Tornado Victims Need to Contact FEMA



Federal/State FEMA Coordinator Mike Bolch has encouraged all individuals and homeowners affected by the April 16, 2011 Tornado to register with FEMA as quickly as possible.  They can register by dialing 1-800-621-3362.  Additional information can be found on line at

Do not delay in calling FEMA – let them make eligibility decisions – please do not try to make those decisions on your own.

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3 Responses to Tornado Victims Need to Contact FEMA

  1. Don’t use your cell phone unless you have Unlimited Minutes! I did the Government Shuffle for 46:44 minutes this morning. I think I talked to 6 people in all.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that George. Next time I get by your place, please give me a run-down on the run-around. I’d enjoy tightening up their process for helping our affected citizens if that’s possible.


  3. Publius, A good portion of the confusion was due to my lack of knowledge of how FEMA is supposed to work and their tie in with the SBA. I also should have paid more attention to this line from press release #7 “Do not delay in calling FEMA – let them make eligibility decisions – please do not try to make those decisions on your own.” I followed the first part; I did not delay though I think it would have gone better if I had. For example I had no real reason for contacting FEMA; I did it because I was told that I should.
    The screener evidently decided that the SBA was the place for me, and without telling me switched me to that holding line. When I got over there they collected the same information that FEMA had and then hit me with the question “What is the purpose for seeking a SBA loan? SBA loan? I don’t think so; I just want to register with FEMA.
    Back to the holding line for FEMA. Same questions and answers same transfer to SBA without an explanation.
    Evidently SBA has better computers after only a few repeats of info they informed me that it was not good to try to file two applications. When I told him I had no intentions of filing for a loan he transferred to what I suspect was a line for “special” cases. There ‘Loretta’ gently walked this idiot child through the system and let me skip such questions as the estimated cost for repairs, how much my insurance would cover, what my estimated income would be this year, the policy numbers on my insurance, my banking account and routing numbers. She told me these could all be added to my file later as long as I had the disaster number and the case number that she assigned.
    I suspect that someone that knew how the system works could make things easier for us that don’t by preparing a list of information and documents to have on hand when we approach FEMA/SBA.

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