Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

Jeff “the super” and Shawn “the whiner” Williams have been quoted on  Here’s how it goes.

School jobs ending as state budget moves ahead

Posted: 6:17 p.m. today
Updated: 6:57 p.m. today

Sanford, N.C. — On the same day Republican lawmakers said they protected all public school teachers and teacher assistants in their proposed budget, Ashley Lancaster received a termination letter from Lee County Schools.

“Just to think I won’t be here in the fall to see the children in my classroom as they’re second-graders, it breaks my heart,” Lancaster, a first-grade teacher assistant at Benjamin T. Bullock Elementary School in Sanford, said Wednesday. “I love my job. I love my children.”

Her dismissal has nothing to do with her evaluations or performance, officials said, blaming it on state budget cuts.

Lee County Schools Superintendent Jeff Moss said dozens of teacher assistants and more than 50 teachers will lose their jobs in Lee County because of the $19.7 billion budget lawmakers have crafted. The Senate is expected to give final approval to the budget on Thursday and send it to the House.

“It’s as though blinders have been placed on all members of the General Assembly,” Moss said.

Republican legislative leaders said Tuesday that the spending plan creates 1,100 additional teaching positions statewide and retains all teaching assistants in kindergarten and grades 1-3.

Shaun Williams, chairman of the Lee County Board of Education, said the budget simply pushes millions of dollars in cuts down to local school districts.

“The only place we have left to go is the classroom,” Williams said.

Lawmakers aren’t being honest with people about their support for education, he said.

“You don’t move the money from A to B, then smile at the camera and say, ‘Your locals cut you. We’ve done our job. We funded teachers,'” he said.

Don’t you just love the comment “no place left to go but the classroom”?  Bull crap.  BS. Bull crap.  Liars. 

Just fumble through a few of our earlier posts to see the bonuses given out.  Just ask yourself why the BOE didn’t accept the proposal to outsource custodial services?  Just ask, just ask, just ask….

By cutting jobs NOW, Jeff  can say he isn’t defying the General Assembly’s mandate to fund the teachers.  What a coward!  What a disgrace to our county. 

I wonder how they both can sleep at night knowing what they said isn’t the truth. Especially Mr. Williams.


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  1. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Thanks for bringing this news story to our attention, Patrick. I am ashamed of School Board Chairman Williams for making such an outlandish and disingenuous statement. And to think he is a pastor, to boot! He knows they had other recourses rather than having to lay off those teachers and teacher’s assistants. One can only hope he and the superintendent are held accountable for their poor management skills.

  2. Patrick Henry says:

    Trust me, if the Reverend reads the same book I am, he will. We all will be held accountable for not helping our fellow man and helping ourselves instead. We can think here on earth we’re fooling others, but there’s a higher power we don’t.

    This goes for ALL of us! Even the ones who sit at home and don’t vote or could care less about how wasteful government is. They will be held accountable as well.

    These teachers did not have to lose their jobs at the expense of overpaid, greedy administrators. The $1.5 million dollar Central Office staff could alone have saved many of them.

    We better get on our knees and pray for forgiveness. Better yet, let’s pray for wisdom to abound in our school system. And for the truth to prevail.


  3. Randall Lee Yow says:

    Gimme a V!

    Gimme a E!

    Gimme a T!

    Gimme a O!

    What does that spell? I will give you a hint, it rhymes with veto. Again for the record. This just moves money around. The counties have to cut 120 million from their budgets. If ever Superintendent in the state did not take a salary for a year it would not add up to 120 million dollars. It also cuts More At 4 and Head Start to bare bones levels. But I have one question. Do any of the County Commissioners have any children in the public school system???

    -Randall Lee Yow

  4. Patrick Henry says:

    Who said anything about the superintendent giving up a complete salary?

    Just where do you think the money to fully fund the governette’s or Boss Moss’s budget will come from Randall?

    While we’re doing cheers, I like this one!

    Gimme a V!

    Gimme a E!

    Gimme a T!

    Gimme a O!

    Gimme a P!

    Gimme a R!

    Gimme a O!

    Gimme a O!

