of things requiring ID- To swim in a municipal swimming pool in Memphis TN a photo ID is required. The pools are for the disadvantaged black youths and their parents. If the blacks will allow for pool IDs it seems odd they resist voter IDs. Must be more than just carrying ID, ya wonder?

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