Some Red Meat For Mike Stone….

PH notes:  This was on Fox and Friends this morning.  Story is getting traction and some sites include:

I, too, thought I had heard something before but nothing ever came of it.  Until this morning.  I will not retract my statements.  Our legislators are meddling too much into our private lives. 

 Original posting:

As I was eating my Cheerio breakfast this morning, Fox News reported that NC has a new law banning ” red meat” hamburgers in restaurants.

Mike, is this all you representatives have time to do? Do you and your “friends of the nanny state” not know that NC has high unemployment, high, if not the highest gas tax in the southeast, etc, etc? Are you not aware of the governette who lives around the corner is going all over the state on my dime selling our state with incentives that don’t work like a prostitute does her body? Or the fact that she uses fear and intimidation when it comes to the budget? Where have you been? 42nd Street Oyster Bar? Mars? Where?

What’s next, Mike? Are you “we know what is better for you than you” legislators going to come to my house and tell me what, when, and how I can grill my own? Your predecessor had a problem with Chocolate milk in daycares. Forget the fact that if a child drinks chocolate milk, they are drinking milk!

I imagine the next thing the Jones Street boys and girls club will try to tell me is that my 42′ inch TV will cause me to go blind so you’ll ban them as well.

I don’t care if you sponsored this or not. It could only pass with Republican support because they are the majority party.

Mike and the other legislators…get back to fiscal issues and quit trying to be my nanny!

Patrick Henry


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14 Responses to Some Red Meat For Mike Stone….

  1. Jay Riley says:

    Umm… This law has been in place for a good number of years before Mr. Stone and now the General Assembly is currently working to move to the FDA’s code, which allows a lower temperature than current state law. While I get your dedication to bleedin’ cow, “tasting” the correct information might have made your point easier to “digest”.

  2. Norman Thomas says:

    You should provide a link so others can see what you’re talking about. This law does not appear to be new. As best I can tell, this law has been on the books since the mid-1990s.

  3. Mike McDonald says:

    Norman Thomas is correct. It has been nearly impossible to get a rare or even med rare burger in NC since I moved here in 2002 except at a private club.

  4. Jay Riley says:

    We all know that there is the trees and there is the forest, but I can’t figure out your argument. First, you were against the elected officials not letting us all have medium rare burgers. When we pointed out you were misinformed on the subject, you defended your position even greater.
    Even so, you do understand that the current GA is trying to allow Applebees to free your burger from the shackles of medium well, right? Just attempting to figure out exactly how Rep. Stone could please you on this subject because it seems like you’re a fish biting a paper clip just because it’s shiny.

  5. Patrick Henry says:

    First of all, my posting is in response to Foxnews broadcasting that NC has a NEW law that says no to raw hamburgers. Turn on the tv and see for yourself. True there has been something in the works. But where was I misinformed on the subject?

    Regardless, I could have used anyone, Stem, Stone, Tillis, whomever and it would still remain that some things going on in the General Assembly are ridiculous. There are things Stone has put his hand to that I simply don’t like. I don’t care if he is suppose to be on our side or not.

    Jay – that analogy doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it’s because you’re so much smarter than me. I don’t know. You’re definitely younger than I am so I guess that’s it.

    The point of the posting, which again I don’t believe I was misinformed at all, is that government meddles too much in our lives. If I want a rare burger, I should be able to have one. Did you read the editorial in this morning’s paper? It’s a good one. Another example of where government is going to dictate to our kids what they can and cannot eat. Right down the line with my argument.

    But thanks for commenting. That’s what the Founding Fathers wanted out of this blog – good dialog and dissenting opinions where needed.



  6. Norman Thomas says:

    Your own links prove you wrong, Patty. The law you’re screaming about has been on the books since the mid 90s. The General Assembly is actually looking at loosening the restrictions you’re so upset about. Just because it was on Fox doesn’t mean it’s true. Calm down.

  7. Patrick Henry says:

    Have mercy! Seems to me the readers are more upset at the Foxnews report and this patriot blogging about it than they are about a run amok Superintendent who is getting a $40,000 bonus while he plans to fire teachers!

    Now who is the “misinformed”?


    • Randall Lee Yow says:

      Mr Henry,

      Do not change the subject. Look at house bill HR670. “Honest” Mike Stone voted for this. And I qoute:

      Seems like an over reach to me! Is this conservative?

      -Randall Lee Yow

  8. Randall;

    It is indeed consistent with conservative principles to vote in favor of a RESOLUTION calling attention to the health risk of excessive salt in your diet. Helping educate citizens of health risks is a legitimate service for the executive branch of government, and on occasion, for our general assembly. The rub comes from those government bodies then intruding into our lives by regulating salt intake. Surely you can grasp the difference!


  9. Randall Lee Yow says:

    Mr Madison,

    How does telling people things they should already know help the state? Fire burns, water is wet, coffee is good, and beer is better; when should we expect these resolutions and declarations of facts? And what does this have to do with creating jobs and getting the economy back on track? Is that not what “Honest” Mike Stone said he was going to do once he was in office?

    -Randall Lee Yow

    • Mr. Yow;

      You may find this hard to fathom, but there are indeed a lot of folks in our nation who do not know that excessive sodium intake is dangerous for their health; just like there were large numbers of citizens who denied that tobacco products were dangerous in the 1950’s and 1960’s, despite medical experts saying so for decades. Our elected president and members of congress are looked to by many as their leaders. When the congress passes a resolution, it is their stamp of approval on the content of that resolution. Their endorsement receives much needed media attention so the public will have a better opportunity to be informed. While you and I may already be well aware of the dangers of too much salt in our diets without having to hear it from the congress, others may not be so knowledgeable. I have no issue with the congress promoting good health. But, as Patrick so ably noted, when they cross over that line and attempt to legislate health, then I tend towards opposition. Hope this helps.


      • Goose says:

        So where were all you Patriots and want-to-be Conservatives in January, still hung over from New Year calibrations? I am referring to “The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act” a federal statute signed into law by President Obama on January 4, 2011(Look it up for yourself ) a huge new regulation load to the food supply industry that goes all the way back to individual farms. Honk?
        I well remember when the medium-rare hamburger died in NC fast food, that’s when I stopped ordering them. An outbreak of e coli 0157:H7 on the west coast was the panic that caused the NC regulation they went to 165F minimum while the Federal regulation was still 140F A little known fact was that you could get steak tartare, chopped RAW beef in upscale restaurants and specify that you wanted it cooked. Of course you could order raw shellfish which is even more dangerous. honk
        The FDA is indeed trying to regulate the amount of Salt in processed food, but they have no Law to support their regulation. The thing is that most don’t know the difference between resolutions, regulations, laws, statues, and treaties. Being a Canada Goose (not Canadian!) I am ‘protected’ by a treaty “Migratory Bird Treaty of 1916” a convention between the US and Great Britain (ruled Canada at that time) and The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 (US law) which allowed the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to serve as the regulator for that law. They allowed the $15 duck stamp which you must have to shoot me down but also turned over the power to regulate hunting to the various states so you need a valid state license and in some states a state duck stamp. You need political pull and no heart to do an on the ground round up like Carolina Trace did. Protected ?HONK!
        BTW the smokers told you that your turn was coming, get used to it. honk

  10. Sheila Barber says:

    Mark this date in history. I believe Mr. Yow is on to something about the “overreach” of government beginning with the HB he mentioned above.

    However, I would be almost 100% agreeable if he had included the “Affordable Healthcare Act” that caused the Democrats to lose in November.

    Sheila Barber

  11. Patrick Henry says:

    We remember Goose. Another fine example of conservatives being duped!

    The smoker’s were right.


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