Oh Where Oh where…

will “Boss Moss” cut the budget now that both chambers of the General Assembly have agreed to a budget that, by the way, includes funding for teachers and teacher assistants?  A budget that is almost like the one the Governette proposed.  Almost!  (see reference below)

And “News Break…News Break”….from the halls of whatever building Shawn Williams and the others are hiding in …the word is the BOE will pass  on the open discussions of line items in the budget.  Makes you wonder what they are scared of, doesn’t it? 

So I ask, where oh where will Moss cut now?  Surely, he won’t take a pay cut!  That would actually show he cared!  Surely, the BOE members won’t pass on their salaries.  Surely, Central Office employees won’t give up their nice cushy bonuses!  Surely, not!

While they take cheap shots at some of the commissioners and the citizens for not agreeing to a “blank check”, they (BOE, Moss) apparently also don’t have the guts to display face-to-face their disgust with the ones that finance their whims and wishes.  Come out, come out from wherever you are! 

From WRAL.com:

Lawmakers reach bipartisan budget compromise

RALEIGH, N.C. — “Republican lawmakers banked Tuesday on a new $19.7 billion budget proposal for next year to bypass long negotiations with Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue, a plan that would preserve funds for 13,000 teaching assistant positions while letting temporary taxes expire on time.

The Senate made significant changes to its version released last week of a state government spending plan through mid-2013 as a compromise with House Republicans after negotiating a deal for days. GOP leaders are optimistic they’ll attract enough House Democrats to vote for the final product to avoid a potential veto showdown with Perdue.

The Senate is expected to vote on the plan Wednesday and Thursday, with House votes set for Friday and Saturday. If approved, the budget could reach Perdue’s desk by Saturday afternoon.

The potential deal would spend $300 million more for public schools than the House budget plan approved earlier this month, according to the budget document. The new version restores funding for 13,000 teaching assistant positions in grades 1-3 that had been eliminated in an earlier Senate plan. The House had eliminated assistants in grades 1-2. The University of North Carolina System also would receive $100 million more than the House budget proposed.

The budget also includes money to hire another 1,100 teachers in grades 1-3, which had been part of the initial Senate budget….”

Read the rest here:  http://www.wral.com/news/state/nccapitol/story/9663324/


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22 Responses to Oh Where Oh where…

  1. $300M more for NC public schools plus a veto proof general assembly, and Gov Perdue proclaims, “it’s a charade.” Hmmmmm….

    I am surprised on two counts– (1) Perdue didn’t say ‘thank you very much’ after having hounded the Senate into restoring all of the planned reductions in funding for Teachers and TA’s (supposedly her top priorities); and (2) that the Senate actually found sufficient support for this much increase in public school spending over its original budget proposal (that wasn’t as kind as the House to K-12 education).

    Here’s an intereting quote just this evening from Dr. June Atkinson, our elected NC Superintendent of Schools, as she responded to questions at SanLee Middle School following the Rosetta Stone gala: “I have no idea why Governor Perdue would call it [the Senate Bill] a charade.” Another Hmmmm….

    I guess we’ll soon see just how much more posturing Gov. Perdue has in her bag of tricks. The House and Senate both will complete their work on this budget and have it on Perdue’s desk before next Monday. Let the games begin…in Raleigh and in Sanford.


  2. Patrick Henry says:

    Good for June. She has a bone to pick with Perdue anyway for trying to trump her election!

    Where’s Pat McCrory hiding? He better be taking notes!


    • Brevet Governor McCrory had better be getting his PR team together and sounding off on Perdue’s missteps here. Else he’ll be missing out on some really good free publicity.


  3. Randall Lee Yow says:

    Sorry it took me so long to reply to this. I wanted to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies before Mike Stone passed a law about how many chocolate chips I was allowed to put in each one.

    This “great” education budget is going to force 120 million dollars in cuts on to the county governments. That is right, to save teacher assistants we have to cut other “discretionary items” out of the budget. So more cuts for Lee County. More At 4 and Smart Start both have their budgets drastically slashed, and for some reason More At 4 is being removed from the department of public instruction. I would love someone to explain that one to me? Dr Atkinson does not want to run it anymore? As shadowy back room deals go, I will have to say this is right on up there. Written over Memorial Day weekend and posted in the dead of th night. Well played. Now that is what I call closed government.

