GASP! How dare those Republicans…

in the General Assembly give families of Special needs kids a break!

How dare those Republicans pass a bill that allows families who believe the sacred public school system isn’t serving them well to take their children somewhere else and get a tax credit.  Oh my, the world is going to end!

There is an article in the Sanford Herald today titled: “House Panel approves Special Ed tax cuts”.  You should read it.  Two years ago the Democratically controlled Jones Street axed the bill.  Now, it will see the light of day with legislators that do care about kids and not fattening public school officials pocketbooks.

A comment in the article by the executive director of the NC Association of School Administrators, Bill McNeal, tells you all you need to know about why the government feels the public school system “knows best” what’s good for your children!

“We believe that this bill will lead to a very slippery slope…The state will be better served by investing in these services rather than encouraging people to leave the public school system.”

Huh?  Wake up Bill!  First of all, it’s not about the state being better served.  The parents are worried about their kids.  Secondly, what encouragement?  We don’t need encouragement by anyone to do what’s right for our kids.   Sounds like something out of George Orwell’s 1984.

The state, Bill, is better served when arrogant administrators like Jeff Moss and yourself, realize you do not know what’s better for my child. I do.  When parents have a choice, the public school systems get better.

By the way, Mr. Moss, just because we had a disaster here in Lee County and our focus has been on our families and friends, it doesn’t mean we haven’t been watching you.

The trip to SF is still on our minds.  Your overbloated budget is still on our minds.  The scare tactics you and the BOE used that are proving to be a joke are still on our minds. And we’re not finished protesting and demanding revisions and responsible spending.  

Patriots, haven’t you heard:  History repeats itself.  Warning!  Heed the warning.  You should google Jeff Moss and Beaufort County.  I will leave it at that.

Patrick Henry

“Give me liberty, and not liability nor overzealous, arrogant public school leaders.”

About Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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  1. Recommend not calling it a Public School System, but a Government School System.

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