    Gimme a F!

    What does that spell?



    • Norman Thomas says:

      The school board also represents the taxpayers of Lee County.

    • Norman;

      While technically your point is valid, it is not altogether accurate. School Boards work for the state, acting in the interests of state educational policy. While BOE members are locally elected, they are advocates for the schools, employees of the school system, and for the students. This reality puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to representing the interests of the “taxpayers,” many of whom have little or no interest in funding public schools above the absolute minimum level required by law.

      That is why the Board of Commissioners is the body that advocates and represents the will of the people in the area of taxes and county-level spending. The BOC has to make the tough choices necessary to provide balance in taxation and fiscal policies, including funding for public schools.

      Civics 101…


  5. Billy Liggett says:

    Don’t be a drag, be a queen
    Whether you’re broke or evergreen
    You’re black, white, beige chola descent
    You’re Lebanese, You’re Orient
    Whether life’s disabilities
    Left you outcast, bullied or teased
    Rejoice and love yourself today
    Cause baby you we’re born this way

    — Lady Gaga

    • Patrick Henry says:

      Wow sign me up for a Rosetta Stone class. That might be the only way I’ll ever understand Lady Gaga and the reason the lyrics are posted here.


  6. Someone else says:

    I think we can all acknowledge that Moss & company are out of control. The bottom line is who is going to force their hand and make them do the right thing? Screw the rhetoric – figure out how to cut the administrative fat and let those who work directly with the kids do their work without all the BS. This latest move is going to impact EVERY kid in one way or another – bigger classes, less individual attention.Whether it’s Moss or Tillman or Perdue or whoever putting a spin on the situation, somebody needs to get this mess under control. Stop yapping and do something.

    • School Reformer says:

      Someone Else, turn all of the public schools into charter schools. Eliminate the million dollar plus Central Office and redirect those funds to each of the schools. Eliminates the Board of Education and the Superintendent(s). A few changes in principals will need to be made. With team-oriented, highly motivated principals and teachers, and local Board of Directors that are business and education leaders, you will see a big improvement.

  7. Patrick Henry says:

    great points, someone else!

    • Someone else says:

      So what are you going to DO? Talk is cheap…

      • Patrick Henry says:

        Someone else:

        That’s just it. We’ve given sound ideas to get the teachers and TAs funded. Heck, they are funded in the General Assembly budget. So why are they being terminated …before the bill is signed?

        I’m not an elected official. All I can do is consistently, almost beg, the commissioners and the school board to look at other options. There ARE other options.

        Will it hurt? Absolutely. But what is it we hear all the time? We hear the kids will suffer. They won’t suffer if Moss doesn’t get his automatic pay increase if enrollment swells. The kids will suffer without quality teachers. The kids won’t suffer if Moss doesn’t get a huge pay raise just because Bill Tatum and company decide he can, or if Central Office staff doesn’t get a supplement this year and so on and so on. It’s not all about Moss either. He’s an easy target now.

        But they are not listening. There have been excellent ideas put forth. The BOE and Moss are not even listening to the General Assembly. If they will defy the state legislators, who’s next? God? I’m beginning to think Moss believes he is God! He sure acted like it at the BOC meeting the other day.

        I wish I could do something. But in my heart I feel like I am by pointing out where “their talk is cheap”. The byline “it’s for the children” isn’t working anymore. It’s a power game. And Moss is excellent at it. He’s done this every where he’s worked.

        Just google and read.


  8. Bottom of the Totem Pole says:

    Well if you are doing a reduction in force….then why are you posting vacant jobs of those you rif’ed? The spin word for rif is “POSITIVE”. If in any way they consider you not positive you are sent packing. Hearsay is not valid for dismisal. Use the words “give up all supplements” and you are sent out to rot in the fields.

  9. Shawn Williams says:

    Here is the truth of the matter, but I know once again those such as PH and others do not want to hear or deal with but here it goes:

    GOP CLAIM #1: The Republican budget does not raise taxes.

    THE FACTS: False. The GOP budget includes over $100 million in fee increases. Senate President Phil Berger himself admitted on April 26th that “anything the government collects” is a tax, including fees.

