The Spirit of Easter

Most of us have witnessed the “Christmas Spirit” that usually crescendoes in late December of each year.  It’s a blessed time of year and many of us feel the influence of the Holy Spirit abiding in us as we seek to help and show kindness to our fellow man.  If there ever was to be a term for the period around Easter, where Christian good will might abound, I suppose it would be called the “Easter Spirit.”  

I must confess I had not given this notion much thought before the week of April 17, 2011.  Easter has always been a quiet and contemplative annual celebration; one in which my total focus has been on the incredible sacrifice Jesus Christ made to save us from our sins.  It has been a solemn reflection for me to contemplate how a Father could willingly offer his only Son as a sacrifice for those who bore Him little reverence, honor, or respect. 

Still, no event in recent memory has evoked more heart moving and tear jerking experiences than that of this community’s response to the tragic F3 tornado that tore a 10- mile swath through our fair county on April 16th.  I have been so moved by the outpouring of Christian kindness to the victims of that ravaging storm, and the spirit of cooperation among all of the many volunteers who have sacrificed immeasurably to help their brothers and sisters of Sanford and Lee County. 

I am especially blessed to have been granted the favor of witnessing the hundreds of volunteers united as one, using social media phenomenon MATT 6  to honor God this Easter season.  I know Jesus is smiling at the awesome results from His body working together through this organization for a common purpose; that being to serve Him in such a magnificent way.  For those who haven’t had the recent occasion to re-visit the Sermon on the Mount, might I suggest you take 10 minutes to read Matthew chapters 5-7 this weekend and especially contemplate what Jesus taught us to do in Matthew Chapter 6– the essence of giving selflessly, of praying genuinely, and of denying oneself to honor God, all so we can lay up treasures in Heaven.   That is precisely what the hundreds of volunteers have done this week and will continue to do this coming week.  All of us united as one in Christ!  There simply is no better way to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior than through our obedience to these teachings.

May God truly bless all, victims and volunteers, this blessed Easter season!


About James Madison

I was the fourth president of these United States. My wife Dolley and I are greatly disturbed with the erosion of your liberties and the encroachment of the present federal, state, and local governments. I was an original member of the Democratic-Republican Party in this country and I would welcome a return to the conservative values that united Democrats and Republicans in my day. Let's start with putting God back in our lives and our government so He will richly bless our endeavors in Lee County. Let's force our elected officials be more transparent and accountable to the electorate in fiscal and social matters. I look forward to hearing your ideas about these matters and others that are on your hearts and minds. Thank You for participating!
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