Sunday Morning

It’s Sunday morning after a devastating Saturday here in Lee County.

The Founding Fathers send out our prayers and thoughts to the families  and businesses who have been upended in this disaster.

To be honest, this patriot isn’t sure about all the Founding Fathers and if they are ok.  But collectively, like Americans have always done, we will pull together and fix our community.  Because that’s what Americans do when we’re in need. 

There are no lines drawn today.  There is no right nor left.  No Democrat nor Republican.  We, today, are all Lee County citizens.

Comment here and let us know your prayer requests and praises. 


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"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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8 Responses to Sunday Morning

  1. Thanks for your note and reminder, Patrick. Indeed, we are all God’s children and this is a time when politics and world views need to be put aside to lend aid to our fellow citizens. We pray all the Founding Fathers, their friends, families and everyone else in Lee County are all safe and secure in God’s great mercy in the wake of this terrible tragedy. Everyone now has a role, whether a care provider, an elected official, or a prayer warrior. Each of us can do our best to pray for all who were affected and to contribute in whatever way we can to help one another.

    Blessings and Prayers to everyone.


  2. Randall Lee Yow says:

    I think as a community, we need to praise our first responders as much as possible. I saw Police Officers, Deputies, Paramedics, and Firefighters (both professional and volunteer) working non-stop to protect and serve this community and it’s citizens on Saturday. The Sanford Herald staff also did an admirable job of keeping the community informed and separating the facts from rumor. We just need to keep the families that lost loved ones, have injured family members, or have lost or damaged houses in our thoughts and prayers.

    -Randall Lee Yow

  3. Updated:

    I learned today that at least one of our “Founding Fathers” was directly in the path of the infamous tornado on Saturday. His property suffered significant damage, but he managed to endure the event (at home, no less) and is now patiently enduring the aftermath as local breaucracy mulls the clean-up and restoration of services. I’m not at liberty to say which FF was impacted for privacy reasons, but I pray he perseveres and that he is spared the anxiety that these clean-up operations often generates.


  4. It was I. I am working on my maiden story on Emergency Management from the victims’ point of view, so will not go into much detail here, just the high points and the low points. Saturday afternoon I was sitting at this computer working on my taxes. I had already filed NC asking for an extension since they insist on April 15 deadline but the Feds gave us to the 18th. I had entered all my data into a “free” Turbo-tax program only to find that they really insisted on about $75 to file because mine wasn’t a ” simple” return. Frankly I was gaming the program trying to learn how much I owed the Feds but all the program would tell me was “0 refund”.
    Suddenly I heard a strange noise for my quiet St. Andrews neighborhood. We don’t have a railroad track so how could I be hearing a freight train rushing towards me? One look at a window that was completely black and I hid under my computer table which is old and sturdy. It was a long week before quiet returned. When I finally got outside I just stood in shock. I could not reach a neighbor because I was completely hemmed in by fallen trees, I couldn’t get far away from the house to see if I still had a roof.
    I took a kitchen stool and my spare flag and set up on my tiny front stoop and waited for first responders to respond. Saturday there were 5 different fire companies there one after the other and they just made “assessments” I received everything from a 1(minor) to 3(totaled) and I told the outfit that gave me a 3 where they could go!
    Sunset I went to bed. Someone cleared the road after dark by pushing everything into our yards. I had phones and a mailbox when I went to bed, gone Sunday morning. Now we could really be “assessed” by the fancy official equipment on the road. God forbid that they get out of their vehicles.
    Victims rule #1 People in fancy trucks or autos will offer no help or even information.
    Sheriff’s Carter’s people were on the site on bikes and all terrain vehicles, bless them.
    Rule #2 Victims lose all normal rights, a uniform or a badge can do anything they feel like doing to your property or to you.
    That’s it for the teaser, look for my upcoming Post.

    • George;

      We’re just thankful you’re doing okay and persevering through the aftermath of this terrible storm. Please keep us posted on any needs you may have via email, and we’ll be there for you.


  5. Patrick Henry says:


    What can I do? Seriously.

    Where can I send money to help? Please contact Mr. Madison with that information. I’ll take it somewhere and have you pick it up from there to avoid revealing identity!

    Just please let this patriot know what to do. I’ll be waiting for Mr. Madison’s email.


    • George Clinton says:

      Patrick. Thanks for the offer, but money isn’t a problem; I live a simple life by choice, not due to lack of funds. Frankly I am sticking close to home because despite the best efforts of Tracy Carter’s deputies there are people moving around the neighborhood with no apparent reason for being here. Progress Energy is now in the habit of collecting the wires that they replaced. Nobody will comment on the reason why so I have to suspect that scavengers were at work. Sunday and Monday they were just leaving it lie where it fell; they were busy putting in new poles and lines.

      This Thursday noon while checking on my auto parked in the rear of my house I discovered that a old satellite dish with wires that the storm had removed from my roof were apparently removed by the brief downpour we received in the forenoon or during the night. That didn’t bother me but an antique copper planter that I had stuffed under my micro back deck had taken off after dumping its loaf of potting soil on my patio. Thank God that I had never gotten around to putting up my truly valuable handmade copper weathervane!

      Deputies tell me that I can’t shoot looters so I am packing my cordless phone which is 911 traceable; my old cheap cell phone is not. Before the storm I seldom locked my doors or my car, now I lock everything except what I am using.

      What I need is a place where I can buy a new mail box so I don’t have to run to the Post Office to get and send mail, delivery will be resumed sometime. My waste hauled away, the stuff from the freezer and refrigerator is starting to stink, and last but not least the name and cell number of my insurance adjuster. If one has finally been assigned to my file. The only one you could help with is where I can buy a mailbox, I feel no great need to hide my identity those are just the rules of the blog.

      George Clinton

  6. Patrick Henry says:


    I’m going to Apex today. Will see what I can do to get you a mailbox.


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