Dear Governette…

I would like to suggest that you tell your Democrat allies in the General Assembly they really shouldn’t be talking about late night deals.  Mr. Hackney is decrying the midnight vote that passed a budget that will help put NC back on the road to fiscal responsibility. 

Not too long ago when you were Lt. Governette in the corrupt Easley administration, you cast a deciding vote right after midnight that gave us the lottery.  You could have cared less if the lottery was popular or not.  You and others (Mr. Hackney included) passed it  when one Republican legislator was sick and the other one was out of town.  They specifically asked the EX-Democratic legislature to wait until they were back.

It appears you don’t understand the phrase “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. 

Ms. Governette, if you and the EX-Democratic legislature had used the “NC Education lottery” funds for what they were intended for, for what you claimed they were for, our school systems would have the money they need.  Well, that is if the sales of lottery tickets were high enough. However, you and the EX-Democratic legislature decided to raid it to balance a budget instead of reigning in spending.

And if you had kept your fingers out of the cookie jar, Jeff Moss and the Lee Co BOE would be in “hog heaven”.   They would have all the money they need to reward administrators with higher salaries and bonuses.  (They are doing that anyway.)  They could also take all the trips they want across the country, buy all the furniture and laptops they want, while  making sure our teachers and assistants stay awake at night wondering if they would be employed in July.   Happy days could be here again!

Patrick Henry

“Give me liberty,  and not liability.”

About Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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7 Responses to Dear Governette…

  1. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Good post Patrick. I, too, am proud of Speaker Tillis and his new order of budget cutters in Raleigh. Makes me very proud to say I know them!

    Sadly, our elected (BOE, BOC, and City Council) officials in Lee County lack the values and fiscal discipline necessary to restore local government’s financial responsibility. We have a bunch of weak-kneed, mamby-pamby liberals and moderates who are compelled to seize your tax dollars so they can sustain their addictive habits of corporate and non-profit giveaways and so they can throw increasingly more money at school bureaucrats to satisfy their champagne tastes in our education bureaucracy. I’m just sick about all of this. Where are Lee County’s fiscal conservatives? TJ

  2. LetLibertyPrevail says:

    I can tell you where they are: WORKING!

    Somebody has to pay the bills.

  3. Randall Lee Yow says:

    You know you might not like our Madam Governor and you might not like her politics, and that is fine it is your opinion. However, calling her Governette is derogatory to her gender and should not be allowed. That would be like me calling Shelia Barber citizenette or calling Jim Womack’s wife who is a Colonel in the Army officerette. I do not think anyone of them would enjoy that. Make fun and protest her politics not her womanhood.

    -Randall Lee Yow

  4. Norman Thomas says:

    As long as we’re quoting lyrics, I’d like to point out how much this blog reminds me of the song “Crystal Balls,” which was penned and performed by the great British comedian Neil Innes:

    “I got my hand up the skirt of Mother Nature/ I got my foot in the door of liberty/ I got my head stuck in the railings of reason/ Thank God for the banjo on my knee.”

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