The Day the “People’s Voice” Died…

Think of days/years  that when you hear the date, they bring back memories…good and bad.

1908 – Model T

December 7, 1941 – Pearl Harbor

December 25 – Christmas

Easter – Christ’s Resurrection

July 4 – Independence Day

September 11 – 3000 citizens die at the hands of a madman and his pawns.

November 22, 1963 – JFK assassination.

April 4, 1968 – MLK assassinated.

May 2, 2011 – The day YOUR voice died.

Last night at the Lee County Board of Commissioners’ meeting, YOUR voice, your say in your government, and your government’s trust (if there ever was any) in YOU – died.  The board said no to a citizens’ panel.  They said you don’t matter.  They said you are not intelligent enough to recommend sound fiscal solutions to the problems we have.  They said they knew better.

This probably comes as no surprise to most.  After all, we did elect them to do a job.  It’s also interesting that on the same night they defy you of forming a board that is organized and willing to spend your precious time to help our county, they blast Moss’s budget as being insulting!

That all being said, please stay tuned to this blog and other local blogs.  Notification will appear soon on how to join the group.  We will be seeking those from the left, the middle and the right to participate.

Their denial does not shut the door.  It only makes us stronger and ever more diligent to hold them accountable to their “campaign” promises.

Patrick Henry


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"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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11 Responses to The Day the “People’s Voice” Died…

  1. Norman Thomas says:

    Ahh there, but those interested in “forming a board that is organized and willing to spend (their) precious time” on fixing social or political ills actually do still have recourse. It’s called running for office. That’s kind of how government works. If you put yourself up for election and win, then you’ve won the leeway with which to make the decisions we as a nation or city or county or state face. I am sure your friend George W. “I’ve won political capital” Bush (and possibly at least one writer here) would agree. I thought you understood our Constitution, Patty. We’re not a direct democracy.

  2. Where is the Beef? I want a large order of facts to go with the rhetoric that you just served up Patrick.
    Fact the BOC said no to a “citizens’ panel” what was the supposed purpose of this panel? What makes you think the panel could do a better job at whatever purpose was proposed for the panel than our elected board could do? Do you have any facts to support your belief? Frankly I don’t feel they said NO to me because I had no input into the “citizens’ panel” For all the information you provided they could be a mob of Radical Progressives or a group of Good ole Boys, neither should expect any special treatment. You claim they said No to me and that just is not true! I had no input to your mob, why should they have privileges not granted to everyone else?
    Just what is this gem supposed to mean? “On the same night they defy you of forming a board that is organized and willing to spend your precious time to help our county,” If a board is organized why would it need forming? What does defy refer to? Willing to spend MY precious time, let them spend their own time, precious or not. You sound like one of those kids from bad 50’s movies, fiscal problems? Let’s put on a Show!
    If there were such an organized group you waited until way to late in the game to try to get a hearing. July 1 is coming fast, I doubt that the board has time to listen to your proposals and point out the errors at this late date. It is right that they blasted the Moss budget as being insulting, Moss and company knew what and when the budget was due, to only turn over an outline at this late date is insulting, not as insulting as your citizens panel that seems to want overview rights with no real proposals to suggest at this late date.
    So organize your mob, a budget should be a living document and if you come up with some great ideals I will help support them but it is too late for the BOC to just stop and wait for you to make proposals, that ship has lifted anchor and I think you missed the last boat.

  3. Patrick Henry says:

    Well I be damned…Norman makes sense. And I do understand the constitution. Plus that other document that says it is incumbent upon the citizenry to replace a government with one more suitable to it’s needs. We can’t replace them now. Therefore we should be willing to roll our sleeves up and add value where we can.

    George you are way out of line since you are going on the assumption the panel is just going to be a bunch of pompous right wing butt holes. Or a MOB!!! That is so far from the truth. There was a process presented that would have included a fair representation of the citizenry. ALL GEORGE! YOU assume we would be mistaken on every idea! How the heck do you know? You’re also assuming that this is some asinine idea that has NEVER worked! FYI Dare County tried it and found it beneficial because the citizens found a voice and felt they helped make a difference. Source: Crumpton.

    Go look in this morning’s paper about the Capital Improvement Plan. The EOC is another example of where government is not letting a crisis go to waste and claiming we can’t live without it. Of course we can. We just had proof of that! George you should be able to answer this: What would have helped you more: a new emergency center or more deputies to protect your valuables? If that hits home too much, so be it. Frankly, those who have been vandalized should be front and center calling for
    such changes instead of “trusting” that your leaders would assume so!

    Besides what is wrong with using vacant buildings in downtown Sanford for the EOC? Why do taxpayers have to foot a 1.2 million facility NOW?

    I want my voice and ideas to be heard. 3 minutes to say my peace but not be allowed to ask direct questions is not good enough. Knowing the shenanigans of Moss and his history with Beaufort County makes me believe this board will cave under pressure.

