Slings Needed for Back Slapping and Arm Twisting

  Careful folks, arm slings are probably going to be in short supply around Sanford for the next several days.  There has been so much backslapping and arm-twisting over the school budget request debates that there just can be no way the pharmacies could have possibly kept up with demand. 

  The taxpayers in Lee County may never really know who the arm-twisters were, but there is little doubt which commissioners got their arms twisted.  It’s also readily apparent which ones injured themselves by way of their own self-inflicted shoulder manipulations.  At least one of them appears to have spent time publicly patting himself on the back with one arm even as he was having the other one twisted behind the scenes.   Then there is the one who is so double shoulder jointed that he can twist as he is being twisted. 

  For the commissioners who allowed their arms to be twisted into supporting unsubstantiated, and probably unjustified spending, wear your slings in shame.  Principled men you are not.  When you stood in the arena of public scrutiny, you did not fight the good battle.  You didn’t stand for any worthwhile or noble cause.  You did not walk the difficult path demanded of you by your oath of office, and the trust the public placed in you.  Instead you chose an easier, if ignoble route.  May the ache you should be feeling in your shoulders linger for many months and cause you to lose sleep with each passing night. May each twinge you feel when your former arm-twisters pat you on your back and tell you how good a job you did with the budget.  Let each twinge remind you of the principles you once thought you had.

  For the commissioners who should have developed their respective shoulder aches from all their public and private self-congratulations, wear your slings in shame as well.  But your shame is the shame of having no shame, of having no principles.  You see, you were never really worthy of being in the arena with principled men in the first place.  You pat yourself on the back and crow publicly because no one extols your virtues for you, as you have none. You mouthed the words of your office, without meaning them.  To you, all things are relative and for the moment at hand.  You hope the public has a short attentions span and a shorter memory.  Let your shoulder ache be a constant reminder to you, of what you could have been, had you had principles or had you stood by the ones you should have had.  

  Regardless, there will be a shortage of slings here in Lee County for the foreseeable future.  It may even get worse. The pungent wintergreen smell of liniment will waft through the Lee County Government building for months to come even after this budget debate fades in feebler minds.  If you happen to smell wintergreen, or see a commissioner sporting a sling, ask him if his injuries were self-inflicted.

About Charles Carroll

I am a wealthy planter, originally from Maryland, and an early advocate of independence from Great Britain. I served as a delegate to the Continental Congress and later as United States Senator for Maryland. I was the only Catholic and last surviving signatory of the Declaration of Independence.
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3 Responses to Slings Needed for Back Slapping and Arm Twisting

  1. Randall Lee Yow says:

    Four good men did the right and honorable thing, they stood up for the future of the children of our community. Actions speak volumes. I call on you to look at the out pouring of support from the community at the public comment forum with the County Commission. This is what the majority of the citizens of Lee County wanted. Our Democratic Republican form of government wins again.

    -Randall Lee Yow

  2. Outraged says:

    Seriously? The citizens of Lee County wanted the principals and county office staff to continue making outrageous salaries while most of the teachers barely make it from month to month? And you realize that the BOC gave the BOE this budget and one of the things they did was word the salaries of all “upper management” so that their supplements (which are OUT OF CONTROL) are included in their salary? Do you have no idea what this means? It means that now they can cut “supplements” and the only ones who will suffer are the teachers because now, technically, administrators and CO staff don’t get supplements, they just get a salary. I can’t believe this is not illegal and that as a citizen of this county there is nothing that can be done about it. If the housing market were better I would seriously consider selling my home and leaving Lee County. This is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LetLibertyPrevail says:

    Really? Where is the majority you are speaking about Mr. Yow? Teachers? Students? Are you really sure the majority wanted this? 4 men voted, not 56,000 citizens. I haven’t looked at the population figures so that number is more than likely off nor do I remember the percentage of registered voters.

    Three of the four were not up for reelection last year. And the other probably would have won if he was six feet under. He has such good name recognition and had, for the most part been fair in listening to all constituents. Three commissioners handily won their districts running on a Conservative platform.

    Besides, when ONE man is the deciding factor whether you have a job or not in the economy we have today, anyone in their right mind would never speak up! Teachers were afraid. Many have told a few of us that. You might want to do a FOIA and find out their names. Report back to us what party affiliation the fired teachers were. To make it fair I am sure Mr. Moss fired one or two Democrats. But do your homework on it. I’m curious what you find out.

    So go on with your belief that the 4 spoke for the majority. I believe you are sadly mistaken. Do note again that the 3 commissioners who handily won last year won in districts. This time there are three at- large positions. That means the fight will be good but those who run on a fiscal conservative platform will definitely have a good chance. Oh the nice thing about all this? We only need ONE more conservative on the BOC. With one of the interested individuals, it’s looking really good.

    Of course, we expect them Democrats to engage in dirty politics. They can’t run on issues. Next year it will be interesting again to see how the message will try to be hidden because of the attacks on the messenger.

    Not you Mr. Yow. I always like to read your take on things and have often wondered why you have’t run for mayor again. You’re just different.

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