    GOP CLAIM #2: The GOP budget creates jobs.

    THE FACTS: False again. In public schools, community colleges, and universities across North Carolina, the GOP budget kills the jobs of over 13,000 educators – teachers, teacher assistants, and professors. Republicans say they’re hiring 1,100 teachers – but these new positions are more than cancelled out by an expected 10,000 layoffs resulting from GOP cuts to local school districts.

    GOP CLAIM #3: The GOP budget “reforms” public schools and “fully funds” teacher assistants.

    THE FACTS: True, if by “reform” and “fully fund” you mean “underfund” and “layoff”. The GOP budget cuts nearly a half billion dollars from public schools alone. The NC Department of Public Instruction anticipates these cuts will result in layoffs of nearly 9,300 teachers, teacher assistants, and education support workers.

    The truth hurts — and the truth is that this budget will have dire consequences for North Carolina classrooms and our economy. Just ask any businessperson or entrepreneur – the success of our education system will determine our success in attracting good-paying jobs and new investment to North Carolina. ”

    Sorry this comes from people more smarter than me, but for some reason, I don’t think it is just Lee County, it sounds like they said the State of North Carolina.

    Yours truly – Shawn Williams

    • Goose says:

      Mr. Williams, You can have your own opinions, but you can NOT have your own facts!
      Claim #1 as reported by you is just a little bent; the real claim is that the budget raises taxes Less than the Dem. Budget. You are right about fees but overall spending is reduced.
      #2 Nobody in government knows how to increase jobs short of starting another war. The private sector got trimmed back and now it is the turn of the public employees, Boo Hoo!
      #3 Has there ever been an educator anywhere, any time that didn’t think they were underfunded? We have tried throwing money at the education problem with little positive results. Mostly it raised expectations for more of the same and they cry bitterly when the gravy train slows down.
      Where are the walls that keep educated people from entering and leaving Lee County or the State of NC? Most are smart enough to go where the good jobs are, and the people that decide where the good jobs will be are more interested in the bills and regulations that they will have to fund than the supply of highly educated people. May I remind you that none of your teachers got their degree in Lee Co. They may have grown up here and returned because of family ties or friends. Heck our schools are so good that CAT insists on special training so locals will be able to build their machines! Honk?

  10. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Pastor Shawn,

    Methinks thou doth protest too much…

    I’m confident the budget our general assembly has crafted will be found to satisfy the NC Supreme Court’s standard of ensuring all NC children have access to a “sound basic education” in our system of “free public schools.”

    These are reform minded fiscal conservatives who truly value public education and wish to make it successful. They revere competition, accountability, and strong results. They want to see a solid return on investment from our tax dollars, not some feeble spin or hackneyed claim of achievement. In short, they are patriots; the same kind of patriots that founded this great nation and state, and who originally architected our public education system.

    Sometimes, I think the louder our educational collectives protest, the closer to perfection we are getting in education reform. So, please keep posting here, and please be sure to elevate the volume even more when we achieve utopian levels of fiscal responsibility, school official accountability, and optimal performance from our students. Then we’ll know when to lock down the adjustments.

    Yours Truly,


  11. Someone else says:

    Schools are not about competition. EVERY child is supposed to win with a strong education. Schools are not a business turning out a product. They are a place that takes EVERY child regardless of special needs or disability (not something charter schools or private schools are always able to do) and does the best within their means.

    Stop the political BS, face reality, and figure out how to get teachers and TAs back with the kids, ALL of you (Founding Fathers & BOE).

  12. Shawn Williams says:

    Here are some alternatives that the good old boys in Raleigh don’t want to talk about.

    Apply state sales tax to all consumer services and reduce state sales tax rate from 4.75% to 3.85%, bringing in $640 million in revenue.

    Retain 3% personal income tax surcharge on households with joint taxable income above $250,000 and (above $150,000 for single) bringing in $79 million in revenue.

    Retain 2% personal income tax surcharge on households with joint taxable income between $100,000 and $250,000 ($60,000 to $150,000 single) bringing in $43 million in revenue.