    Step one in that direction occurred Monday night.

    Why wouldn’t YOU want the chance if you so desired? Why wouldn’t YOU want our finances in tip top shape so that the next time more of us could help our neighbors pull thru tragedies faster instead of wallets being so thin due to higher and higher taxes?

    FYI – the CIP requires higher taxes. No matter which way you crunch the numbers. Even the county manager’s assumptions say so!

    The panel is not too late in the game to make a difference. A little input is better than none! Heck it’s not even binding. Therefore, why are they afraid? So please sit back and enjoy your trusty leaders socking it to the taxpayers again. BTW – I promise to not scold you too much when property taxes go higher. I would rather have you tell me my assumption was wrong. That would mean a win for the taxpayers!


  4. Nothing steams me up higher than someone trying to put words in my mouth like you seem to have done. does Radical Progressives = pompous right wing butt holes. in your book? You haven’t heard the last of George Clinton but right this moment my dentures are bothering and I am off to have some blood drawn. When I return I hope to be in shape to chew you a new one!

  5. Patrick Henry says:

    Hope all goes well.

    Now – Bring it on. Seems to me I gave you back your own medicine. All my post was attempting to do was explain how our elite elected officials didn’t think the same of you, or the next guy whether he/she is Republican, Democrat, libertarian, whatever. It was the truth! They don’t.

    So why not clarify the mob mentality you mistakenly assumed the panel would be? You have no idea how excited some citizens on the left side of the fence were about it.
    Nor did you bother to have a decent dialog.

    Why not bother to ask more questions about it before blasting the messenger, George? And if you don’t like my message or don’t think you are offended, fine. But does that warrant your response?

    Talk about steaming up someone. You did a grand job of doing that to me.

    However, clawing at me doesn’t change the message. Doesn’t change the wasteful spending now approved with the CIP. Doesn’t change the fact that a rubber stamp is going to be put on John Crumpton’s budget because the leader of the BOC seems to be enchanted with anything he says to do. We already know the RINO Doc would go with Hayes, Reives (disappointing when his constituents would greatly benefit), Ed, and the others.

    People need to get out and speak up. It could backfire just as well but what a relief to the citizens for someone to open up and say NO, NO, NO.

    So please come on back with your rant. And before you finish on the topic of a citizens panel and the assumed mob makeup, add up how much you will save Lee County Taxpayers with the vitrol attack on me.

    That’s the kind of energy a letter to the editor and/or your trusty BOC/BOE members need.

    Your friend anyway,


  6. First of all Mr. Henry, did you fail at reading compression in school or do you just assume anyone that doesn’t agree with you completely doesn’t deserve to have his words read? What gives you the right to guess what my assumptions may be? Read me again where do I make the assumption the panel is going to be a bunch of pompous right wing butt holes? Maybe a mob but remember I WAS NOT THERE I am just going by your reporting, and your 8:03 post was the one to mention a “process” there was nothing before that which mentioned how the mob came about. GIGO. Please elaborate on this process that result in a fair representation for ALL.
    What led you to believe that I assumed that your panel would be mistaken on every idea? How the heck do I know? Simple answer I don’t know and I never made that assumption it is a product of your own twisted mind, as is the claim that I assumed that it has never worked. Crumpton-Obama I never voted for either of them and have no reverence for either. The CIP should be frozen.
    My answer to your personal question is none of the above! This County doesn’t need two command bunkers and most of the time after Monday no deputies were seen on patrol in my neighborhood. Four deputies in four vehicles manned a minor check point that could have and should have been manned by one rent-a-cop with a two way radio. The mobile command center at Lemon Springs and St. Andrews Church Rd. looked like a great party but victims were not invited. I don’t know for a fact but I suspect that officials had first dibs on the food and the neighborhood got the leftovers. As you can see I am depressed and embittered at the whole process. Two of my pet low points, a young man of about sixteen came to my door said he was collecting for the red cross, no ID so I sent him on his way without any of my money. FEMA lifted my spirits I couldn’t keep a straight face as the woman carefully explained that you had to be employed in order to apply for unemployment benefits only to have me ask if I would be disallowed unemployment benefits if I had a job.
    You know Mr. Henry I would rather argue with the huge log that the Log Rustlers have left in my front yard for later pick up than with you. It doesn’t pay any attention to what I say either but I don’t think it makes a bunch of nonsense assumptions about what I have said and it doesn’t try to put thoughts in my head that I never thought. Good Night Sir!

    • Missed your reply until I posted. Why ask more questions you didn’t answer any even from my first post! BTW did you miss my ending when you skimmed over my post? Repeat. “So organize your mob, a budget should be a living document and if you come up with some great ideals I will help support them but it is too late for the BOC to just stop and wait for you to make proposals, that ship has lifted anchor and I think you missed the last boat.”