    More importantly than all those other things though. Were is my income tax cut!? I thought we were being over taxed? All I heard during the fall of last year was how much waste and over spending there was in Government. We were going to cut taxes on people and that extra money was going to allow us to spend more and start our own businesses to hire people. So now no tax cut? Okay, I admit I we were only going to get .25% but still I could have used that money. I could have donated it to Bob Etheridge’s election campaign. So the North Carolina Republican Grand Old Party gives a tax break to Mega-Corporations and Bankers, but nothing for us hard working middle class Patriots. Wait to Shelia Barber finds out about this! So does this mean no jobs are coming? Not even ones to replace all the government jobs we cut? Well since we are not getting any new jobs from the government or from tax cuts to stimulate new business, I guess the lest they could do is extend unemployment benefits. Well knowing that group of lobbyist lapdogs in Raleigh they will do the lest. Just sit on their hands and do nothing.

    -Randall Lee Yow

    -Oh and McCory does remind me of a General. George McClellan. I hope he does as well in 2012 as McClellan did in 1864.

  4. Patrick Henry says:


    Can I have your recipe? Please make sure it is in elementary terms so that an old geezer like me can understand it. Those high paid execs in our school system should be able to help you do that.

    And if the recipe is good enough for you, well, there’s your ticket to owning your own business. You don’t need the government to give you money to do that.

    So let me try the cookies and be the judge if they are any good. If so, I’m sure one of the Founding Fathers will be delighted to show you how to make it being your own boss without “government assistance”.


  5. Patrick Henry says:

    No, Mr. Madison,

    I seriously want to help Mr. Yow create his own job and his own company so he can hire others and so he can see how rewarding individualism, prosperity, and opportunity is in America.

    Now where’s that recipe?


  6. Shawn Williams says:

    I do not have to hide behind a fake name. The BOE is not in hiding, and we will not break the laws of the State of NC for any Commissioner, namely Jim Womack. If the Commissioners want a meeting, then as Linda and I have done on today, we set one up the legal way. Unfortunately some of the Commissioners think that the Elected Board of Education is subordinate to them, but news flash, we are elected and have laws to follow just as they have. I am so glad that the founding fathers did not try to govern like some of the Commissioners are today, because no work would ever get done. Instead of trying to micro manage, the best thing they can do is manage the County and do what they were elected to do. Mr. Patrick tell who you are and lets sit at the table and have an intelligent discussion, if you can’t do that, then you are just a lot of talk behind a fake name. If you are going to use my name in any of your blogs be man enough to stand out and say who you are, if not you are just a coward. You know who I am and how to reach me for I don’t hide and neither do any of the members of the BOE.

  7. The authors here are not hiding, Rev. Williams. They are merely practicing the same art their namesakes practiced in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in publishing their thoughts under assumed names. Recall, this blog is about the message, not the messenger. You may perceive that as cowardly, while we may perceive the same thing about the BOE not showing up for a joint meeting wth the BOC. You might say we are hiding behind ‘fake names’ while we might say the BOE was hiding behind a technicality. In the end, these are mere opinions. What’s important now is doing the right thing for our school system, ensuring our children are receiving a sound basic education, as defined by the NC Supreme Court, and ensuring our teachers and TA’s are getting the protective cover they deserve.

    Thanks for commenting.


  8. Patrick Henry says:

    He speaks!!

    Shawn, no one asked you to break the laws. How stupid would that be? Thank you for not doing that. The meeting schedules were put out last week. So forgive me for not understanding why that wasn’t enough time yet your “Boss Moss” can call a meeting on the fly and you’ll attend. That’s what I call …well never mind what I call it.

    We’d like for the public school system to live within its means, like the rest of us do. We’d like for you to understand there are limits and we have hit ours with the rhetoric coming from the LCSS. Why in the world… oh forget that question too because there isn’t a decent answer to it. Or one I’ll ever believe.

