Salary and Benefit Info- Lee County Principals and Assistants

The following is compiled from Lee County School financial reports.

Yearly Compensation for Lee County Principals & Assistants 2010 – 2011

Name                                          Salary              Supplement       Total

Moore, Gary                               $88,776.00        $5,000.00             $93,776.00

Ephriam, Clara                          $87,096.00        $5,000.00             $92,096.00

Henry, Carolyn                           $85,320.00       $5,000.00            $90,320.00

Batten, Gregory                          $64,596.00       $16,884.00           $81,480.00

Almond, Bonnie                         $66,444.00       $10,752.00           $78,700.00

Haislip, Vicki                              $67,404.00       $5,000.00            $72,404.00

Beal, Anne                                   $66,804.00       $5,000.00           $71,804.00

Biehl, Robert                              $66,108.00        $5,000.00           $71,108.00

Marshall, Melvin                       $57,540.00        $12,460.00          $70,000.00

Waddell, Annie                          $67,404.00        $1,980.00            $69,384.00

Sutton, Pamela                          $62,844.00        $5,000.00            $67,844.00

Cockman, Angela                      $58,692.00        $7,000.00            $65,692.00

Raley, George                             $57,936.00        $7,006.56             $64,942.56

Wilson, Kenna                           $57,936.00        $7,000.00             $64,936.00

West, Raymond                         $61,992.00        $1,980.00             $63,972.00

Stancil, Sandra                          $60,730.00        $1,150.00              $61,880.00

Bayer, Sylvia                              $54,252.00         $7,380.00             $61,632.00

Colderon, Patricia                     $56,412.00         $5,000.00             $61,412.00

Lundy, Amy                               $56,412.00          $5,000.00             $61,412.00

Bayer, Silvia                               $55,680.00         $5,000.00             $60,680.00

Westforth, Maria                      $58,410.00          $1,815.00              $60,225.00

Salter, Amy                                $57,936.00          $1,815.00              $59,751.00

Thompson, Paul                       $55,275.00          $1,815.00              $57,090.00

Caviness, Delores                     $51,040.00          $1,265.00             $52,305.00

Clunie, Jolanda                         $48,564.00         $1,815.00              $50,379.00

About Thomas Jefferson

3rd President and Founding Father of the U.S. I conceived and promoted the country's system of public education in the early 19th Century. I am often misunderstood about my the "wall of separation" term and letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, which unfortunately has come to be interpreted as my suggesting separation of God and the Holy Trinity from all matters of state. I am a Christian, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and I owe Him my salvation. I pray for this great country, that it remain strong, independent and Christian!
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16 Responses to Salary and Benefit Info- Lee County Principals and Assistants

  1. MathHater says:

    I think there is a mistake on the amount for Mike Williams.

  2. Thomas Jefferson says:

    We’ll check it out. Thanks for the tip…but why do you hate math, if you don’t mind me asking?

  3. math lover says:

    Lets see 44640 salary +1150 supplement = 45790 not 57718 as reported above. Yes Thomas, I think MathHater is right, the numbers don’t add up.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Indeed, we noted that from the first posting. The only question was where the error occurred in compiling the data from LCSS financial reporting (was it in the amount of disclosed salary, supplement, both salary and supplement, or simply a math error). We have subsequently determined it was a simple math error (an error in spreadsheet formula) that produced the mistake. So, I have deleted Mr Williams’ entry from the list of principals and assistant principals who are making over $50,000 from Lee County. We have not disclosed the names and salaries of those making less than $50,000 per annum in this post. Thanks again for checking our math! TJ

  4. Norman Thomas says:

    So is there some reason behind publishing this information without any context? I am not sure what I’m supposed to take away from this.

    • Norman;

      Sometimes, though not often, the data just speaks for itself. Our authors are not usually in the habit of posting that kind of information, but it still has a place in my opinion. I imagine there will be a lot more commentary about Lee County Schools and their budget in coming weeks. I see several ‘draft’ posts already queueing up.


  5. Benefit? Oh yeah there’s a benefit in posting this. if those administrators and BOE members really care about the kids, they would give up the stipends to keep funding teacher positions. But just watch. It’s not about the children.

    Sheila Barber

  6. Norman Thomas says:

    Sheila – I did not ask about “benefit.” I asked for the reason. Please do not put words into my mouth.

    In any case, that second number is not a stipend. It’s a supplement. It’s what the county chooses to pay these employees above the state-alloted salary for their position. Local supplements help school systems compete with one another when it comes to hiring the best personnel. I thought you free market conservatives liked competition.

    • Patrick Henry says:

      Dear Norman,

      Do not underestimate Ms. Barber. I’ve seen her fiery eyes and commentary. That is one lady even I do not want to cross. Besides, if she put words into your mouth, you’d be a fiscal conservative and not a socialist. You might even believe what you were saying.

