North Dakota?

Who would have thought this? But the stats look good.  And ND is operating with a surplus?  That is a correct statement in the following article. Don’t change your glasses or run to the doctor.

With unemployment (that we are aware of) at 12.7% in a county outside of the East’s “Silicon Valley”, and our state government in such a dismal bind, ND looks very good.  See the stats below: 

Why North Dakota May Be the Best State in the Country to Live In

While many states are confronting severe budget shortfalls and dragging economies, North Dakota has a different sort of problem. It’s stuck deciding how best to deal with a budget surplus. Yes, a surplus. North Dakota’s balance sheet is so strong it recently reduced individual income taxes and property taxes by a combined $400 million, and is debating further cuts….

Lowest unemployment rate among the 50 states. North Dakota’s 3.8 percent unemployment rate is less than half the national rate.

Statewide GDP growth of 3.9 percent ranked third in the nation in 2009 behind Oklahoma and Wyoming (2010’s figures are not yet available.)

Best job growth last year. A Gallup survey reported that North Dakota businesses had the best ratio of hiring to firing among the 50 states.

Stable housing market. Across the nation, nearly 1 in 4 homeowners with a mortgage are underwater. In North Dakota, just 1 in 14 have negative equity, the fourth lowest negative-equity ratio among all the states. The state also has the third-lowest home foreclosure rate. Affordable homes are a big part of the story here; let’s just say you don’t need to overstretch to own. According to Zillow, the median home price in North Dakota is below $150,000. That’s less than three times the state’s median household income. By comparison, even after sharp post-bubble price declines, the median priced home in California is still about five times median household income.

Low violent crime rate. The incidence of violent crime per 100,000 residents in North Dakota in 2008 (latest available data) was the fourth lowest in the country and nearly 60 percent lower than the national average.

Lowest credit card default rate. According to TransUnion, North Dakotans seem to have a handle on spending within their means.

North Carolina’s unemployment is almost if not more than 3 times that. We here in Lee County have a sheriff more interested in cohorting with legislators (ex-legislators) to look in my medicine cabinet instead of a criminal’s.  ND is in the black when NC is looking at a $2.4 billion shortfall.  ND is reducing property and state income taxes.  NC wants (and Lee County zealots) to INCREASE property taxes. 

I agree with this: ND is colder than NC.  However, there are enough stiffs running around Lee County enraging parents and kids and declaring “sports is dead” to fire up any place and make it “hot”. 

Patrick Henry

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6 Responses to North Dakota?

  1. Goose says:

    The Rest of the story:
    Lowest unemployment rate. – Agriculture is the largest industry in North Dakota, Energy (oil and wind) second, followed by food processing. Even during a recession people need to eat and use energy, why shouldn’t unemployment be low?
    GDP growth – have you noticed the trend in food and fuel prices?
    Job growth – a boom in oil production explains that, oil production has more than tripled since 2007.
    Stable housing market– fairly stable population, see more below
    Low violent crime rate. – Crime rate is associated with population density. ND is the 3rd least populous but the 19th –largest in area. Also ND has the lowest percentage of non-religious people of any state and it also has the most churches per capita of any state. Do you believe religion has an effect on the crime rate?
    Lowest credit card default rate –People not out of work and religious pay off their debts?
    Population comment: In ND since the 2000 census immigration from outside the United States resulted in a net increase of 3,323 people, and migration within the country produced a NET LOSS of 21,110 people.-7/1/2008 figures, oil boom has decreased or reversed this trend. IF IT IS SUCH A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE WHY ARE SO MANY LEAVING? If NC is so bad why are so many coming here from other states and other countries, it can’t be the weather.

  2. Patrick Henry says:

    Goose, I never said it was “so bad”. I merely pointed out the obvious. So if NC is paradise, then why is our unemployment rate so high? Why do we have the highest gas taxes in the Southeast?

    As for crime rates, we didn’t do so bad. Michigan beat us because they have 2 cities in the top 5.

