How do you know…

when you’re making a difference and getting under the opposition’s skin?  You know when the left despises you so much they can’t shut up about you.  How many times this week have we seen something in the Herald about this blog in a column, editorial or article  and where one of the bloated heads in the BOE said a smart remark about conservative, right wing blogs?  Several.   

Bill Tatum, the puppet master for the Board of Education, is the latest.  When some of you read this morning’s paper, you’ll see the comments by Pinnochio.  According to Tatum, Moss’ only critics are “right-wing radicals.”

He says, “I’m told there’s a lot of chatter by folks that have been dead for 240 years, that have hidden behind dead patriots,” Tatum said, a reference to a conservative local Internet blog where anonymous authors posing as revered American statesmen have been taking near-daily shots at the superintendent in recent weeks.”

Read more: Sanford Herald – Some question superintendent s salary supplements

Yes we have.  And that’s because Moss and the BOE deserve it. I agree 100% with the editorial in yesterday’s paper that said Moss’ contract extension looks more like job security than a vote of confidence.  Now isn’t that a bit interesting?  The day before the heading in the herald basically said, “Board gives embattled Superintendent Vote of Confidence.” 

For all of you on the left who keep trying to kill the messengers and won’t listen to the message, this blog and other conservative blogs have adamantly stated over and over that they are for the teachers. We have petitioned all the boards to keep them in the classroom.  We have not said to kill public education.  What we have voiced opposition to are the insiduous comments by Shawn Williams like “we have nowhere left to cut but the classroom”.  And this one: “It seems as if it’s a witch hunt from the conservative standpoint.”  Mr. Williams I am beginning to believe if someone told you the sky was green and the grass was blue, you would believe it.  A witchhunt?  No, Shawn, we’re on a hunt for truth.  And it is obvious by your devious actions and the others, Bill baby included, that you  could care less about the truth.  You cannot make me believe that every teacher in this county is in agreement with you.  Many are struggling severely and you give Moss a $1000 monthly car allowance.  Many can barely buy gas for their cars let alone medicine and you gave Moss a $32,000 raise last year!

I am expecting you to come out soon and say that it was last year’s budget and all was well then.  Last year, when there wasn’t a budget crisis (like you didn’t know last July things were getting pretty bad).  You gave us that excuse about the San Francisco treat.  How much you want to bet there are teachers in this county with Masters degrees that don’t make that much money? 

So Shawn, the more you and the others open your mouth, the harder we laugh.  You don’t even make sense anymore.  It’s hypocritical to claim you have no money then do these things, and then fire teachers.  I think it’s time to call the Wake Co Board of Education and ask them to come down and teach you and the others how to do things right.  While we’re at it, we’ll ask Mr. Tata to come down and teach Mr. Moss some ethics.  Our school system’s HR department is failing. 

You see I say that because on, this headline appeared:

Wake classrooms protected, but other cuts loom

Raleigh, N.C. — Classroom positions in Wake County will be protected and some new teachers will be hired, but hundreds of jobs will be lost in administrative, custodial, clerical and transportation services under the state budget that became law Wednesday, school officials said.

The $19.7-billion budget provided funding to protect teachers and teachers’ assistants in kindergarten and grades 1-3, Superintendent Tony Tata said Friday. Each elementary school in the county will also gain a teacher.

Read more:

This patriot simply does not understand.  Wake county has a much larger student body and the budget is unbelievable.  Yet, the school board and Superintendent Tata know what is important.  They understand.  Tata goes as far to say that each elementary school in town will also gain a teacher.  Let me say that again – he says they will gain a teacher.  He isn’t threatening the teachers and assistants and stating that if HIS budget requirements are not met he will be firing them.

Mr. Tata says cuts will occur in administration, custodial, clerical, etc.  Not the classroom.  He must have gotten the memo that said the boys on Jones Street meant business.  They are doing what they were elected to do:  get rid of the waste and reign in spending.

Now if this can be done in Wake County, why not Lee?  Why didn’t our board look at the outsourcing janitorial services Sharpe and Atkinosho suggested?  Where else could outsourcing or cutbacks have occurred?  Who’s back pocket is being filled?  I would like to know if there are friends and family members of the BOE benefiting from the Board of Education members’ positions.  Are there family members in any positions that could be jeopardized if cuts were actually made where they should be?

At some point the truth will prevail. But I’ve never seen in all my life a board that has fought so much to protect one individual.  They rushed to revamp the administrators pay so that supplements are now salary to maximize their salary in case their position was axed with our new State Budget.  Come on, how dumb do they think we are?  Same for Moss.  If Dr. Moss is being pursued by other counties, CAN I HELP HIM PACK?  I’ll buy the darn U-Haul.  I might not still be able to pay my light bill, but it would be worth having my lights cut off to get him out of town!  Just go Mr.

