Hot off the Press: The General Assembly’s “Dreaded” Budget

Let me be the first to point out:  TEACHERS ARE NOT ON THE  LIST!

I am listing only the public school information below because of copyright laws and  this patriot didn’t ask the N&O for full disclosure.  (It is legal to put part of an article(s) in a posting but not word for word unless you have written permission.) But if this information on the budget is what we are going to deal with, our legislators think like most of us in Lee County:  Keep the teachers.  Get rid of  administration jobs and the waste!


“Public schools

Funds teacher assistants only in kindergarten and first grade classrooms: $259 million reduction

Support staff: $59 million reduction

Services for at-risk children: $30 million reduction

Principals and assistant principals: $25 million reduction

Merges More at Four preschool program with Smart Start program: $16 million reduction

Central office administrators: $11 million reduction”

Here’s the other article at the News and Disturber website :

” Cuts to K-12 education

The House budget fully funds the enrollment for the K-12 system. Perdue proposed to pay less per student, and push some of the expense onto local districts, but House budget writers decided not to go along with that idea.

But school district administrators would have to find $347 million in savings on their own.

Under the proposal, the state would pay for fewer teacher assistants, assistant principals, and classroom supplies. Looking at proposed cuts to counselors, media specialists, administrators and teacher assistants, state Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson was struck by how many fewer adults would be working in schools.

The reductions that districts will have to find on their own, coupled with a prohibition on increasing class sizes in grades K-3 make it likely that classes in middle and high schools will grow, Atkinson said.

“It’s almost as if we’re putting public education in the reverse gear rather than putting public education into drive where we can continue to really make progress,” she said.

The House proposal also would slash budgets for courts, public safety and prisons by about 10 percent, while making sweeping changes to how the agencies are organized.”

Now we are in definitely in our rights as taxpayers to tell Moss and friends to cut the waste and stop frightening the teachers and kids!!!


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4 Responses to Hot off the Press: The General Assembly’s “Dreaded” Budget

  1. Very impressive budget language related to the State’s K-12 system! This disclosure renews my confidence in our elected members of the General Assembly. Seems like they’ve really done their homework and have their fiscal prorities in order.

  2. Russ Noel says:

    My view on education is that good teachers are the “meat” to be consumed by students to achieve a good education. Administative people are just costly fat that must be trimmed to a minimum so that the “full value of the meat” can be absorbed by the students to develop and learn.
    Lee County School System is currently overstaffed with “fat” and the Superintindent is the primary cause. Possibly we need to promote one of Principals or Ass’t. Principals (we have plenty of both) and send Moss back to where he came from.

    • Goose says:

      Russ, it is great to see you here. I don’t often agree with you, but I think you have your “teeth” in this problem. (Sorry about the word play) The thing is that ‘where he came from’ won’t take him back, I believe it was Patrick Henry that posted newspaper articles from back there complaining that he bankrupted the school and they were glad to see him gone.
      I don’t claim to know but I found a site where school districts advertise their Superintendent openings and it seems some sort of certification is greatly desired of superintendent candidates. It sounded as though the certification might be required. Do you suppose any of our Principals would have such certification?

  3. Russ Noel says:

    I don’t take any offense in the fact that sometimes you don’t agree with me. Differing
    opinions have made the USA a nice place to be born and raised. That is until the STATESMEN we had when The Constitution was written are now POLITICIANS.
    I am sure you know the difference.
    Relative to Moss, I didn’t know, in detail, his past performance. BUT, I will find out.
    I knew about McCormack (he was Sup’t. in my former hometown) and I spoke privately with 2 BOE members about him. It fell on deaf ears!
    Relative to requirements for a Sup’t. here—I don’t know specific criteria. However,
    if our abundance of Principals don’t meet that criteria, then that is a failure by Moss
    and the BOE to create a “succesion Plan” as I had to do when I was a Manager in private industry.
    Thanks for responding,

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