Grounds for Dismissal

Well, well, well.  Looks like our fiery little Superintendent is at it again.  This time, he’s put Lee County into a possible legal pickle.  His arrogant comments in response to our State Representative’s complaints about political activism in a local elementary school were bad enough.  Now, he’s making threats to damage the ability of a major NC company to perform business in North Carolina.  This begs the question, at what point does the BOE dismiss him for cause?  Here is the email from Mark Otto to Dr Moss and his reply.  You be the judge.

“Otto, Mark 163” <(email address redacted for privacy reasons)> 6/7/2011 3:07 PM

What in the world were you thinking making that comment, “If you’re not interested in receiving letters from people in your district, don’t run for public office.”?  Are you serious, sir?  The school forced the man’s own daughter to write a letter, knowing full well the little girl has no idea whatsoever what she is writing about.  That’s just wrong.  Evil Nazi/Soviet-style indoctrination.  You should be ashamed. 

Mark Otto
Credit Analyst
<company name redacted>
Raleigh, LLC
————————- Response from Dr. Moss————————————
From: Jeff Moss []
Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2011 3:56 PM
To: Otto, Mark 163
Subject:Re: letter
Thank you for providing me additional insight into the beliefs of <company name redacted> and your attitude toward our teachers in our public schools. I will be delighted to share this with the other superintendents across this state and nation so as we select companies and vendors to work with our schools we have a greater awareness of their belief structure on our primary challenge of teaching tomorrow leaders. It is easy to cast doubt when you do not know the story.
Jeffrey C. Moss, Ed.D.
Lee County Schools
E-mail correspondence to and from this sender may be subject to the North Carolina Public Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties.

About Thomas Jefferson

3rd President and Founding Father of the U.S. I conceived and promoted the country's system of public education in the early 19th Century. I am often misunderstood about my the "wall of separation" term and letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, which unfortunately has come to be interpreted as my suggesting separation of God and the Holy Trinity from all matters of state. I am a Christian, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and I owe Him my salvation. I pray for this great country, that it remain strong, independent and Christian!
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28 Responses to Grounds for Dismissal

  1. Teri B Clark says:

    I know Thomas Jefferson didn’t write this blog. Who did? Note that I have to tell my name and email in order to reply.

    • Teri;

      Sure he did. If you wish to contact him about the accuracy of the content in his email, his email address is:

      Note- you need not provide an email to reply to posts here. This isn’t the e-Lee Dispatch. I believe you can simply cite a URL and a name if you like.


      • Teri B Clark says:

        actually, you have to provide a name and an email. Check it out for yourself.
        Also – Thomas Jefferson is simply a ghost name. I want to know WHO actually writes. Same with you. I think you are all afraid to say who you really are.

        As for the eLee Dispatch, at least you know who is writing. He never hides behind a founding father.

      • Teri B Clark says:

        No need to “do better than that.” You know that you are talking to Teri Clark. You’ve done your research and know plenty about me and my family. I know this because you and yours have posted family issues in several places over the years. Yet, I have no idea who I am speaking with because you hide under a false name. You are not a founding father and you certainly aren’t writing federalist papers. To put yourself in that category is rather laughable, don’t you think?

  2. Roxy Ann says:

    Who the h… does ‘Boss’ think he is…threatening one of the MAJOR companies in our community??? Let’s just slit our own throats!!!!

  3. Randall Lee Yow says:

    Is this the same Mark Otto that writes on the “Randy’s Right” libertarian blog? Is this also the Mark Otto that is a member of the GOP 2nd Congressional District? Is this the same Mark Otto that wrote a post online about how Michelle Obama was trying to destroy liberty and freedom by promoting nutritional value? Or is this simple another Mark Otto that is a credit analyst at Sysco? Seriously guys. A right-wing pundit and political operative who has posted his feelings on state blogs and on the Washington Post website numerous times, e-mails a public employee and accuses him and the school system of being a Nazi Soviet indoctrinator. This guy is just trying to be a poor man’s Breitbart by injecting himself into a situation. At least Breitbart is funny sometimes.

    -Randall Lee Yow

    • Robby Westbrook says:

      Breitbart is very funny. How is Keith doing Teri? I guess Randall is saying that you can manipulate and endanger someones kid, but you can’t send an email to an adult with a legitimate question if your a republican. I don’t agree, but when Randall and I start to agree we’re all in a lot of trouble. I will say that Mark Otto is crazy for emailing Moss. I would steer clear of him if I was a vendor to Lee County Schools. If he will use someones kid as a political weapon who knows what immoral tactics Moss will use if he is threatened.

      • LetLibertyPrevail says:

        No he’s not crazy for emailing Moss. He has a legitimate right as any taxpayer in NC does!

      • Randall Lee Yow says:

        I never said anything about Letter-Gate. What where you thinking you shameful Soviet Nazi, isn’t much of a question. After all as soon as you call someone a Nazi the conversation is pretty much over. As to the matter of Mike’s daughter, she should have been allowed to recuse herself from this academic assignment or write a letter to someone else. I’m still waiting to hear from the teacher and principal in this case. I’m also interested in seeing how many school systems do this in the state of North Carolina.
        -Randall Lee Yow

      • That’s right Randall…I can hear her now: “Madam Teacher, if you will yield the floor, I should like to recuse myself from the onerous task of this inappropriate 3rd Grade assignment on the grounds my father is the elected official to whom this letter is addressed.” One can only marvel how an 8-year-old girl might fail to utter those words!


      • Teri B Clark says:

        Why don’t you send him an email and get it straight from him? I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.

  4. LetLibertyPrevail says:


    Sorry to differ. It doesn’t matter who it was. What matters is the response of our Superintendent. Again, please don’t kill the messenger to take away from the message. No one in government at all should ever make such a threat to an individual. Ever. If he had gone after you, I would be just as upset. Your opinion is just as respected as anyone else’s.