    About Jim. You called him out. Why just Jim? Why not Charlie? Why not Linda? Heck why not Charles Staley, or Sheila Barber, or Frank Del Palazzo? After all, they have been quite vocal on the “education budget”. I’ve watched them from afar. Dang, they have given the commissioners, excuse me for this, but “pure hell” on raising taxes. Surely you must know that a citizen’s voice is powerful. The three listed above have no fear whatsoever to point out the ludicrous stuff going on in our government – local, state, and federal. We need more patriots like them.

    So I beg to differ. The commissioners are looking out for the taxpayer. They are not going to be the “blind leading the blind” as your board has experienced before. The BOE has had blank checks before without being accountable. We want answers to all the line items. What’s wrong with that? Why is the BOE stalling? Yes, it does appear you are stalling when it comes to being confronted by those who have had enough of “elected officials” spending wildly!

    Take that back to the BOE members. Just because you are the “education” board that does not grant you immunity from us. Your prized superintendent has consistently scared teachers and assistants. He’s done it in every position he’s held in the state. And now Lee County. Now they are funded by the General assembly. So when will the BOE stop the threats of teacher/TA job losses ? Is the board going to defy the GA and still lay off teachers? You have no excuse now to do that. The budget just passed is much higher than I expected it to be. So what’s it going to be Shawn?

    Seems to me you would be more concerned about the quality of teachers we have and their welfare by considering forfeiting your salary as well as the others. Lead the pack, I say. If the crunch wasn’t so tight, no one would be advocating that. We know you were elected to serve. And yes, in normal times, it’s ok to be compensated for it.

    However, these are not normal times. Frankly, I am sick of the tactics being used to frighten the crap out of the kids. No one on the board has come out and said what the next step will be now that the GA has made its recommendations. I am not going to agree to give you a tax increase (and I’m not a commissioner by the way) without a hard drawn out fist fight, if that’s what it takes. You cannot, in good conscience, believe that, and especially in your position, that to keep taking from taxpayers which means they have less to pay for food, gas, medicines, mortgage, CHARITY, and other DONATIONS, etc, is acceptable (that’s stealing). The BOE budget, as it is, requires a tax increase.

    And absolutely “No”! I will not tell you who Patrick Henry is because the blog is about the message, not the messenger. Your side wants to always make it about the messenger.

    But do not worry. I’ll be lurking around a conference room in the future. I’ll be there. You just won’t know who I am or when I’ll show up because you need to be focused on helping the kids instead of wondering how to identify those who truly are fighting for the kids.

    Helping the kids? Ha. I think Ashley would disagree. The whole board got behind Moss and no one has apologized to the “exonerated” young lady. Your board should be ashamed for hiding behind the truth and following him blindly. Leaders don’t lead people to destruction. They show courage and do what’s right even when it’s against the majority. Better look at who you are following.


  9. Someone says:

    Several teachers and other employees were sacrificed to the RIF today. It has already started.

  10. Patrick Henry says:

    so I guess our super has defied the mandate to keep teachers and assistants from the General assembly? America is a land of laws. We don’t go around defying what our legislators pass without proper petition. Who does he think he is?

    Where is the NCAE? oh I forgot …They are in the Dems coffers therefore they really don’t care what happens to the kids!

    Time to……

    Also time for Jeff Moss to be fired! but with Billy, Linda, John, Shawn and the 2 cowards who pretend to be on the right, he never will be. Besides, he will just use taxpayer dollars to sue us taxpayers. History repeats itself. but if he’s going to lay off teachers, then he definitely doesn’t need a $4 million increase, now does he?

    So Boss Moss, seems we have, at this blog, called your hand!

    Shawn – is this what you mean by “it’s for the children”? shame on you!!!!


