“A House Divided Cannot Stand”

  It has become common for politicians to trivialize the injustices of the institution that was chattel slavery in the early United States.  It has also become a too often used crutch of many activists in this country to draw upon the vestiges of the Jim Crow days when their arguments on social justice fail.  There is however reason to show concern that the House of this nation is once again truly becoming divided.  This division knows no race, no creed, or even gender identification.  This division is that of those who pay the bills, and those who don’t. 

   Although the words in the title of this post usually are attributed to Abraham Lincoln, he was by no means the first to use them. Thomas Paine used the phrase in his revolutionary pamphlet Common Sense. In that time of populist-progressive upheaval, Paine wrote that a people will inevitably form government systems to ensure their common security.  He continued by writing that the concept of establishing governmental Utopias were but illusions posed by some members of the society, “by the defect of their moral virtue” to control other members of the society. Paine’s words remain true, especially at this time in America.  Of course, the original source for this timeless passage is our own Holy Bible.  Here are the words of Jesus Christ as captured in Mark 3:24-25“If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

   Liberal/progressive/socialist political leaders abound who will espouse any number of utopian, humanitarian, or social welfare program imaginable. Each of these ‘noble’ causes is for ‘someone’s good’ and that failure to support it will cause someone’s demise.  In reality, most of these ‘noble’ causes serve only one purpose, the currying of political favor for the politician supporting the cause.  The problem for this house we call a nation, is that social-progressive causes, are always paid for by ‘government money’.  The ONLY source for ‘government money’ is the government enforced confiscation of money from the people, in the form of taxes, fees, levies, and fines.  Here is where the House divides.

   Socialist-progressives frequently rail about the growing disparity of incomes between the ‘haves and the have-nots’.  They are quick to point out how ‘unfair’ this is, and how unfair it is that the ‘haves’ don’t pay more.  This isn’t the divide that threatens this nation’s house, but it is related.  Socialist-progressives have managed to create a house divided roughly in half between those who pay the bills, and those who don’t.  In fact, this house is on even shakier footing because the non-payers have the right to vote to force the payers to pay more and are encouraged by socialist-progressive leaders such as President Obama, Governor Perdue, Commissioner Hayes, and board of Education member Tatum to demand even more from them. 

   Our own Savior, Jesus Christ, used these words in a parable to help Him illustrate the truth he spoke.  Thomas Paine used the words of Jesus to describe the division of the British Empire.  Senator Sam Houston used the same words to address the impending split of slave states from non-slave states in 1850.  And later, Senatorial candidate Abraham Lincoln echoed the sentiment that continued division of the house would only lead to its demise.  The ‘house divided’ concept is again relevant in America: when the non-payers become the majority and forcibly enslave the minority who pay taxes, this house this nation will again be fully divided and face its fall.

About Charles Carroll

I am a wealthy planter, originally from Maryland, and an early advocate of independence from Great Britain. I served as a delegate to the Continental Congress and later as United States Senator for Maryland. I was the only Catholic and last surviving signatory of the Declaration of Independence.
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16 Responses to “A House Divided Cannot Stand”

  1. Randall Lee Yow says:

    “When I fed the poor, they called me a saint. When I asked why are the poor hungry, they called me a communist.”
    -Dom Helder Camara

    “When you are weary of praying, and do not receive, consider how often you have heard a poor man calling, and have not listened to him.”
    -John Chrysostom

    “It is a tragic mix-up when the United States spends $500,000 for every enemy soldier killed, and only $53 annually on the victims of poverty.”
    -Martin Luther King Jr.

    “The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all.”
    -G. K. Chesterton

    • Randall;

      Your counter-cultural remarks betray your intellect.

      I shudder to think there are those among us who reject much of what our founding fathers found noble and worthy, and to think some among us do not even subscribe to the values of our Savior.

      Sadly, even MLK was oft misguided in his views of how government may best serve the interests of the poor and downtrodden. I challenge anyone who believes our present miserable state, wherein less than 50% of our population is paying 100% of the taxes, and in which our annual debt accumulation exceeds $1T, has a positive long-term prognosis.

      As Mr. Carroll correctly advocates, we simply must bridge the gap between the non-payers and the payers. I pray that you someday come to your senses and recognize that.


  2. LetLibertyPrevail says:

    dear Randall,

    Everyone receives answers to their prayers. Not everyone agrees to the answer they get. But our God plainly tells us to keep petitioning Him.

    • Howard says:

      Not everyone receives answers to prayers. To suggest otherwise is arrogant.

      • Sheila Barber says:

        LetLibertyPrevail is right.

        We do receive answers. Sometimes it’s no. For our own good. And it’s us that can’t handle that.

