I Double Dog Dare You!

I remember times in my youth when one of my friends would challenge me to feats of foolish behavior by saying, “I double dog dare you!”  That phrase came to mind this evening as I absorbed the Lee County Board of Education’s votes to extend Jeff Moss’ contract out another year (through 2015) and to re-classify salary supplements for school administrators as “salaries” so the BOE can obligate you and me to more spending three and even four years from now.   

The timing was impeccable.  First, the BOE maneuvered four BOC stooges (Hayes, Oldham, Paschal and Reives) into approving $660,000 in 2011-2012 budget increases even before the BOC had completed their budget review of the county schools and before the state’s budget has been approved.  Nice touch, BOE!

Next, the BOE delayed showing all the administrator contracts to BOC members until after the BOE had secured majority BOC support for their budget requests.  

Then the piece de resistance:  In the same meeting, with the budget safely in hand, the BOE voted 5-2 to extend our nationally acclaimed superintendent ‘s contract for another two years, along with a GIGANTIC guarantee of salary supplements and perks.  All of this was made possible by the BOC’s premature vote to approve increased funding for our school system, even before commissioners had answers to all their questions.  So much for “trust,” huh?   

I’ve got a message for Doc Oldham– I double dog dare you to run for commissioner again.  The people will label you a buffoon and you’ll go down in flames. 

Here’s a message for Robert Reives– how does it feel to be “played” by the good old boys from West Sanford?  Just wait ’til you try to support a new charter school next year.   I can hear those goobers telling you now, “I double dog dare you to try!”  Then who you gonna call?   The three BOC conservatives?  I don’t think so; not while the budget daggers from you, Doc, Richard and Ed are still sticking out of their backs.

About Thomas Jefferson

3rd President and Founding Father of the U.S. I conceived and promoted the country's system of public education in the early 19th Century. I am often misunderstood about my the "wall of separation" term and letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, which unfortunately has come to be interpreted as my suggesting separation of God and the Holy Trinity from all matters of state. I am a Christian, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and I owe Him my salvation. I pray for this great country, that it remain strong, independent and Christian!
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5 Responses to I Double Dog Dare You!

  1. LetLibertyPrevail says:

    No need to worry Mr. Jefferson. We all knew Doc was a baffoon shortly after he was elected. He’s always done what the others told him too. Not a bit of origination in that brain.

  2. Someone else says:

    Once again, we could just summarize this as “Moss is a slime.” Interesting how he doesn’t extend that salary protection to teachers or TA’s or the other lowly people who do the real work.

  3. LetLibertyPrevail says:

    Mr. Jefferson,

    John Crumpton facilitated the daggers in the conservative commissioners’ backs. He is not without blame.

  4. Inquiring Mind says:

    Who were the board members who voted against extending the contract? They might get my vote for re-election.

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