Some of you will criticize my comment on the family and friends.  But you have to ask why the board heavily focused on the teachers losing their jobs and diverted every bit of attention they could away from the rest.  They never stopped talking about it.  Ever.  So while we were fighting for their jobs, they were doing their back door deals.

There may be no one at all.  But it should be investigated.  Our questions and concerns should be addressed.  We now know the BOE doesn’t care to answer them.  If the Herald doesn’t think it’s worthy,  I wonder if the Fayetteville Observer would?  Just asking!

Tatum and Williams – even this “dead” man can’t make this stuff up.  You’ve given us enough material to write about for years.  The problem is the mess you’re making will take years, maybe decades to clean up.  It will take years to earn our trust again.  Just ask Beaufort County. 

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19 Responses to How do you know…

  1. News flash says:

    While politically there is a wide range of political beliefs held throughout the faculty and staff of LCS, you won’t hear teachers praising Moss. In fact, liberal or conservative, hating Moss is pretty much common, but since he has a history of vindictive behavior, you won’t hear much publicly.

  2. Thomas Jefferson says:

    News Flash- I believe many of us ‘founding fathers’ knew that, and we genuinely understand their predicament. The good news is, Dr. Moss doesn’t hang around long as a Superintendent. He stayed in Stanly County for just over four years (2000-2004). He stayed in Beaufort County about four years (2005-2008). He quietly interviewed for and was one of four finalists for the New Hanover County job last summer after having been here in Lee County for less than 2 years. He’s already looking around and he knows his welcome is wearing thin here. So, hang in there, he’ll be some other county’s problem in another year or two. TJ

    • Goose says:

      Patrick, Credit to whom it is due! I peck at you when I think you fall short but this was some of your best work!
      James, I love the thumbs up-down feature for comments. I often wondered why the Herald only allowed thumbs up to be counted on the online edition stories.

    • Whatever! says:

      Four years is too long………

      One year was too long……

  3. Whatever! says:

    Hating Moss and what he stands for has nothing to do with politics. I hear the Charlotte-Meklenburg (sp?) super position is open, I’ll give him a stunning recommendation if they’ll take him off our hands.

  4. Whatever! says:

    Oh, and I’m not sure about this but when you link articles, if you link to the “print friendly” version instead of the actual article, everyone may be able to read it without having to have a login.

  5. shawn says:

    Some your articles are so funny it takes me a moment to think if what I read was really said by some of you. I support the Superintendent, and I know that many of you don’t. It doesn’t matter of Jesus Christ came down and said the truth to some of you, it would be disputed. It seems as if we are living in a time of Pharisees and Sadducees making all kind of false remarks and even making up some lies to try and crucify people. It really doesn’t matter what anyone says, if they don’t have a “SUPER R” in front of them, or if they think for themselves out of the little think tank of conservatives it is a problem. God help us all if we all had the same opinions. Unfortunately I hate to tell the writer that I am very capable of thinking for myself. You must understand that I don’t jump or swing to your music or dance style. Enjoy the day that God has given us.

    • Goose says:

      I love the way Moss prints the wording of the motion he wants passed on action items for the BOE agenda, It seems to indicate that if he didn’t do it the BOE would fail to get it right. Are you a marionette or a hand puppet? Does Moss just have strings on you or a hand…..Honk?

    • LetLibertyPrevail says:


      You are sadly mistaken. The criticism coming your way is a direct result of your actions.

      You stated you had no where else to cut. What skin do you have in the game? why did you not entertain the ideas presented by Cameron and Mark?

      You see the BOE members are skirting the questions. So I will ask since Patrick isn’t getting answers, WHAT is it you are not telling us? Frankly every time some major decision comes from the BOE it’s not you but Tatum who appears to have control. Stop with the charades and tell the truth! Who is it that would have been hurt if the custodial services would have been outsourced or other services outsourced?

      And another thing don’t go after our beliefs in God. One thing I know is when wrong is wring no one can hide from our Creator. We all will answer for our trangressions, known and unknown.

    • Sanford27330 says:

      Mr. Tatum frankly has no idea who the people in Lee County that don’t support Jeff Moss are.

      He has no idea what their political party affiliation is, what their ideological background is, who they represent or what they represent.

      Mr. Tatum decided to cast all people who disagree with Dr. Moss into a group called “right wing radicals” in the Sanford Herald today.

      Unless, of course, he thinks many of his system’s employees are “right wing radicals”, he doesn’t have a clue.