      As for your last comment, free market conservatives like competition in the free market – that is the private sector! There is no competition in government because government doesn’t exist unless they steal from the citizenry. The citizenry doesn’t have choices with government. They can’t just pick up their wallets and go somewhere else because government will just take more. They can in the private sector.


      • Norman Thomas says:

        There is absolutely competition in government. If I make $25,000 teaching in Lee County and Moore County can offer me $30,000, then I would probably go there if moving my family and my life to another county was worth $5,000. If I work in the city of Sanford’s public works department but receive an offer to work in Sanford for the state transportation department for more money, I’ll take it. That’s competition, and honestly it crosses sectors. Just because it’s done with tax dollars does not make it something else.

  7. Norman;

    Free market conservatives like free and open markets. We like our competition to be open and devoid of governmental meddling. What the Lee County School Superintendent and the BOE are doing with supplements is just like what the EDC does with incentives– (a) pick winners and losers; (b) apply an unwarranted government intrusion into what would otherwise be a competitive environment; and (c) seize even more taxpayer dollars the guise of helping our citizens and their children. It’s always “for the children.” We simply cannot do enough “for the children.”

    • Norman Thomas says:

      Let’s go through your ABCs:

      A) Providing local teachers with supplements is not “picking winners and losers.” In reality, it offers the local districts an opportunity to offer higher salaries to those whose performance merits it. If you believe government shouldn’t pick winners and losers, you must believe that either all government employees receive the same pay (socialism! Welcome to the club!) or that government should have no employees.

      B) Please expand on how supplements “apply an unwarranted government intrusion into what would otherwise be a competitive environment.” The schools would be competitive without supplements? All teachers and administrators would make exactly the same salary. There would be absolutely no way to attract better talent. Nice platitude.

      C) I think your assertion that supplements “seize even more taxpayer dollars” speaks to your true position more than any of your previous statements. Unless you resisted your most recent tax payments, I have serious doubts that they were seized. Were your tax dollars seized to pay for local law enforcement? Were mine seized to pay your military pension? I realize this type of hyperbole suits your political ambitions, but I would suggest that you do as I have and own up to your political leanings. You’re against public education. That’s fine. Just own it and argue it from a position of truth.

  8. Normie;

    First, there is no bigger supporter of public education than me in Lee County. It’s just that I don’t cherish the same aspects of the education system that my liberal friends value.

    I believe my preferences for our educational system conform to the original intent of our founding fathers who first conceived these institutions: Locally managed and controlled with little federal and state intrusion; teachers as the singularly most important instructional enablers; parents as student advocates and customers of the educational system; and a sharp focus on foundational skills necessary for all American citizens (including a strong reading comprehension, writing, and computational mathematical skills).

    I doubt many of these Fathers would find what we do today as acceptable. They would not be satisfied with social advancement in the schools and all these extracurricular distractions we entertain ourselves with at great expense to the taxpayers.

    Until salary supplements are doled out in an objective, merit-based, uniform fashion, you will not convince me (or any other conservative) that they are anything but loyalty buyouts for the school system. There is absolutely no correlation in the amounts of the supplements, above, to the degree of professionalism or productivity of the named individuals. Some of the individuals with sub-$2000 supplements are superb administrators and one with a five figure supplement is questionably competent. (My opinion of course, derived from personal interactions and multiple inputs from others in a position to know.)

    Sorry, Norman. But your liberal assertions don’t resonate with me.

  9. Patrick Henry says:


    Your competition comparison is naught. Somebody is forced to depart with their money in order for government to exist. So once they get it I have no say so. However in the private sector I CHOOSE where to spend MY hard earned money. And if I don’t like the service or widget you offer, I can take my money elsewhere. That does not work with government.

    If it did, I would be able to take my property tax that I pay and send my child to any school I choose. Instead I am forced to send him or her where the government dictates whether or not the school is providing a quality education.


  10. Someone says:

    The reason for sharing this information is for the public to be aware that someone like Melvin Marshall is receiving a $12,000 LOCAL supplement to his state salary. For teachers, their supplement is equal across the board, I believe 7% of their salaries. Why does it differ for principals? Why does this gentleman receive one of the highest supplements? It is certainly not because top dollar attracts top talent. Just because someone makes a lot of money, doesn’t mean they are worth it. That $12,000 is half a new teacher’s salary. If that is my tax dollars, they could be better spent. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Mr. Marshall has previously worked for Dr. Moss. Who knows? But cutting teacher jobs or instructional supplies so certain members of LCSS can rake in these giant supplements is something that the public needs to be aware of.

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