        That’s not arrogance.


  3. The Sheepdog says:

    OK Mr. Yow. I’m impressed. You found how to look up quotes on the internet! How about this one: “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, ….” Mark 10:21 Until you’ve done that, don’t pontificate to me regarding what I should do! You and all the other phonies complaining about the “poor” and how we need to do more – follow the above or shut the heck up!

    • Randall Lee Yow says:

      The Sheepdog,

      Jesus was speaking directly to a very wealthy man in Mark Chapter 10 not to everyone as a whole. Jesus was in fact making a point on how exorbitant riches could damage a man’s soul. However I shall give away all of my things to the poor right after you kill all the witches (Exodus 22:18) and expel all of the people born illegitimately from the churches (Deuteronomy 23:2). I await the actions on your part sir.

      -Randall Lee Yow

  4. Randall Lee Yow says:

    Mr Madison,

    How about we fill the Government coffers like the founding fathers intended with tariffs and excise taxes, not with income taxes like Lincoln was the first to put into effect.

    -Randall Lee Yow

  5. Patrick Henry says:

    Tariffs and excise taxes are on goods and services, right Mr. Yow? Therefore, if I CHOOSE to buy the product it’s me making the choice to buy something for me.

    This is unlike the Government taking from me and forcing me to pay for what others want. Big difference.

    Founding Fathers were for individual liberty. Our government has turned into a money hungry spend all they get while telling me I should be ashamed for not wanting to give more and more of my money. I earned it. You didn’t.

    BTW – Jesus was speaking to ALL OF US when he made those remarks. Because in Jesus’ eyes, when we believe in Him we are all rich. Richer with blessings, talent, love, and a charitable heart. He flat out says “ask and you shall receive!” It is our weak faith that keeps us down and thinking we have to stay in poverty. We don’t! And nowhere, absolutely nowhere does Jesus say “as a group ask. as a group give. Go to your government for help.” Nowhere, absolutely nowhere does the Bible say, if you’re a Hispanic, you get this amount. If you’re white, you’re evil. If you’re black, you’re evil, or should stay down and out. No!! We are all equal in his eyes.

    I’m no scholar of the Bible, but I sure haven’t found a place in it that says if I don’t do right and show love or charity, YOU would have to pay for it. No, I will have to pay.

    For what Government gives, government can take away.
    For what God gives, he doesn’t take away.

  6. The Sheepdog says:

    NO FAIR, Mr. Henry!! You beat me to the punch (OOPS, that was a metaphor Mr. Yow so no need to call the police or petition for a restraining order). AND ELEQUENTLY beat me, I will add! Socialists are so adept at spending OTHER peoples’ money and are certain directives like Mark 10:21 were NOT ment for them. While the “proliteriat” starved and queued-up just to buy bread, the Soviet Communists had their dachas and their Zephyrs and our current regime has Air Force One and junkets to Spain and India and Hawaii and…… Oh, by the way, the next time I find a witch, I’ll be sure to kill her and then call Mr. Yow. I’m told he heads up the Forensics Dept. and will be needed to draw the body’s outline. You guys slay me! Liberals: psudo-intellectual phonies who gain power by taking from earners and giving to non-earners… BUT NEVER THEIR OWN MONEY!

    • Randall Lee Yow says:

      I only know one person who can use such red hot rhetoric! How are you doing Mr Kirk Smith (May I call you Kirk?)? I should have know from Sheepdog after all I know you are so very proud of your Scottish heritage. For you enlightenment I am of Scotch, Scandinavian, and Cherokee descent. All proud warrior races. If you would like to meet me at the Java Express we can have coffee I would gladly show you my tax returns to prove that I am among the 50% that pays federal taxes. After all I am not married and have no dependents so I have really no deductions. Maybe then you wouldn’t think I was such a communist. After that we could debate history and talk guns. I understand it must be hard to deal with and quantify a moderate such as myself. If you give me a chance you might like me like despite of yourself.

      -Randall Lee Yow
      (I’m serious about the coffee I’ll even buy, just get my e-mail from James Madison I leave it every time I post.)

  7. Randall Lee Yow says:

    Mr Henry,

    Tariffs and excise taxes are just on goods, not on services. Up until 1913 (with the exception of brief periods in the 1860’s and 1890’s) income taxes were ruled illegal, but none of the money was given back. Being a student of Glen Beck I’m sure you know that. When income taxes was first put in place in 1913 they taxed the lowest bottom tax bracket at 1% on $20,000. Adjusted for inflation that $20,000 would equal about $436,000 today. At the highest tax bracket it would tax at 7% on everyone who made over $500,000 dollars. Adjusted for inflation that would be about $10,888,594. I have been doing a lot of research on this subject because I have been trying to study the history of income tax and judge the merits of the so called fair tax. I am willing to evaluate all sides and form an opinion, regardless of what my party says.