    Eliminate sales tax cap on expensive boats and private aircraft has the potential to bring in $10 million in revenue or more.
    $22.5 million
    Eliminate tax subsidy for film and television productions in the state brings in $22.5 million in revenue.

    A total revenue increase of $795 million

    Education jobs lost – none

    I wonder why this isn’t happening? Is it because we can’t touch those that are wealthy but we can hurt those that are not. As Commissioner Womack has stated openly and is his passion is taking care of those that are in need or less fortunate than others. This truly would begin to do that by taking care of the students that are coming along that will be competing in a global environment.

    • RealityCheck says:

      If I want a good laugh for the day I check this site.

      Do away with the Central Office & BOE and turn everything over to the individual schools? Really? Why don’t we just do away with the Department of Public Instruction in Raleigh to save a few bucks, and put teachers and TAs back in the classroom? Why stop there? Let’s get rid of the US Department of Education in Washington.

      I don’t profess to have any clue how to run a school system, but I know it is not as simple as some are making it out to be. Can things be done more efficiently? Definitely, but in most situations you can always find room for improvement. However, I believe those in charge are doing the best they can.

    • Randall Lee Yow says:

      Mr Williams,

      I am glad you are standing up to these spin doctors and half truthers. You and I both know that money to the schools have been cut. It is that simple. The Republican three card monte budget in Raleigh still force cuts onto the school systems all over the state. I voted for you before and will vote for you again. Keep fighting the good fight for our children and our future. If Shook and Womack want to control the school board they should seek to get elected to it. I am surprised such lovers of the Constitution and the concept of septation of powers do not understand how the North Carolina county governments are supposed to work. How quickly they try to make themselves into dictators.

      -Randall Lee Yow

    • Goose says:

      Same old stuff. Raise taxes and give it to education that will solve everything.
      The only problem is that it has been tried and tried again. Results have not been acceptable. If that is your only answer resign!

    • Goose says:

      Mr. Madison I give up! When I make a reply it is likely to appear anywhere. Please delete the ones that don’t make sense where they ended up. In fact feel free to delete them all, I would rather appear dumb (unable to speak) than crazy. thanks goose is cooked.

  13. Norman Thomas says:

    Mr Madison,
    Counties are arms of the state as well, meaning the distinction you make about school board members being “employees of the state” can also be applied to the county commissioners. I think you knew that but used your defense as a distraction from the fact that you actually tried to imply that school board members somehow don’t represent the people who elect them. Civics 101, indeed.

    • Mr Thomas;

      I’ll try to simplify this for you since I know it’s difficult for you to grasp.

      You see, the BOE members are elected locally to advocate for schools and school-related issues, which constitute about 40-50 percent of all local spending. Because of the way our general statutes are written, these BOE members have a very limited scope of responsibility and authority, revolving around school system administration and review. They have zero taxing authority and the state dictates most of what they oversee. In short, they are instruments of the state, purposed for executing state policy so as to ensure a sound basic education for all children.

      Commissioners are VERY different. They are directly elected by the people to represent the full spectrum of interests in local government, including the funding of the schools. Per our NC constitution and authority vested from the state general assembly, the County BOCs address virtually every aspect of local govenance– with the singular exception of roads (which is left under the authority of the state). All public safety activites are the providence of the county. All health and social services activites fall under the purview of the BOC…and so on.

      Hopefully you can grasp the concept that the BOC has a very broad perspective and responsibility for the full scope of funding all county operations, including the school system. Therefore, they directly represent the taxpayers as their exclusive advocates when budgets and fiscal policies are promulgated.

      Another way for you to learn more about these respective boards and their representation would be for you simply to review the last year or so of the digital videos of their board proceedings. From watching those sessions you can easily discern which constituents are being represented by each board.


  14. Patrick Henry says:

    ha Ha Randall!

    If you can remember, the US Constitution LIMITS government and EDUCATION is not a right.

    It is however, in the NC Constitution.

    It amuses me how the left only recites the Constitution as a way to slap back.

    Frankly absolutely no one is asking or for that matters requesting to CONTROL any board.