  5. Randall Lee Yow says:


    Mark Otto absolutely had the right to contact Dr Moss. However when he took his tone of writing about Dr Moss and evil Nazi Soviet practices you must admit that was being pretty darn rude. Unless someone really is a racist fascist you should avoid throwing around the word Nazi. As soon as you call someone a Nazi the exchange of ideas gets thrown off the deep end. I hope you at least agree with that point? Mr Otto and Dr Moss could have both keep their words calmer and more civilized.

    Mr Madison,

    I was saying that the teacher should of had her do that. The teacher did know that she was “that” Mike Stone’s daughter didn’t she?

    Mr Westbrook,
    Well I hope you and I can agree that the NC State House does not need to regulate how much alcohol needs to be put in candies, pastries, and desserts. After all I don’t need Raleigh to protect me from rum cake and I don’t think you do either. Do you?

    -Randall Lee Yow

    • LetLibertyPrevail says:

      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. To put it plainly, as the head of our school system, Mr. Moss should have shown, what’s that word??, oh, civility and been above the fray.
      Instead you got true honesty.

      The name calling is unnecessary. Fools will be fools on their own.

  6. Robby Westbrook says:

    Mr. Yow,

    I don’t get your concern over alcohol in food. I really don’t care about rum cake or alcohol deserts.

    I agree with you that the teacher, principal, and Superintendant Moss should be removed from their jobs for endangering this child.

    As for Rep. Stone, he has handled this unfortunate situation with an unbelievable amount of restraint. As the father of two children I can say that I would not be as calm in the same situation.

    I have talked with many of my friends and family in Lee County, and the overwhelming tone of every conversation is that Moss must go. I hope the board of education can act swiftly to remove him from his position with Lee County Schools.

    Since we’re in agreement,

    Robby Westbrook
    Washington, PA

    • Randall Lee Yow says:

      I never said anything about anyone getting fired. Please quote what I said that led you to believe that? I just would like to hear from everyone involved. After all Mike Stone didn’t contact the teacher or the principal to voice his anger and concern he went directly to the press. Also how was this child endangered? As to the matter of alcohol in desserts that was one of the bills passed by NC House, and Mike Stone voted for it. So we are in agreement he was wrong to do that.

      -Randall Lee Yow

      • Goose says:

        But Mr. Yow, The Alcohol thing was TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN! Who are likely to think that candies and desserts are harmless? Frankly I don’t recall any adults harmed by alcohol laced sweets but I do know a gosling that got fairly smashed when he got into an old ladies winter supply of Cherry Smash, cherries preserved in brandy and rock sugar. I (I mean he!) was unable to stand, took a looong nap and woke with a hangover,-honk.
        Mrs. President Obama thinks children are too fat, I take it from earlier comments about Stone and Chocolate Chips that you don’t support her, and actually believe the government has gone too far, Can I sign you up for the Great Right Wing Conspiracy?

    • Teri B Clark says:

      How was his child “endangered”? No matter where you come down on this issue, no one was endangered.

  7. Bob says:

    Again, power has corrupted those in high positions. Third graders cannot make any political decisions on their own. They do what they are asked to do based on what they are told. How many of these students wrote in opposition of going deeper in debt and cutting admin positions to meet the budget? I would expect this assignment in liberal run colleges not public school! Good job Mr Otto and Mr Moss (Dr?) must resign now.

    • Goose says:

      Bob I’ll bet one of my golden eggs that Dr. (PhD not MD) Moss will still be in his job and drawing an even bigger paycheck a year from now. He won’t resign and the BOE won’t fire him. Ex-Rep .Love will advise those that might bring the matter up that it wouldnt be legally prudent to do so,

  8. Someone else says:

    Trust me, the liberals want Moss out of there, too.

  9. Teri B Clark says:

    Does anyone else have a problem with this Otto fellow calling Moss names on his company’s time? If I were Sysco, I’d fire him. Just my two cents.

    • C’mon Teri. I know you are better at reading comprehension than that.. Go back and re-read Otto’s note. He didn’t call anyone a name. He branded the behavior, not the person. And since when do employers fire staff for pointing out the truth and defending constitutional principles? Only in communist countries, the third world, and in dictatorships does that happen.


      • Teri B Clark says:

        It is against most work policies to bamblast clients. It is costly to the company. And he did it on company time. It isn’t about the constitution. It’s about propriety. You just don’t do that on company time. I’d fire him. And I’m not communist, a third world country, or a dictator. It is bad business practice, pure and simple.

      • Not that I’m an English professor, but Teri, surely you must know that bamblast is not a word. Perhaps you intended to use the phrase “bomb blast”. Or even more likely, a term used more appropriately to describe our mutual acquaintance KFC– bombastic.

    • LetLibertyPrevail says:

      The question is does anybody have a problem with Mr. Moss and the teachers in our county using school time to have kids send letters to legislators stating “we might not learn our mulitification facts” instead of preparing them for the future?

      The private sector will take care of what it needs to take care of. Government allows themselves to run over individuals and businesses without any retribution.

  10. Goose says:

    Now I wonder how much food LCSS used to buy from , a major supplier to institutional food services, and if the Moss threat will be carried out so that orders are directed elsewhere in the future. Since Otto is a credit analyst I wonder if the terms of future purchases will be less favorable to LCSS. In other words just what the impact of this exchange might be. I will never know it will be well buried in the budget. I bought more stock in the food supplier, I just wish there was some way to sell LCSS short!

  11. LetLibertyPrevail says:

    Randall – Letter-Gate is priceless.

    However we can now officially call it Super-Gate!

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