If it’s Friday…

Follow the money…all the way to San Francisco.

Details copied from Mr. Jefferson’s post: 

Airfare: $311  per person

Conference: $695 per person

Hotel $220 or so per night at the Nikko (4-diamond)Hotel; plus transportation, mileage and per diem on meals.   http://hotelnikkosf.com/  (per night per person)

Lee County Board of Education asking for more money:  Priceless.

Look for the new Mastercard ad on a tax bill near you.

Patrick Henry

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6 Responses to If it’s Friday…

  1. Goose says:

    Relax PH this is not a comment on your rehash of Thomas’ story (You are getting better at satire however).
    My subject is road paving, $500K for Clyde Rhyne Drive is OK because it will allow Caterpillar to get to a new exit on Colon Road 1.5 miles away. This was approved by the commissioners? I have to wonder why since they came to their senses and did not approve of the DOT paving of country roads that made little sense. Were they bound by commitments made to the state by the board before the Election or did they really think it was the right thing t o do? Frankly I don’t now nor ever did understand the CAT deal, who pays for what. I know that sooner or later the burden ends up on the tax payer and CAT is the big winner. As for the training component why is that needed? Any shade tree mechanic should be able to do any new job offered on building light farm equipment with a few minutes of instruction. If anyone knows, how about giving this bird brain a clue…honk?

  2. Rata Blanca says:

    Food for thought. The hotel is much much cheaper since there is a Government discount.

  3. Goose;

    Really good question and point about the road for Caterpillar. There’s a two-part explanation for the commissioners’ consent. First, this was part of the Cat deal struck in 2010, prior to the last election. Recall that Commissioner Shook opposed the incentive package but it passed, nevertheless. Now, the County is in execution mode and this s one of several implementation packages, where the county is merely agreeing to administer the incentive or grant, as in this case.

    Second, this road improvement grant is being paid for by state (IDF) and federal (EDA) government grants. The state grant is valued at $500K. The federal grant will be used as local matching dollars and should be in the amount of $167K. No local tax dollars are planned to be used at this juncture. Plus, this grant paperwork has a clawback that requires Cat to create and maintain 118 new jobs at the Sanford facility or it has to reimburse the state for these raod improvements.

    You raise a great point about some of the other DOT road improvements not being sensible. Too bad we couldn’t simply have them pave Clyde Rhyne Drive and be done with the process across the board. Unfortunately, the road extension in this grant wouldn’t be served by DOT’s road program.

  4. Goose says:

    Thank You Mr. Madison, I thought part of the reason was that they were already committed. I was totally lost on the second part. $500K from the state to make Clyde Rhyne Drive an all weather road to Colon Rd. and from there a quick jump onto U.S. 1. I had wondered what it was when I drove by it on Colon, part of my confusion was the wording of the Herald story, paving “in the Lee County Industrial Park”. Will CAT completely control it the way Praxis/Lederly/Wyeth/Pfizer does with the extension of Oak Park thru their site and then out onto 15/501? ( It used to dead end at the rail line near CAT).
    The Feds grant will provide the Local matching funds? I never would have figured that out by myself! It sometimes seems that different levels of government are playing the old shell game using tax money in place of the pea and with ‘grants’ replacing the shells.
    Thanks again, honk!

  5. Patrick Henry says:

    it’s all taxpayer money. No matter where it comes from.


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