  7. Patrick Henry says:

    1) It’s not too late. They haven’t voted except on the CIP.

    2) The panel would not be a mob and it is insulting that you say so.

    3) I am truly sorry about your situation. I hope in some way I helped.

    4) Did you use the words “pompous right wing butt holes”? Nope. The insinuation was there. Maybe instead of chastising me about my education you’ll try to remember the rules of engagement when writing. The ultimate one is to try to convey your message as clearly as possible. If you didn’t mean mob or anything else derogatory, look at the tone used. I fail I know. But not on this posting.


  8. Sir Log:
    1. Mob from the Latin mobile vulgus “fickle commoners”, “ citizens’ panel” may sound better but the meaning is pretty much the same is it not?
    2. If elected officials are not elite (again from the Latin eligere “to elect”) they should not hold the office! Should they consider you or me to be their equals? It would be nice but understandable that they don’t since about 80% of the ‘citizens’ couldn’t be bothered to go to the polls for elections. At this late date they demand not only to be heard but to question the elected. Do I doubt PH on this issue, I do NOT. Boo hoe my commissioner does not consider me to be his equal. (Log, if I considered myself to be his equal, I would have run against him.)
    3. How do I clarify something I know nothing about? How was the mob, I mean panel, selected? Should I be thrilled that the lefties were excited about it?
    4. Dialog/ asking questions; what are these A) what was the supposed purpose of this panel? B) What makes you think the panel could do a better job at whatever purpose was proposed for the panel than our elected board could do? C) Do you have any facts to support your belief? D) Why should they have privileges not granted to everyone else? Are these not questions? Have you answered any of them even at this late date? Preach about dialog again why don’t you?
    5. What makes you think it is my purpose in life to save taxpayer’s money? Let’s talk about the CIP.
    LCHS, the old board suckered the taxpayers into voting in a sales tax increase, should majority rule? (I was against it, we lost!). Paving at the Industrial Park for CAT, old board committed to it, (I was against it, and we lost!). I get a hint that there is now a plan for EOC/CCCC to build a training building for CAT and others, why indeed since CAT had a building in the Park when I used to work there. The sign used to say Training now reads Logistics on the corner of Womack and something the first corner after you turn off OLD US1 Wyeth rented the building next to it for their training center. It was across from the Liberty Pumps plant. If that is not suitable/available by all means use an empty building anywhere. How long does it take to train a manual laborer? Being the cynic that I am, I suspect a ploy to add to the inventory of manufacturing space that the EOC uses for bait.
    Disaster Command Post? (Warning what follows is my ‘read’ on things I have no proof or evidence to support it!) Basically a City/County game of “Mine is bigger than yours” that goes back a ways. When 911 came to Lee County the City had full time professional fire fighters so it made sense that they got the 911 center and did the dispatching for the entire county volunteer fire departments. The fees for 911 went to the county and they took a cut and sent the rest to the City, so they have been fighting over that revenue stream for years. If the county builds a bigger better 911 center they think they can get full control over that revenue stream. This stream is great to have because most people don’t even know it exists let alone the size of the stream, others collect it, and the stream builds with every telephone and car inspection! The expense of providing 911 services is pretty much fixed and grows slowly at a much lower rate than population. PH, I am making an assumption now but I think the 911 system handles the dispatch of Police and other emergency services besides Fire. I know that up North the ambulance service alone is big enough to fight over since they choose which hospitals get what patients, somehow the poor or uninsured get delivered to the public hospital while the rich or well insured get delivered to the private for profit hospitals. An emergency department can’t refuse to serve the patients delivered but they can claim to be busy and divert the ambulance elsewhere. Up North we have non-profit and professional ambulance services and the pros try to jump the calls from the nonprofits. The patient has no say in the matter, first there gets the patient and the pros charge even if their service is refused. The 911 game isn’t the only thing of course there are also the bragging rights to be considered. Does a place as small as Lee County need two disaster centers? Draw your own conclusions.

  9. Patrick Henry says:

    Excellent rebuttal.

    #5 goes back to #2. We’ve been lazy and going about our way for way too long. We elect, then sit in recliners and watch reruns of Frasier, Andy Griffith, or House, etc and stop paying attention.

    The reason the panel is a great idea is because people have awoken and now ARE paying attention. The reason it is rejected is because of the old mindset of “you elected us. Now shut up.” That’s elitism and is rampant in local, state, and federal government.

    This new concept of gathering ideas from the electorate is a concept not seen here before. It could actually work, George! But we will see if the BOC does what the old one did: Meet at 3 in private, make a decision. Public meeting at 6, hear the 3 min comments and vote the way they all decided to do at the earlier meeting. That crap has to stop.

    I like your rebuttal though. Good thinking points.



  10. I think it is a good idea but the timing was off. Time is too short before an approved budget is required. I have been to true town meetings up north where everyone had a chance to speak, great time to catch a nap!

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