    We as a nation were able to survive with such a low income tax because we charged tariffs on goods coming in from foreign competitors. Only raw materials, and then only raw materials we don’t posses as a country, should enter this country with out fee. This concept of free trade that both parties have accepted is wrong. It really amounts to free jobs to foreigners. Some call it protectionism. Well darn it, what is wrong with protecting American jobs and funding the the government with out sucking income from the middle class? Repeal NAFTA which was passed under Clinton and repeal CAFTA which was passed under Bush and you will see the economy turn around. Jobs will come back, America will start making things again, and then we can cut income taxes on the everyone and flush the economy with cash. Then, and only then will you have less people on welfare. If you don’t agree I would love to hear your ideas Mr Henry?

    -Randall Lee Yow

    • Patrick Henry says:

      First, you better explain the comment “student of Glen Beck”. Should I call you a student of socialism, communism, progressivism, whatever?

      I assume the answer is NO. Works for me, as well. I am competent enough to do my own research and have my own thoughts. So I said “services”. You knew what I meant.

      The progressive tax system has caused class warfare. And it is wrong. Taxing is legal according to the Constitution. Taxes were created for what? They were created to support a Continental navy to protect our borders. They were not created to support the NEA, NCAE, Acorn, ObamaCare, Welfare for laziness and having kid after kid, federal funded abortions, academic pensions, etc, etc, etc. Most people don’t know that. Most people don’t care.

      I am thrilled you have been looking at the fair tax idea. Please expand on your thoughts.

      Repealing all those trade agreements is not going to jumpstart America. It might help. But until cash starts flowing again (as you said) we will stay stagnant. The deal is small businesses and corporations are not just afraid of what the future holds with the gigantic monster, money eating, unconstitutional mandate of “The Affordable Care Act”. They are afraid of what they see now. “The Affordable Care Act” is the single most reason the economy is not climbing out of the mess we are in. Repeal that and watch the economy grow. Employers are not hiring. Why would they? I wouldn’t if I had that fear to deal with. There is too much unknown about those 2000+ pages that have small comments like “as the HHS deems necessary”. “The Affordable Care Act” changes daily. I ask, how can it be so good if 3000 companies have been given waivers?

      I only wish Washington would listen to us. There really are two Americas. The real version (the states) and then DC – the elite version. No matter who is in power.

      • Goose says:

        When all the moaning is done, everyone pays taxes! Some may actually receive money from the income tax system because they have low or no income. Consumption tax, what the FairTax plan is, sounds OK if you can figure out a way to quit consuming. Beg or steal all you consume and you can skip a whole bunch of taxes.

        I am against the FairTax because I was taxed and taxed again at every stage of building my nest egg, now they want to change the rules so I will be heavily taxed again as I consume that nest egg? Hardly seems fair to me! Maybe if a were a gosling just starting out I would see it differently.
        A few other tax comments. Tariffs are paid by the people in this country, not the country of origin. Taxes imposed on corporations are paid by the stockholders, not the fat cats that run the corporations; there have been attempts to limit the compensation of fat cats, results were much like Dr. Moss and the BOE right here in Lee County, bonuses and other unregulated benefits. Excise takes DO include services, check your phone or internet bills for examples.
        PH I don’t want to make you feel left out, but I feel government should be by the elite, those smart enough to organize factions to support them or their viewpoints. If you prefer the ‘common man’ just take the first 7 to pass by the courthouse but remember one of them could be me or Yow!

  8. The Sheepdog says:

    Mr. Yow, I am not Mr. Smith. I have read some of what he has written so thanks for the compliment. Sheepdog is a concept, not a reference to heritage. The concept, which I would not expect you to know, comes from an essay written by Lt.Col. Dave Grossman: “If you have no capacity for violence then you are a healthy productive citizen: a sheep. If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens, then you have defined an aggressive sociopath–a wolf. But what if you have a capacity for violence, and a deep love for your fellow citizens? Then you are a sheepdog, …” I know you can use the internet so look up the entire essay. And as to the pow-wow, no thanks. I need waste no more time trying to understand the mind of a socialist.

  9. LetLibertyPrevail says:


    it’s the elite who have forgotten they put their pants on just like you and me. I want good honest citizens that remember where they come from! What we get is, like Fredo and Sam in Lord of the Rings got spellbound by the ring, boys and girls who get spellbound by DC politics and living off of you and me and the power.

    What I want is the best and brightest to apply. What we need is term limits!!

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