  11. Shawn Williams says:

    Very funny PH, or whoever you are. What message, this isn’t about taxes, this is about doing what is right. I have not heard anyone from the BOE ask about taxes. Why call out Jim simple, because he is the one that feeds all of you the trash. Unfortunately to come and sit at the table and discuss is to hard of a thing for you PH. It is easier to listen to Jim or whoever else you called instead of hearing and coming up with solutions. You rather sit and throw stones and make funny faces in the audience. Yet you would want people to think that your ideas are right. I don’t have to hide or run and will be glad at any time or any place to deal with any of the founding fathers, oh excuse me they are all dead, so if you want to go back to that time in history then surely you must be really ready to kill public education.
    I haven’t read anything on this blog about the first action the board of commissioners took to protect their CEO. I didn’t hear anyone call foul. I don’t hear anyone asking the County to outsource jobs. There are plenty of temp agencies that would love to send in secretarial staff and others to answer phones, and pay them minimum wage, oh no we don’t want to discuss that. Is this really about saving money or just trying to make yourself feel good behind a blog of people that continue to hide and not say or stand up for what they believe with a real name. This is Shawn Williams with nothing to hide.

  12. Patrick Henry says:


    I hate to break up your pity party, but so be it. I don’t need anyone to feed me trash. I am seeing enough of it with how your board handled yourself with the paring knife case, the budget sessions, and now with the layoffs.

    Want to do the right thing? Stop your bully leader in his tracks, reinstate the teachers fired, deal with the fact when taxpayers have less money EDUCATION gets less money, live within your means, and stop stealing from the funds the General Assembly will have set aside to fund the teachers and TAs! Be responsible!

    Oh I forgot! Your CEO, which by the way, when did Moss become a member of the BOE? Anyway, your CEO is trying to beat the deadline of his hands being tied by firing the Teachers now before the budget bill is signed.

    Got a rebuttal to that? Surely you know perceptions are built on what we see happening.

    Taxes? Bull to your comment on that. You know good and well Mr. Crumptom ran the 4 scenarios Moss presented and every one of them requires a tax increase!

    What’s funny is why does it matter who I am? It won’t bring one teacher back nor common sense to your board!!! But I am delighted that you are so fixated on finding out. Happy hunting.


  13. Shawn Williams says:

    To tell the truth I don’t care who any of you cowards are. Amazing you didn’t have the Intestinal fortitude to deal with any of the points I made. Yes whether you want to accept it or not, Dr. Moss is the CEO of the Board of Education, no not a member of the School Board. If my memory serves me correctly, every major corporation has a CEO and a Board that oversees them. Oh maybe PH you didn’t go through that part of economics in your private school. By the way, don’t the students of Lee County deserve the same quality of education as those that can afford to go to private schools, or schools of choice. I read somewhere on this blog that public schools should all become charter schools well here are some interesting facts about them – “Charter schools: Charter schools get public money but are run by private groups, which means there is less public oversight. The most extensive national study found that 46% of charters did about the same as regular public schools, 37% did worse, and only 17% did better. Meanwhile, charters routinely accept fewer students with disabilities and fewer English language learners. Since charters only serve 4% of the nation’s K-12 students, they represent a distraction and a drain from the focused work needed to renew quality schools for all children. They are not a solution. ”
    There are arguments on both sides, the real question for you Mr. PH is stop crying and talking cheap, give factual solutions to factual problems. Cut, easier said than done. You want to talk about out sourcing, but let’s be real if it was your wife or grand daughter that was on the end of having their job outsourced, you would not be crying so loud. Oh yeah that is right, you didn’t respond when I asked about the County out sourcing, so this must really just be about the Public Schools. Have you looked at the fat in the County pay structure of Department Heads. No, and I wonder why? It is ok to give some people a raise to take care of something …. a house was it in another County. I don’t care, I think John deserves every dime he gets, but don’t hit one side and not the other. Do your home work and then talk, stop trying to put everything on the BOE. Oh yeah I can make the scenario of tax increase for anything, but we can rest assured that the County has other sources and ways to generate revenue outside of taxes. Even as was stated in the Senate through other fees that can be assessed. I am not saying they need to but don’t keep crying taxes, by letting the one cent tax sunset, what we are really doing is causing lay offs and other burdens that will far out way the one cent sales tax. When was the last time you took a trip and asked someone what is the sales tax before you purchased something? Probably never have, and never will, because if it is something you want to buy, you buy it. It has been fun debating with you PH, and I enjoy a debate, and I do not take anything personal, you have a right to your opinion, and I certainly have a right to mine. Enjoy your day, and again this is Shawn Williams signing off, and again just for the record, I don’t care who you are.