    We are asking for fiscal responsibility of which the left cannot understand!

    Get your “accusations” straight next time!


    • Randall Lee Yow says:

      1) Didn’t Linda Shook at one time have a plan to turn Lee Senior into a trade school and Southern Lee into the school for the college bound? Even though she was not on the school board?

      2) Didn’t Mr Womack demand to see everyone’s contract even though they work for the school board not him or the BOC?

      3) Why did certain members of BOC want members of the BOE to violate open meeting laws?

  15. Randall Lee Yow says:

    The problem here is a fundamental difference in political thought. One group that wants to do what it can for the children to set them and the state up for a good future. The other group wants to completely privatize education. Only having private schools with vouchers preforming a welfare function for poor families. The real problem is that the extreme right cannot come out and say that because it would be supremely unpopular. So they hide their real values by talking up charter schools, school choice, and cutting the waste out of the school system. They are really just trying make public school unappealing by making it only “basic”. Pushing more people into private schools. If you can stomach it go read the Americans For Prosperity blog. They do not want the government to compete with the private sector. AFP is not anti-education group, just anti-public education.

    -Randall Lee Yow

    • Goose says:

      Black vs White. one group wants x, the other group wants y. You are assuming there are only 2 groups and implying that if you buy any part of one group you reject everything from the other group. where does that leave the Goose? honk?

  16. Goose says:

    Randall, Get out of the sun and get a cool drink! Your arguements are starting to sound confused. Who said anything about completely privatizing education? Some think that charter schools might come up with some new methods that work, the great puplic system isn’t working the way it should, some think that is because the educators have been brainwashed to think their way is the only way….I give up you have already drank the kool aid and your mind is closed.

    • Randall Lee Yow says:


      Americans For Prosperity is an organization that supports the local Republican Party. They have been huge supporters of Chairwoman Linda Shook and her stances on issues. Like the sales tax referendum to fix up Lee Senior. On AFP’s blog it is stated several times that the private sector is always better than the public sector. It is also stated that government should not compete with the private sector. It has been written on their blog several times that if the private sector provides a service then the government should out source it to them, not compete against them. Now since there are private schools does that not mean that AFP thinks they should be used instead of public schools?

      Also if you look through this entire little debate that has been written you will see that someone using the name “school reformer” made several suggestions towards doing away with public schools. Turning them all into charter schools, doing away with the central office, doing away with the board of education, and doing away with the of position of superintendent. These statements do not ring of strong support for the public school system. Doing away with free public education is a major goal of an extreme portion of the conservative movement. Of course you know this. That is why you are attacking me the messenger, not the message.

      -Randall Lee Yow

      -Go to AFP’s blog and you can see that they are attacking school superintendents all over the country. It seems to be their spring stratagem.

  17. LetLibertyPrevail says:

    Mr. Yow,

    Please let me interject here. I don’t think even very strong conservatives believe doing away with the public school system is the way to go.

    A friend told me this site was worth viewing. However, I think there are some outlandish comments made here.

    First and foremost, conservatives believe in the Constitution. And to do that, you must believe that we are all, especially government, suppose to promote welfare for the better good of society. The problem is many see government as a means to provide. Government simply can’t. That’s where the states come in.

    The beauty of letting the states provide, without federal mandates, is that if I or you do not like what NC is offering, if we don’t think they are doing the citizens justice in our state legislators, or that we just don’t like the higher taxes, we can move. That’s what makes America so unique.

    However, its increasingly looking like the federal government wants control of all of it. That in itself is unconstitutional. But back to your comments on getting rid of public education. That simply isn’t true. That wouldn’t be taking care of our citizens.

    I, like many conservatives, see the dismal numbers coming from the public education system. Competition is eliminated. So why not let me take my taxpayer funds from the the district I live in here in Lee County and maybe take my child to the other high school? Why can’t I take those dollars and go to Lee Christian? It’s a simple question. Why not a voucher system?

    After all, the goal is to graduate the best and brightest. Why limit those in poorer districts because of where they live or that the income of their parents makes them rent in places you nor I would live in? The public school system is limiting those choices. It didn’t use to be that way. But we’ve allowed because of our slackness and busyness our elected ones to make all the calls without accountability.

