Winning is all that matters!

Breaking news:  Obama says:  Shut it down!

What a display of arrogance!  Instead of doing what is right and cutting spending, and yes, it will hurt, our President promised to veto a bill that DOES NOT deprive elderly from food and medicine, children of their school lunches, and your local sheriff’s department of keeping the force out on the streets.

Ever get the feeling they really don’t want the government to shut down because the American people would find out they actually could live a day or two without it?

Doesn’t matter though.  It’s about throwing out whatever lies the mainstream media will carry on the airwaves.  All the while knowing it  isn’t about the elderly and children.  It’s all about winning.

So this patriot says:  Shut it down!   Don’t worry.  It will be back up and running by April 15 in time for you to write that check and get it in the mail!


About Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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