    • Sanford27330 says:

      Mr. Williams,

      I have some serious questions for you. If we are getting less money from the state, and we are going to have 10 percent fewer positions than last year, how come the staffing for the finance and human resources departments haven’t been decreased to match the state cuts? They’d have less money and fewer employees to oversee, so what sense does it make to avoid making cuts there and instead pass them on to the classroom?

      You have been quoted, without a denial, that the only place left to cut is in the classroom. I’d really like an answer to this question: How much has the board agreed to cut the finance, human resources, custodial, maintenance, board attorney, office of the Superintendent, and assistant/associate/deputy superintendent parts of the local funds budget (an area of the budget that gives you some flexibility to offset state cuts)?

      I believe the board made some cuts to their own budget, which is a good start, but where is the sacrifice from our highest paid employees? Have they even been asked to sacrifice anything for the students of Lee County? Many people simply do not believe it is fair that a student’s day is going to look very different next year, while a day for staff in the Central Office will hardly change. That isn’t political, it is just looking out for the kids.

      Are you aware that the expenditure in the line item “Office of the Superintendent” for the approved budget last May was approximately $40,000 and that by the time the reconciled budget came around in October it was approximately $72,000? The way the superintendent and other higher level employees received raises and promotions looked really bad.

      We were already in a budget crunch (on August 7, 2010, in the Sanford Herald you said of Dr. Moss, “He has financial expertise that has helped us through this budget crunch”), we’d already laid off employees in 2009, yet we found the money to increase the superintendent’s supplement by 80 percent, knowing that horrible times were to come. That’s a serious, and for me, apolitical issue.

      It’s not about personalities for all of us who read, lurk, or post here. I don’t even know who any of the people who regularly post here are. I do know the solutions to the budget problem have been incredibly unsatisfactory to me.

      Of course we’re going to have layoffs without the extra sales tax revenue. We know if that money were available this wouldn’t be necessary. But the money not being available doesn’t make the way the board and Dr. Moss have gone about cutting the budget the best or only way to do it.

      Pointing out that only 2 of 126 job cuts come from Central Office is quite valid. Why only two positions are cut from a building that teaches zero children during the day while at least 77 may be cut from the classroom (35 teachers according to the Sanford Herald, 42-43 teacher assistants) is a good question that many in our community, not just its right wing, would like answered. Explaining why you have to be specifically named on the LCS organizational chart to get a pay raise is something that many in the community would appreciate.

      And if you truly believe that good people in a classroom are essential to a quality education, many in the community would like an explanation how the vast majority of layoffs coming from the classroom is going to contribute to that.

      You’ve noted that others on this site did not respond to your points in the past. I’d like to ask for you to show me, a Lee County resident and taxpayer who isn’t a registered user of this site, the courtesy you’ve asked of the “Founding Fathers”. I’d love to have my mind changed. I want our school system to thrive. I just don’t understand how the plan we’ve agreed to with the constraints we have is the best way to do it.

      • Anybody Listening? says:

        Excellent questions Sanford27330.
        I’d like to know why it is that the school system has suddenly grown 2 more assistant superintendents (and the “not raises” but compensation for increased job duties that go along with the titles). How many superintendents, assistant superintendents and directors are needed when you are letting the people on the “front lines” go?

  14. Patrick Henry says:

    there’s the pity party again.

    For the record I spent 2.5 years on unemployment in the early 2000’s when the dot.com sector bombed. And it was because a business I worked for was a start-up and this region was not ready for the service. I didn’t have a cushy job in government where it didn’t matter if the economy was up or down because they knew taxpayers were on the hook no matter what!

    So Mr. Williams, you can politely take your ” PH you don’t know what you are talking about” and… Sorry that isn’t nice. I should not think that.

    Another thing, the BOE and your CEO can stop the rhetoric. You fired the teachers instead of taking pay cuts and out-sourcing that was presented by two of your board members! Reference the Sanford Herald article earlier this week.

    Run the school like a business instead of constantly demanding more and more from us. You were elected to look out for the teachers and to run the school system to be effective and to graduate our kids. News flash: Just how do you expect our county to get the best and the brightest teachers if we are on the front page of WRAL every other week because our officials are ruining kids lives with false accusations and firing our teachers while filling the pockets of CO staff and administrators?