    I sure hope for the kids the commissioners and the school board will calm down and listen to us. Not sure if that will ever happen.

    But do you see my point? There are many, many things going on in the public school system that just waste money. So what about the salaries? Yea, we pay our principals and superintendent too much for the area. Can’t do a thing about it now. A contract is a contract.

    But we can make other changes.

    I look forward to your response.

  18. Randall Lee Yow says:


    I am going to try to answer all of the questions you asked of me for the sake of a proper adult exchange of ideas. I would have to disagree with you when it comes to the statement that some conservatives don’t want to see the end of public education. I have heard many people say that they shouldn’t have to pay for education because they don’t have kids or that their kids are out of school. I have heard both of those statements many times from many people, too many times. This is the third time I am going to say this, but please go look at the AFP blog and see what is being said about education. I think we can all agree that AFP is a right wing organization and it has strong ties to the leadership in Lee County Republican Party.

    As to the matter of the Government promoting the common good and common welfare, I agree with you completely. However some people believe the government should only exist to ensure certain rights and after that it should let us fail or succeed on our own. They also believe that public instruction amounts to communist control of education. Please look back to what has been said by “School Reformer” and “Goose”. They also have a complete hatred of every type of government be it federal, state, county, or city. Please don’t take my word for it, go to a Tea Party rally and ask them. They have the very simple mantra; GOVERNMENT BAD.

    On to your matter of school vouchers. You might find this hard to believe since I have been portrayed as some super liberal by some, but I am not completely opposed to the idea. It needs to be done it a proper established way though. First and foremost, the schools need to be properly ranked. If a school is doing well and succeeding you do not need a voucher. If a school is truly horrid and constantly under performs I can see where a voucher program would be doable. However from what I have been able to learn from studying this issue is that this works better in urban areas and less well in rural areas. We would also have to establish a protocol on how to handle out of county schools. We should have this debate though, and I am fine with having it.

    We as a state though are going to have to think hard on the whole religious aspect of private education with a voucher system. Some on the left are going to have a real problem with any religious education, and some on the right are going to have a real problem with certain types of religious education. I don’t see such local conservative leaders as Kirk Smith and Terrence Hardin being cool if tax dollars were being sent to a private school with an Islamic orientation.

    To the matter that Lee Christian is that much of a better school than Lee County public schools, to be honest I could not find the numbers online to compare the two. I was looking for SAT scores and dropout rates and it does not seem if they are freely available. On I did find a review written by someone calling himself Jim Womack that said the SAT scores run 15-20 points higher than our public schools. That isn’t a great amount better and I am not sure if those are official numbers (and if someone has official numbers for Lee Christian if they could post them that would help with this discussion). To be truthful though I think our schools and teachers are doing a good job with the limited resources. As a state we are ranked between 44th and 48th on per student spending, and somewhere around 45th for teacher pay. Overall though we are ranked 38th or 39th nationally. That says to me we get a good return on our money. I think it is because we have some dedicated and strong teachers in this state.

    However in this new budget we are playing a game about moving money around. Overall funding is cut. Especially in younger education. I am not the only one saying this. This budget is no good for a lot of reasons, but the main one is education. Every county that borders Lee County is also laying off teachers. It is not just us or our school board. This new budget has some hard choices being made. The County Commissioners have said they won’t raise taxes and they won’t dip into the emergency money fund to help out the schools. The folks up in Raleigh our forcing cuts onto the county most notable 120 million dollars in “discretionary” cuts. The school board cannot tax. It is forced to use the funds allocated for it. I really think more money would equal better results. According to Lee Christian has a student to teacher ratio of 12 to 1, Southern Lee has 15 to 1, and Lee Senior has 14 to 1. Instead of providing funds to get this lower like Lee Christian we are cutting teachers driving the ratio up. Of course we have people who only want to provide the rock bottom basement “basic” level of education. You get what you sow.