      Many of those in opposition work in the school buildings he governs. They don’t say much out loud, not because they support Dr. Moss but because they serve at the pleasure of the school board in a right-to-work state. They are the people who do the work every single day to carry out the board and Dr. Moss’ “vision”. They are the people who will still be in Lee County after the board’s “indispensable man” is long gone.

      People in this county are frustrated, Mr. Tatum. There was a good way to go about the budget proceedings and there was the way the board actually employed. Really? We’re going to cut out sports? At the same time the board was preparing to resurface the two high school football fields? We’ve cut all the way to the bone? We have 4 assistant superintendents. For a district of less than 10,000 kids! At that same rate Wake County Schools would need to have roughly 56 assistant superintendents(I’ll save you the trouble of looking it up-people with the word “superintendent” in their job title numbers in the teens up there)!

      When all is said and done teaching positions are going to make up almost 2/3 of the position cuts in the county. Central Office positions are going to make up about 2.6 percent.

      Your priorities are made clear by your actions, not by your words. The board could have saved more teachers. Yes, it would have involved hard choices and letting go of quality people. But it could have been done.

      Lost in all of the discussion about cutting supplements was the elephant in the room. The board spoke about keeping supplements for employees at a certain level to avoid harming someone’s retirement while also talking about taking away the livelihood of up to 126 people (even if you say attrition doesn’t mean a layoff it does mean there is one less job the unemployed could hope to fill).

      It was hard not to notice next year’s school board association conference in Boston was on the board calendar Dr. Moss proposed at last Tuesday’s meeting. I certainly hope being “cut to the bone” means that the board will stay closer to home to receive their training.

  6. Lee County Teacher 101 says:

    Why didn’t Chairman Shawn answer the question about who would be hurt if custodial services were contracted out? Lee County knows why Chairman Shawn…….you can’t hide it anymore. You will feel better and also sleep better at night if you would just tell the truth! That marbled-mouthed Bill Tatum is making you look like a fool and then he goes to have a beer with his buds Moss and Smith……….and they are laughing at you! Wise up Chairman Shawn! You can do this……if you don’t let Tatum lead you around.

  7. shawn says:

    Well ladies and gentlemen used very loosely, I hate to disappoint you, but I do not read this blog every day. I do have a life and there are many things more important than the Founding Fathers Blog. You should know by now that I don’t run and neither do I hide, I am man enough to stand for my convictions whether you agree or disagree.

    So on to the issue of outsourcing. Why do I not want to outsource? First because whoever you outsource to, their whole job is to make money for their business or company. That means to them there is no buy in to what we do in Lee County, there concern is about making money for their company. We would be turning over the management and control of services to a company outside of the system. Yes we might sign a contract, but that in itself does not make sure the quality of work being performed is up to our standards. It could lead to moral problems for those that may work for the company and those that work for the school system. Case in point, in another County that outsourced, they kept all head custodians on the School Payroll and outsourced everyone else. The head custodian had a title and the responsibility of keeping the building to a certain level, but the people that worked for the company would quickly tell the head custodian we don’t work for you, and basically it is not our problem. When brought to the attention of the company, they supported their employee, and it caused all kinds of problems within the school. Outsourcing forces people out, and if they decide to stay it will cost them a serious pay cut. Why would I want to cut the pay of any employee, especially those that don’t make that much to begin with. When you outsource I don’t care how good it sounds, this is their business and the contracts will be written in favor of the company to make money. This is what they do, so rest assured that in the long run, what sounds like it is going to be good turns out to be a night mare.

    I had this conversation with one of your beloved founding fathers, and asked why the County does not outsource areas that they could to save money. It was clear to that founding father after investigating that it would not be a wise decision to do. It is clear at least to the majority of the BOE that it would not be a wise thing to do. It might or might not save in the long run.

    We get mad whenever we have to call tech support for a problem with a computer or some other electronic gadget and we dial an 800 number and we are talking to someone in India. We complain about it but those jobs have be outsourced and when you get off with tech support the problem is not resolved and you have wasted your time. So the benefits of outsourcing in my opinion are not worth the headache that comes with it.

    I know that most of the founding fathers will not agree, but as I said in the start, I can support my convictions. Now to the other matter I read concerning my fellow board member Mr. Tatum. I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Tatum. He is a man that speaks whats on his mind, does it mean that we agree all the time, of course not. What it means is I know how he stands and where he is coming from, and that he will not be all over the place. Mr. Tatum can’t be to bad, he was nominated and won the Dingman award and now sits on the State Board of Education. It is a shame that as Jesus said, a prophet is without honor in his own home. No I am not saying Mr. Tatum is prophet, but he is from Sanford, and for some of you, he gets no respect. I do not think Mr. Tatum is trying to usurp my authority, and I have no fear of that, for I know who I am and what my position is. I have never feared a man, because if you know who you are what is there to fear.