    Is the BOE not responsible for those contracts? I’ll answer: yes you are. Blame yourself.

    Isn’t it time you really look for solutions that keep our teachers and assistants in the classroom instead of trying to Kill the messenger?


  15. Patrick Henry says:

    Shawn, Won’t argue with what you said about Crumptom. But that is one man.

    The Superintendent got a 21% increase last year. But that was last year when everybody thought the economy was rebounding. It didn’t.

    And that’s where I am coming. Taxpayers have less. We can’t foot the bills anymore. Spending must be cut. Education dollars should be too.


  16. Shawn Williams says:

    Well PH, we have come to an agreement on an issue, can I say Praise the Lord. Question, how much of that so call increase came out of local budget? Why PH are you avoiding the other questions I asked? I love a good debate, and this is nothing more than a good place to have a good debate with those from the other side. If there are those Founding Fathers that want to have your say and don’t want a response what kind of democracy is that? Why is it whining all of a sudden, or a pity party, when it is just good discussion. Is it that it must be right because you said it, come on give me a break.

    Have a good day PH, and I don’t have a problem with cutting, but they had a way not to cut as much as they did, and they decided not to explore that option, because of political reasons or promises.

  17. Patrick Henry says:

    What is it I am avoiding? That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

    Again, I’ll say this over and over if I have to do so, you’re firing teachers NOW instead of waiting for the final budget from the GA which, if you have read, mandates that teacher and TA assistants funding NOT be moved around for other things. They are funded Shawn.

    Why are you laying them off? What’s the real reason? Is it you can’t control the tyrant at the top of the chain? Frankly, that’s the perception!

    I know you’re an honest man. So please, please tell us why the pink slips went out?
    You had other places to cut and you chose to take the path that would rile up the citizens instead of being logical. (keep reading Shawn to my last paragraph -you’ll like it)

    I can’t see any other way you can explain it. Don’t give me the “we had to” like you did the WRAL reporter. If you care that much about the teachers, you could have forfeited the San Francisco trip. I don’t care if it was budgeted or not. You don’t have to spend every dime in the budget so that you get that much next year. Which happens to be the mindset of government departments. You WOULD find other options.

    Your actions speak louder than any word you write here. The teachers are being fired. And for absolutely no reason since they are funded in the state budget.

    Rest peacefully my friend. While you and Moss and the rest of the BOE dine at nice restaurants, say the Steele Pig, Cafe 121, etc. and pay your utility bills, and go on vacations this summer, you will have helped cause many foreclosures and many kids to do without. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that. Especially when it’s in your power to do something about it. To be honest, I haven’t slept well since the firings started. I have stayed up and prayed for common sense and the TRUTH to prevail in all of our government functions.

    All government departments! We didn’t need $1.2 million or whatever it was to go towards an Emergency Operations Center. Seems we did just fine during our last true crisis. There are other budget items in the county budget I’d like to get hold of and slash. If I had the chance. So I’m with you on the topic of other wasteful spending.

    Have a good day.


  18. Shawn Williams says:

    PH we are making some progress toward making sense of things. Why do a reduction in force, that’s simple. By law we have to give a budget to the BOC by May 15th. We don’t have a budget to work off of, except those that are being talked about. Even right now, the budget is not law. I know you think it will be, and if it does become law then we can take another look at some things.
    When ever you have to have a reduction in force, certain rights kick in for those being released. In order to comply with the laws of our great State, we had to do this at this time. Trust me this is not an easy thing to do, and I believe all of us are having sleepless nights. I will say to you since we are coming to middle ground, look at the budget, and notice that they did give money in some areas, but they gave an additional cut in discretionary spending. That money has to come from somewhere, and as much as you don’t want to believe it, when we laid off over two years ago, we made major cuts to our budget, and stream lined many areas that other systems did not do. I appreciate the good debate, and I truly believe that at the end of the day, no matter what side of the aisle you are on, I think we want the best for the children of Lee County. I may not agree with you on how you want to get there, and you might not agree with me and that is what makes America such a wonderful place.

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