Pay for an “A”?

It’s a wonder I have any hair at all!  Even Rogaine couldn’t help this patriot now.

Did we send Republicans to Raleigh to fix the budget, fix the paybacks, fix the ridiculous spending sprees by the Governette, be fiscally responsible, put credibility back in the legislature or did we send them to devise stupid suggestions like the idea espoused in the newest article:

NC considering paying students for good grades

By EMERY P. DALESIO, Associated Press

RALEIGH, N.C. — Nine-year-old Samantha Hubbard’s eyes popped open for an instant as the thought flashed through her mind.

Would she study harder if North Carolina offered to pay her $1,000 a year from kindergarten through high-school graduation if she came to class, behaved, and earned good grades?

It’s a reach beyond rewards like gold stars and pizza parties. But dangling cash rewards could be the cheapest and most effective motivator to raise test scores and lower dropout rates, said Sen. Fletcher Hartsell, R-Cabarrus, who is proposing the idea in legislation awaiting a committee hearing. If the money is paid to parents, that could get them more involved in helping their children succeed, he said. (Read the rest online if you can stomach it.)

We’ve  lost all common sense.  All of it.  When will personal responsibility be something we cherish and promote instead of giveaways?

Somebody please confirm Mike Stone isn’t for this. 

Wait Jeff Moss and Bob Huets have to be behind this.   Both are masters of their game when it comes to incentives and wasting taxpayer money.  Been to Raleigh lately, Bob?  We know Moss hasn’t – he’s been out West or complaining to parents and kids there’s no money for the LCS to operate next year!

Patrick Henry

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4 Responses to Pay for an “A”?

  1. Goose says:

    PH, I never thought I would see you defending the status quo! Would you rather continue to pour tax money down the rat hole known as the Lee County School District? We pretty much know that giving pay raises across the board to all teachers doesn’t produce the desired results. It doesn’t appear that we will ever be allowed to target funds to teachers that are more effective because the ones that are average or substandard will never allow it. There is also the problem of determining just which are effective since the establishment claims it is not possible to do so, which is just goose poop. Why not look at the product being produced? The system claims that you can’t teach children that don’t want to learn. IF an incentive will make children more effective learners it is worth a try, please note that I said IF, I don’t know if it will work for all children, I know it does not work for all adults. Anyone who has worked with wait staff or piece workers knows that there is a broad range in take home pay, but it is still more effective overall than everyone receiving the same salary.
    I do know it worked on me as a teenager, If I didn’t have Bs or better I didn’t get to use the family car (and I had to pay for the gas I used anyways) I well remember when I came home with a C in Latin, I ended up arranging a parent –teacher meeting where the teacher explained that in his opinion I suffered from a learning disability, that I read Latin very well but I couldn’t write or speak it for beans. Thankfully my parents didn’t believe Latin was of much practical use so they agreed that C in Latin was acceptable. I now read 4 languages but only speak or write English.
    Getting back to the subject I think a few parents might insist on good grades for their children to ‘earn’ an allowance. Maybe a small scale study could be set up. I am against giveaways in general but on a practical level I would prefer to produce an educated child than a “trained” Board member!

  2. Patrick Henry says:


    I didn’t need to be told or paid to get good grades.

    My mama’s switch she use to get off that big bush outside my front door was enough to convince me to do good.


    • Goose says:

      OK PH Now that we have established that your mother and mine would likely be charged with child abuse in this day and age (a switch raises welts a paddle does not) what do you think about money as an incentive? Seeing as you were a slave holder while I was not, I understand money as an incentive, we understand pain but don’t you think that money can also work?
      (One of these days I need to sit down and write a article so I can claim my Author’s name rather than “Goose” that I use for comments)

  3. Patrick Henry says:

    If a parent gives the child an incentive (cash, xbox games, etc), that’s a parent’s CHOICE. And the parent has the right to take away if said “milestones” are not performed.

    However, we have history on our side that shows government doesn’t care about accountability (Lee County EDC is perfect example). So if we have government (which does not have money unless they take from you and me) giving incentives of “get an A get paid”, we, the taxpayers, cannot stop them from giving to one group, all in the name of diversity, or claiming that certain races have enough and an advantage, so on and so on. It’s not their money. They don’t care what we think once they get it.

    Government has enough on their hands fighting “Obama’s domestic terrorists” like conservatives and keeping us from drilling, smoking in public, etc. They are busy enough.

    Don’t you agree?


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