    Lastly I would never attack anyone for their religious belief even if I don;t agree with it. I was not trying to attack you with my statements. It is amazing to me that it is okay for some of you to attack me or anyone else, but watch out if you feel like you were attacked. Since reading your blog, you have said things concerning me as a preacher, pastor, and a man, and guess what I have not whined or cried about it. So as someone said a long time ago, if the shoe fits then wear it, if not don’t worry about it, another person said a hit dog will holler, so maybe I just hit someone and they are hollering. Either way again I will say there was no attack on your religious values. Have a good day.

  8. LeeCountyTeacher101 says:

    I gave Chairman Shawn a chance to come clean with the citizens of Lee County and he did not. It’s been rumored and verified that his wife is a custodian at Deep River Elementary. So….there you have it. $600,000 in savings to save teachers or your wife’s costodial job at Deep River Elementary. Looks like momma won out and the teachers of Lee County lost again……..for the record, Mr. Williams, we teachers are taking note of this very kind of activity you and your boys on the Board are condoning. Good day!!

    • Anybody Listening? says:

      Does anyone have a current list of employees who have been relieved of duties. It is my understanding that each school (except Lee Sr.) has lost up to three administrative assistants (this includes bookkeepers, attendance data managers, transportation secretaries, receptionist, etc.), custodians, assistant principals have been cut from 12 and 11 months to 10 months, and it’s rumored that more teaching assistants are on the block.

      Number of employees relieved of duties at the main office……….none. One retirement (webmaster?) and one computer tech (resignation) not expected to be filled.

      Seems a bit one sided doesn’t it.

  9. Shawn says:

    Well again the facts are wrong. Just ask some of your conservative board members if there was discussion. We spent two meetings talking on the issue. As of this date no motion has been made to outsource. It is funny that you asked for my answer only to bring my wife into the picture. I have not spoken against any ones spouse on this site, you can talk about me all you want, but leave my family out of the discussions. If it comes to the floor and if I decided to vote, I only have one vote, just as every other Board member. Since this has not come to the floor on a motion I don’t know how you can make an assumption. Yes I can because you rather make an assumption or believe a lie than deal with what is before you. Just as you have a distrust, unfortunately I don’t trust some of the conservatives in Lee County and Raleigh. So that is a two way street, and I love the way you slant the truth or should I say only say the parts you want to. I can’t wait till 2012 gets here so that we can send the conservative (tea party) republicans home. To talk about integrity maybe you have not been following the AFP lies and deceitful practices lately and then want someone to take them seriously. What a joke.

  10. Rich Wulpern says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading here. Baseless attacks on someone because you disagree with them politically? Are we dealing with adults here or children? As much as I disagree with Mr. Williams and his policies, I would never stoop down to innuendo and warrantless attacks.

    I thought this blog was about the message, not the messenger?

    This current blog has degraded to nothing but tabloid level attacks and makes you look foolish. LeeCountyTeacher you had better have your ducks in a row before making such accusations. It is comments like these that takes away any credibility the conservative movement has developed. Please think hard before doing so in the future.

  11. Patrick Henry says:


    It is about the message. Our board has told us so many things no one can believe what’s the truth and what is not. We are attempting to find the best way to save money. All we ask is for the questions to be answered from the start. We haven’t done anything here that some reporter from wherever would ask or write about. Nothing.

    To be frank, the Founding Fathers were not perfect in how they conducted business. But in the end, we were given the US Constitution. What a beautiful work of art. And the first Bill of Rights is the First Amendment. We say how we feel here.

    The object is to let the chips fall where they may.

    Mr. Williams – it wasn’t the Founding Fathers who said a thing about your wife. It was comments left by someone who must have been hurt by the action of the current BOE or another. Please remember that. You are welcome to speak your mind as well.

    I must ask why is AFP considered such a threat? The Founding Fathers keep getting accused of being followers when it is obvious they are not. They are leaders.

    Patrick Henry

  12. shawn says:

    Another assumption, I don’t consider AFP a threat. I understand that it is the rich looking out for the rich. When you have millionaires giving money to an organization, telling people they are for all people that is a joke. I look at the AFP as a joke in so many instances, but that is my opinion, and I have a right to them, just as you do to yours. I don’t care who it was that made the accusation against my wife, it was out of place and should have been deleted. As I said, talk about me all you want, but leave my family out of it. I have not shared anything I know about anyone outside of the person it concerns. If this blog is serious about a dialogue, I am all for it, but I will be respectful as long as everyone else is.

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