Attention Veterans: DAV Disaster Relief at Fayetteville VAMC

The Disabled American Veterans mobile service office will be available in front of  the Fayetteville VA Medical Center, to accept applications for financial aid through their Disaster Relief Fund.  This service is available only on Monday, April 25, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. 

Disaster relief grant amounts may vary based on applicant needs, available DAV resources and DAV membership status. Disaster relief grants may be issued for the purpose of providing: food, clothing, and temporary shelter or to obtain relief from injury, illness, or personal loss resulting from natural/national disasters that are not covered by insurance or other disaster relief agencies.

To be eligible for a DAV disaster relief grant, the following criteria must be met:

    • The applicant must be a service-connected disabled veteran or the spouse thereof (same household).  The disability is at any level and need not be a compensated disability to receive eligibility under this program.
    • The applicant must be the victim of a natural/national disaster.
    • The applicant’s claimed loss must not be covered by insurance.

The applicant’s claimed loss must not be covered by other emergency relief agencies.

Questions about the DAV can be referred to Charles Ryder at (336) 631-5481,

Media who would like to cover the event should contact Ed Drohan, Public Affairs Officer, at (910) 488-2120, ext. 5991,

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1 Response to Attention Veterans: DAV Disaster Relief at Fayetteville VAMC

  1. Recommend making it clearer that DAV is a private organization. It is not the same as the Veterans Administration (a government administration) whose seal you have posted.

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