    I hope I have answered the questions you had. I too hope that everyone can come together and do what is right for our children and educators. To be honest I am getting upset with Charlie Parks. He after all is the liaison to the school board from the county commission; he should have arranged a meeting between the boards before now. The timing wasn’t right has become a rather lame excuse. To quote a certain person we need to get politics out of this. We need to find the money either by finding waste to cut our by shifting it from somewhere else.

    -Randall Lee Yow

    • Goose says:

      Randall, Let me be a little more exact about what I believe rather than you going off half cocked. Yes I believe in less government but not to the extent that you seem to believe. BTW, I am getting P.O. ed at your guilt by association tactics, yes there are nuts on the right wing, but there are nuts on the left and even in the center. So you are slightly liberal, I don’t assume you are a Socialist or a Communist and insist that people visit their websites to understand what you believe so stop trying to tie me to AFP or the TEA party! Heck I am not even a member of the GOP. If you insist on trying to boil an entire belief system down to two words you get weird results like ‘government BAD’ mine would be more like ‘government wasteful ‘or ‘inefficient’. I don’t hate all government but they are all inefficient.
      Is everything either black or white with you? Some people don’t support public schools. Subsets of these call themselves conservatives. Therefore all conservatives are against public schools QED? BS!
      I have tried to give you the respect you deserve as thinking human. In return you call me a complete hater!
      BTW I never said anything about communist control of Education what I said is that all our educators were educated by liberals and were likely to have a liberal mindset. I assume that includes the teachers at private and charter schools. There are private schools that have nothing to do with religion. Seeing how you like generalities so much, private schools generally get better results for less money

      • Randall Lee Yow says:


        Please sir let us keep this exchange civil, I am more than pleased to have you explain your deeper political philosophy to me. However allow me to quote my own writing to you sir:

        “Doing away with free public education is a major goal of an extreme portion of the conservative movement.”

        “I would have to disagree with you when it comes to the statement that some conservatives don’t want to see the end of public education.”

        I used the terms “portion” and “some” when discussing this group. I do not believe I ever made such a broad statement that all conservatives wanted this. If you feel that I unfairly lumped you into this extreme portion, I apologize. When it comes to AFP the only people I associated with that organization was Chairwoman Linda Shook and the leadership of the Lee County Republican Party. Since you claim you are not a member of the GOP this should not include you. As to my matter of raising the religious question of vouchers that was simply done to illustrate a possibly point of contention with them and hearken back to “LetLibertyPrevail” example of comparing Lee Senior/Southern Lee with Lee Christian. I never stated that all private schools were religious based, but some are and that is going to be part of the discussion on vouchers. As will how we are going to handle out of county schools. I would love to hear what you think about vouchers and your ideas about implementing them.

        You said that you have tried to give me the respect I deserve as a thinking human. Well sir in your first comments directed at me you said I needed to get out of the sun and get a cold drink. I believe you were trying to imply my brain was addled by sun stroke. You then went on to say that I had already drank the kool-aid. A reference I believe to the rather horrible Jonestown massacre. Implying I was some form of cultist that would follow my leader into suicide. If this is your form of respecting me, I really do not want to see what you call disrespect. Honk indeed sir, honk indeed.

        -Randall Lee Yow
        (Proud Graduate Of Lee Senior High School-Once A Jacket Always A Jacket.)

  19. LetLibertyPrevail says:

    Mr. Yow,

    Thank you. As for Lee Christian, I don’t know the numbers either. I was just using it as an example.

    I’m not sure if it would be fair to compare the high schools with the private ones in the county because of size. The bigger the sample, the more likely the margin of error will be greater. That’s just facts.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your last statement: We need to find the money either by finding waste to cut our by shifting it from somewhere else.

    Have a good night.

  20. We will endeavor to obtain the SAT and EOG scores from Lee Christian School (LCS) and Grace Christian School in the coming week.

    I recall seeing that, in 2009, LCS had an average SAT score of around 1015 or 1020 among all juniors and seniors. I might be mistaken. We’ll get the accurate numbers and post them here for both 2009 and 2010.


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  22. school vouchers
    Do you have a Facebook Fan Page I could subscribe to?

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