Broken but not Broke

I never cease to be amazed at the graft and corruption endemic in the ‘broken’ Lee County School System (LCSS).  Let’s talk budget for a moment.

Today four tax-and-spend liberals from the Lee County Board of Commissioners paid homage to Dr. Jeff Moss and his board of education (BOE) lackies by voting to give the LCSS an additional $500,000 over the $15,338,050 in local operations funding originally recommended by the county manager.   They did this over the strongest objections of Commissioners Parks, Shook, and Womack who advocated completing the budget review of the schools before allocating any money.   Doesn’t matter if the schools needed these additional funds, they now have it, and we taxpayers are paying the bill. 

To pay for this malfeasance, your tax local rate has to be elevated by a penny for each $100 of property value.  That’s why your taxes are so high– you keep electing liberal apologists like Richard Hayes, Robert Reives and Ed Paschal to the BOC along with RINO phonies like Doc Oldham, all of whom spend your money like drunken sailors (apologies to the U.S. Navy).

There isn’t enough space here to address all the things broken in the Lee County School System–  we could blog that exclusively for a year and barely scratch the surface.  However, we can say with certainty that the LCSS is supremely well funded, and that it continues to grow even when Lee County taxpayers are suffering reduced tax revenues and diminished government services everywhere else in the county (for nearly three years now).  There are no educational objectives set.  Performance is lamented and then we throw more money at it.  We spend more than 6 million dollars on electronic gadgets and toys the state does not require, all in the name of “race to the top.”    There is no accountability to taxpayers.  Add this to a group of five or six functionally incompetent BOE members and an over-the-top arrogant superintendent and you have a ticket to disaster. 

No, our school system is broken, but it certainly isn’t ‘broke.’   County manager John Crumpton has been manipulated into throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the black hole we refer to as K-12 public education and there’s nothing you or I can do about it.  Next time you talk to Hayes, Reives, Oldham or Paschal– thank them for being irresponsible with your money.   It probably won’t make a difference in their behaviors, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of letting them know just how unpopular they are as elected officials.  Make sure they know that November 2012 is coming and we plan to throw the bums out!

About Thomas Jefferson

3rd President and Founding Father of the U.S. I conceived and promoted the country's system of public education in the early 19th Century. I am often misunderstood about my the "wall of separation" term and letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, which unfortunately has come to be interpreted as my suggesting separation of God and the Holy Trinity from all matters of state. I am a Christian, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and I owe Him my salvation. I pray for this great country, that it remain strong, independent and Christian!
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13 Responses to Broken but not Broke

  1. Inquiring Mind says:

    I love how my property taxes, yes, I’ve made a home here in Lee County, are going to fund Moss’s housing supplement for the APARTMENT he RENTS in town. What can we, as citizens, do to stop the outrage of his ridiculous supplements? As a matter of fact, ALL of the outrageous supplements that are being given to some principals and county office workers. We should not stand for this any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LetLibertyPrevail says:

    Vote out the BOE members, especially Tatum. Then go after the BOC members who double crossed us, Doc Oldham, Richard Hayes – who wants notoriety so bad he smells it, and Ed Paschal. Without them Reives can’t get what he wants passed.

    Now, get out and get the Conservatives in office. And while you’re at it, let’s get Crumpton fired.

