The “Deal” and Politics of “Personal Destruction”

If you haven’t read this morning’s paper, please do.

Seems our county manager, the “revered”  John Crumpton, the one who got a housing stipend and a raise from the CONSERVATIVE BOC members, the one who we were told does his job so good we can’t lose him,  has made the ultimate backdoor deal.  Yes, John has.  He has committed “political” treason on a local level.  And if he had to live in the Founding Fathers days, he wouldn’t make it past noon without serious retribution.   Fortunately for America,  we do live in a more “civil” time and believe in a much better solution that the days of old.  That’s good.

He is stated in the paper that four of the commissioners are practically ready to accept the “$400,000” request from the BOE and give them more taxpayer dollars.  Those four must be Hayes, Reives, Oldham, and Paschal.  Yes, if you are asking – they are the “leftovers” from the previous board and the same four that gave us the sales tax ultimatum.  Some people in our community on other blogs and in the paper call it blackmail.  I always thought that was a bit  harsh.  So this patriot will just stick with ultimatum to be nice.

Please answer this John:  Where did you get the authority to do this?  Did giving you a bonus embolden your stance?  This is a dagger in the back of the commissioners that the taxpayers PUT IN OFFICE and those who trusted you.  I say that because he by one meeting has taken the “mandate” from November 2010 and said it doesn’t exist. 

The mandate was to bring not just fiscal responsibility back to our local government, but TRUST.  And for awhile  I sincerely believed he was doing a good job. 

Let this patriot be clear:   The dagger mentioned above doesn’t have to do with the money part at all.  Frankly, to make the BOE succumb to much less than the millions originally requested  to $600,000 means the taxpayers win.  It means that we’ve asked and got good reviews of the budget and yes, a compromise could be made.  COULD not WOULD.  

Nonetheless, the dagger has to do with the dealing behind closed doors with the “the four” and the BOE.   John has negatively impacted the negotiations far more than Moss has.  We expected the shrill from Moss and BOE after all the “public outrage” camp meetings.  But not this.  Mr. Crumpton knows the numbers.  He has the influence to get others in his camp. 

Mr. Crumpton…have your victory party now.  Because I believe the make-up of the next commissioner board you have to deal with will reign in your actions.  I personally would like to see you fired now that you have compromised all future negotiations on any money requests, as well.  But I don’t have that authority.  And besides, I bet those you just dug the dagger into still believe you do a good job.  By the way, on the org chart, are you not  UNDER the BOC?  

As for Mr. Williams calling out Commissioners Womack and Shook?  Shame on you again, Shawn.  Do you realize what you did?  You accused Jim and Linda of “the politics of personal destruction”.   Mr. Williams we all know you and others, Bonnie Almond, Moss, other BOE members, all  have personal experience with that concept.  Does “paring knife” ring a bell?   

God bless that young lady.  I hope she gets a book deal that makes her millions so she can come back to this county, be an active participant in government and prove no matter what you and the others attempted by your silence you didn’t ruin her life.

Patrick Henry

“Give me liberty, not liability.”

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"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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10 Responses to The “Deal” and Politics of “Personal Destruction”

  1. Mr. Henry,

    It was blackmail. Plain and simple. Blackmail. Why be nice? It’s the truth. When a person is threatened and has no choice because the choice is this or that and they are cornered, that’s blackmail.

    I say that because I have to believe you are referring to me above. Since I am extremely vocal on political issues, write letters to the editor, and have a blog. Good. I like the exposure for Fresh Brewed Conservatism. Oh – Good use of the number “four”. You must have been or watched a couple of Commissioner meetings I’ve attended and spoke at. I won’t charge you with plagiarism. I am impressed that such a brilliant mind would like what I say. I don’t care if that sounds cocky. America needs this attitude to save her.

    We should come up with slogans for them. Maybe “Four out the Door”. Or Not “Four at More” but “Four Means More”. Nevertheless, you are quite the observer. I am flattered by your references.

    As for Mr. Crumpton, I am speechless. And that doesn’t happen often.

    Sheila Barber

  2. Goose says:

    PH mandate in 2010? What Mandate? D1 Reives (D) unopposed, D2 Parks (R), D3 Shook (R), D4 Womack (R), With the fresh blood Doc Oidham appeared to have grown a pair so he made up the shaky 4th R but he never seemed to vote with Shook before he got the support of the other two. Heck even Sheila thought you were apeaking of her rather than Doc, I don’t know if this really was a backdoor or somebodys cooler thought that was arranged to save face. I hate the appearance that BOC caved and Moss won but it just may be true, Only time will tell, but it appears for all the hot air here that the TAs will be funded by the state and the county which leaves Moss a nice wad to play games with.
    Did the paring knife girl leave town? I was looking for some mention of her gradulating with her class as seemed to be implied she would be able to do. Does she count as a dropout?

  3. Patrick Henry says:


    I was speaking of the “sweep” across the nation. Could have been clearer. Thanks for pointing that out.

    The “Hot air” has helped to point out the inconsistencies of what the BOE says. Now you must remember, Goose, Moss and the BOE have said it didn’t matter if the GA funded them or not. They were going to cut the classroom staff anyway. Therefore, thank God for the hot air that is generated here. Some jobs may have been saved due to our blogging.

    We have tried and tried to show that someone isn’t telling the “whole” truth. My entire argument is why are people losing their jobs BEFORE the GA budget is signed? When we have the actual amount that the school system will get and compare it to what is really needed, all parties involved can get down to business. But as it stands now, the flames just won’t die down.

    Mr. Williams and the BOE have forgotten that taxpayers have a right to have questions asked and ANSWERED. They think they are above reproach. Boggles my mind.


  4. I’m a schizoprenic. And so am I.

    • Patrick Henry says:

      I am too, Billy. You have to be to impersonate a dead person, don’t you?

    • Randall Lee Yow says:

      Are you implying someone on here is talking to themselves?
      No, really?
      You don’t say?

      -Randall Lee Yow

    • Goose says:

      Billy that is a bad SPELL of schizopHrenia! Are you sure it isn’t dissociative identity disorder?
      BTW if you ever get today’s Herald posted I can check what you and you think.

  5. Jay Riley says:

    Billy, Are you and Randall Lee Yow the same person?

  6. Billy Liggett says:

    Sorry for the misspelling. I blame my Founding Father alter-ego … H. Ross Perot.

  7. LetLibertyPrevail says:

    Coooooooooooool Billy. A spoiler. Just perfect.

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