As of today, this patriot has not seen nor heard of the EDC and its place in helping businesses rebuild and citizens get their livelihood back. So I ask, “Where’s Bob”?  Do Big Lots, Lowes, Static Control (which is actually listed on the home page for the EDC) and others not deserve your help?  Then why are you there?  Is it to just pad your wallet?  It’s now been a week and the commission is eerily silent.

And the website plainly states it works for ALL citizens. (http://www.lcedc.com/aboutus.htm)

The Lee County Economic Development Corp. is a nonprofit organization established to attract industry, enhance job opportunities and promote sound planning across Lee County.

Funding is provided by the county, as well as the City of Sanford and Town of Broadway, the two county municipalities. The Lee County EDC also works closely with the Lee County Committee of 100, Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce and other community groups.

Since they are taxpayer funded, they should be the first in line offering support in all areas.

EDC – come on!  Speak up.

Here’s the EDC Board of Directors according to their website:
    Tommy Mann Jr., Chairman
O.A. “Buddy” Keller III, Vice Chairman
Bud Marchant, Secretary/Treasurer
John Daniel III, Chairman Elect
Albert Adcock
Jeremy Hathcock
Superintendent of Schools Jeff Moss

District 51 Rep. Mike Stone
Commissioner James Womack

This patriot is calling on all patriots to pick up the phone, fax or comment on their facebook page about what appears to be the lack of concern for our citizens and businesses. 

Phone: +1.919.774.8439
Fax: +1.919.775.5410
E-mail: info@lcedc.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/LeeEDC


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