  3. Goose says:

    Thomas, graft and corruption are pretty strong words and if true they are not confined to the LCSS. City and yes County governments are not stain free. Frankly I think this latest setback is just the latest in a string which I blame on the Conservative wing of the GOP. This is only my opinion. Let us review some relatively recent local history. It wasn’t that long ago that the local party was in such disarray that they were in trouble with the state and were about to be written off by the state GOP. I do not know the details of the downfall and rebirth but the fact that KFC is still bitter about the process speaks volumes to me. Apparently some liberals were purged but I see no evidence of an effort to link with fiscal conservatives in other parties or independents. I am an outsider any insider is welcome to correct me. The term Rino started to be used but Rinos like Oldham and Carter were supported and on the GOP line on the ballot. Even though the quarter cent sales tax had been previously defeated, the tax & spenders managed to tie it to fixing LCHS and got it back on the budget where it won big. I think the AFP support hurt more than it helped. They were painted as outsiders and Lee Co. voters hate outsiders.
    2010 election, Reives was allowed to run unopposed so he can’t be thrown out in 2012, likely to be unopposed again in 2014 if 2010 logic is applied. Carter’s active support of Dems brings whole new meaning to Rino. Wining a few offices gave a false sense of power to some that didn’t seem to realize that the tax & spenders were well dug in and protected by policy and practices that were accepted as the normal way of doing things. Tax money for non-profits controlled by liberal special interests? Not hell no! But we did it before let’s just see if we can control it better. Bonus for Co. Manager that failed to manage his own finances? We need him to manage our budgets and broker deals. It will make our position stronger when we bring up the bonus/supplements in the BOE budget! Only have 3 sure votes out of 7? Sure the Rino will vote our way if he happens to feel like it.
    Let this be a wakeup call. We expect you to continue to go through the BOE budget and document wasteful spending, ammo for the next battle so to speak. Right now you had better search the county budget for cuts to avoid a tax increase or there will be 4 not 1 on our 2014 hit list! I suggest non-profits, the Sherriff’s Department, P&R, CCCC, and LCEDC but time is very short.

    • Randall Lee Yow says:

      Jay Riley lives in Commissioner Reives district. Of course he knows me so that makes him a good old boy, but he also knows Linda Shook so that makes him a termite. I wonder do those things cancel themselves out?

      -Randall Lee Yow

  4. Goose says:

    Yes James we have discussed Reives before, again I don’t know the district But I have run across members of both our major minority groups that were even more fiscally conservative than I am. It appears that the harder you work to make a buck the less willing you are to have it wasted. As long as the “world owes me help” mentally has not set in they have a good handle on taxes. They sometimes get labeled as Oreos and don’t want to live in the district; they might speak the dialect but want their kids to speak English. They know part of their rent goes for property taxes (unlike inquiring mind above). By all means select, teach and coach candidates. If it is a minority district a minority candidate might be in order.
    Just for educational purposes let me explain why the other 3 at large people are going to be harder targets. In at large elections the top 3 vote getters throughout the county end up with the seats. You have to have the top 3 to wipe the other side out so it is a team game not a one-on-one game. The Board of Education elections are even worse because they are run on primary not Election Day so the voter turnout is low and parties are not supposed to be involved so unless you are paying attention you might vote for a spending liberal by mistake. Then 2 years later you have to do it again to get the ones that weren’t up for election

  5. Randall Lee Yow says:

    Mr Jefferson,

    Would you like to provide some proof and/or facts to back up your claim of amazing levels of graft and corruption in the Lee County School System?

    Let us see how much money can be stripped from what is left of the budget. I look forward to Mr Parks’ independent audit (his campaign promise) and his going through it with a fine tooth comb. I doubt he is going to find too much.

    -Randall Lee Yow

    • Agree with Mr. Yow. I’d like to see the evidence, and to share it with the NC Attorney General. Maybe Mr. J has the details conservatives have been looking for.


  6. Goose says:

    Yow be just a little clearer, which budget(s) are you talking about and what do you expect Mr. Parks to fail to find? Funny for a guy that sees only black or white to post such vague comments….

  7. Randall Lee Yow says:

    The Lee County budget other than what went to Lee County Schools (fire, county law enforcement, parks and rec, etc). I do not think Mr Parks is going to find to much fat to trim off the budget. I actually do not think they will even do an independent audit. I just think it was a campaign promise that will not be kept. Oh, and can anyone explain the difference in funding Lee County Industries and not funding the Temple Theatre? It seems like they are both boons to the community. Also feel free to call me Randall.

    -Randall Lee Yow

  8. Taxed & Spent says:

    Goose, the sales tax was passed during a municipal election. Which means people in the county had no candidate to support and for whom to vote. This means that the voters were more liberal because they were mostly from the city.
    The sales tax was defeated during a primary, it would have been destroyed during a general election. The election when AFP has the biggest impact and why the leftists and RINOs picked the municipal election after their drubbing from AFP the first time around.

    You lost me on the KFC, Doc and Carter string. Doc ran as a Reagan conservative – he lied. Carter was unopposed in 2010, until then he had been fighting against the good ole boys and produced more drug busts in his first year than the democrats did in their entire prior history controlling the Sheriff’s office.

