Happy Birthday to the Founding Fathers’ Political Blog !

To all our faithful readers and commenters, and especially our cherished blog authors, let me express a heartfelt HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to everyone. While it may seem we have been churning out articles and commentary forever, our first post was only just a year ago today. We’ve had a magnificent first year as blogs go. Here are a few noteworthy statistics and recognitions:

WordPress Wow-o-Meter

WordPress recognized this blog as a top-performing blog back at our six-month mark (through late December 2010). We had a superb fall election run-up, which propelled our readership to daily levels of up to 350 page views and up to 200 unique daily readers. At the time, we had about 8 active authors and we had received a total of 11,000 page views.

Average page views per day continue to rise. Our three best months were October 2010 (154 views per day), May 2011 (212 views per day); and now June 2011 (514 views per day).

As of today, this blog has 14 authors, 8 of whom remain active or who generate periodic posts.  At the one-year mark we have had 37,400 page views. May 27, 2011 was our best day numbering 817 page views from 445 unique visitors. (Note– We would like to thank the many teachers and school officials who came to this blog from facebook the past six weeks for elevating our numbers. It’s abundantly clear why we got the statistical boost we enjoyed during this period.)

Through the first year our most prolific blog author has been Patrick Henry, who has authored 67 of our 165 articles. A couple of Patrick’s posts have generated 30-40 comments, which is quite a dialogue.

Thomas Jefferson and Charles Carroll are to be commended for their hard-hitting posts related to public education and the budget. Both authors have been reliably following the budget process this spring and have written some very informative columns for our consumption.

We’ve had a slew of regular commenters, including Randall Lee Yow, George Clinton, BOE Chair Shawn Williams, Sheila Barber, Goose, Sheepdog, among others. We really appreciate your introspection and your challenges to our posts at this site. I recall a number of corrections we’ve made over the past year when more accurate information was brought to our attention. We respect the differing opinions presented at this site and we want to strive for factual presentation of the truth, along with those diverse opinions.

Thanks again to all of you for your continued participation in Lee County’s Top Political Blog. Please contact me by email if you wish to become an author. Anonymity will be protected.


About James Madison

I was the fourth president of these United States. My wife Dolley and I are greatly disturbed with the erosion of your liberties and the encroachment of the present federal, state, and local governments. I was an original member of the Democratic-Republican Party in this country and I would welcome a return to the conservative values that united Democrats and Republicans in my day. Let's start with putting God back in our lives and our government so He will richly bless our endeavors in Lee County. Let's force our elected officials be more transparent and accountable to the electorate in fiscal and social matters. I look forward to hearing your ideas about these matters and others that are on your hearts and minds. Thank You for participating!
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