    As you said, Carter supported democrats, plural. He has much, much work to do to repair the damage he caused Agree with the 4, not 1 targets for 2014 is great. Hold all commissioners accountable for their votes. Just remember that the only time there is a race between conservatives is in the republican primary. Let’s hope there are three conservatives in the primary. That way Doc and Donnie Oldham or any other RINO won’t stand a chance of making it to the general election.

    Which government body has more graft than the School System in your opinion?

  9. Randall; There is quite a big difference in the two organizations. One, the Temple Theater, again wants a taxpayer funded giveaway to finance staff salaries and props so as to underwrite entertainment for theater goers. The other, LCI, seeks a small amount of funding for an apprentice program that is the ONLY avenue for our county’s developmentally disabled to go to work at places like Coty and Caterpillar. This small amount of funding directly translates into a couple of dozen disabled workers becoming self-sufficient in providing for themselves over the long term; while the Temple Theater funding perpetually connects fully capable workers to the government teat. I’d say there is a difference.


  10. Goose says:

    James, Thanks for answering Yow so well, the only quibble I have is I think more than a couple dozen disabled workers have been returned to the workforce unless you are talking on an annual basis? I have had an interest in disabled workers since my college days when I worked in Kodak’s Dark film manufacturing plant in Rochester NY. Guess who is handicapped in a totally dark place. Hint it is not the blind! About 60% of the workers in my building were blind. Heck the fire drill procedure was for the blind to get the sighted people out of the building then we would escort them to a safe area and do the headcount. Memos were by voice mail. Rochester was also the home of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) Students from there taught me rude signs in American Sign so I don’t have to ‘flip the bird’ anymore!
    Taxed and Spent, I love the name! You are right on the sales tax votes; they did sneak it through on a City election. KFC is code for an ex? Blogger who was a member of the GOP. I’ll be kind and say that his articles were unreliable some of his theories sounded good, but his ideal of supporting facts left a lot to be desired. He supported Rinos including Carter after he proved himself as a Rino by supporting Love. I have mixed feelings about Carter as a law enforcer. Before he ran for Sherriff he was head of the School Resource Officers and I think the liberal rubbed off on him. Drug busts heck yes! Notice he split from the city –county team approach, ever wonder why? The great thing about drug busts is you get to seize just about everything and it is yours to play with until someone forces you to make disposition. Both the state and the feds have plans for funds sharing with the local force under some conditions. We hear all about busts but the conviction rate is a deep secret. Are deals made? I am going to shut up to try to stay out of trouble.
    I have to disagree about the GOP having the only Conservatives, I used to be a Libertarian and there are people there that are to the right of AFP when it comes to money. I split because their social agenda was about the same as the GOP, Why support a party that has no chance of winning.
    Graft? Well there is usually some floating around but if I had any specific proof I would be honking my head off. My theory is to look where the money is, the rules are complex and little understood by the general public. The School system fits my model well, they have large revenue streams coming from any number of places, huge outflows (biggest payroll in Lee County) buying goods and services from any number of sources. Their budget really is secret; all they are willing to share is a summary that you could hide an elephant or donkey in it. How clean was the STEM deal, they gave the supplier the right to use our schools, teachers and students as aid to sales to other school systems, and what did they get in return? Discounts on what they bought or kickbacks. Who really knows? Computers for everybody, I have heard from IT professionals that they could have been bought at retail for less than was paid for the bulk purchase, but who knows what other hardware and software was part of the deal? Do you see the pattern I see, too big and complex to figure out?
    Other places to look is law enforcement, Tax appraisal and collection, code enforcement and ABC board, Just about any place that special knowledge runs with a revenue stream that can be tapped.
    I think the one sure thing to have come from this mess is that trained full time managers can make fools out of part time generalists i.e. elected officials.
    Yow after what you called me on this blog you expect to be on a first name basis? I’ll think about it. Honk?

    • Thanks Goose. Yes, I was referring to the couple dozen workers affected by the $10K that LCI is getting only for this year’s apprentice program. They have placed many more than that over past years. I recall that the vote for LCI was unanimous by the BOC. So, I think the message was clear to them that, if just one non-profit was going to benefit from taxpayer-funded contracts for extended county services htis year, it should be LCI. Boys and Girls Club was right behind them in adding value to the community, and in making their funding go a long way towards reducing crime, increasing graduation rates, and reducing teen pregnancies. Their stats in these areas are spectacular. (If only the schools….)


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