    Fayetteville #64, Greensboro #85, W-S #93, Durham #117, Charlotte #118 –

    Click to access City_crime_rate_2010-2011_hightolow.pdf

    Did you ever stop Goose to think the reason people come here is that they are leaving more desperate and decrepid places like Detroit, Cleveland, etc in hopes of a better life? It’s not that NC is so great, it’s that NC is better than where they were.

    Some of it is the weather. I had that conversation with my neighbor who travels quite a bit just yesterday. They have family in Pennsylvania that keeps trying to get them to move and they said “No thank you. Like the weather here in NC just fine.”

    Frankly, the 4 regions (some say 3), 4 seasons, and little “Silicon Valley” and the university system is why they come.

    How can ND with its agriculture base, you write, and limited population continue to reduce taxes and NC with its high technology and Northern and foreign imports (some of us are not imports and I am not referring to cars) keep raising taxes and taking from us? Seems to me the opposite should be happening. But what do I know? I’m just an old antique who never went to “More at 4”.

    Besides, you’re a Goose. You flee NC at times yourself.


    • Goose says:

      PH Short Answers. From top down- don’t know might have something to do with people moving into the state and taking short term jobs while looking for better? Manufacturing took a hit and that knocked lots of service jobs,
      Gas taxes? Have the other SE states been solid DEM for the last 100 years. Anyways strictly a government problem, not an economic problem.
      Crime rates? Hadn’t seen your reference before<thanks. What I remember showed Lee county VS NC VS USA you know the yearly that show Sanford/Lee reducing crime every year?
      Sure I have thought about that, I always thought that I would retire to NC, job moved here instead. Now unemployed and looking where to move my body and my money. Too hot in the summer but winters are great.
      I guess I am a 3 region 3 season man, usually no Spring here. Turn off the heat Sunday and turn on the A/C Friday.
      Your next to last point. I did mention an oil boom at least twice do you think they Don’t collect Royalties on that oil, tax the driller’s income, tax farmers when they make a profit? Even more important they aren’t providing services to our brothers from south of the border that swim the river with a bag of clothes, a jug of water, and a plan to send money home. I think we have more of them than the entire population of ND! In passing do you know what we that live on the Canada border call people that sneak in from Canada (there are a few) Icy backs! We had one at Wyeth that transferred from a closed plant in upstate NY. Up there he just drove 13 miles to work in NY but lived in Canada. NC caught him when he applied for a NC drivers license, no work permit no license. BTW no More at 4 for me either, not even Kindergarten. My 4 year older brother taught me, I was reading whole books and writing cursive when I entered 1st grade where they insisted I needed to block print instead. Teaching young ones must be tough when a 9 year old can teach a 5 year old everything he needed to know except where the school bathroom was!
      Yep I am a Goose, but not a silly goose. Honk.

  3. Goose & Patrick;

    Like the two of you, I love NC too….for lots of reasons. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look at what other states are doing better and more successfully than we are for ideas that can save us money and help us grow.

    I doubt either of you would argue with our collective desire to reduce taxes, reduce government spending, and reduce the reach of government into our daily lives. We want crime to come down. We want schools do be more focused on preparing our kids for productive lives. And we want to be left alone to enjoy the fruits of our labors. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

    So, I commend Patrick for the post, and Goose for pointing out that North Dakota isn’t Shangri-La. What we need now is to mimic some of the growth-supportive actions that North Dakotans have taken. And we need to look more closely at taking action to encourage relocation for one segment of our local population that is helping contribute to our poor statistics– illegal aliens.


  4. Patrick Henry says:

    I do love the dialog Goose presents. Goose, hate that you are unemployed.
    The good news is you live in America. And America has more self-built millionaires than any other place on earth. I know when I was unemployed I created a job for myself that helped others and brought some dough in. I like stability though. So having a steady paycheck was the best solution for me.

    However, you mentioned working at Wyeth. I am assuming that since you wrote about Wyeth. If I knew what position you held I might could give you a direction to fly the next time you feel like spreading your wings and soaring above.

    I know quite a few fellow patriots working in Clinical Research that might just need someone who can “honk” really well.


  5. Goose says:

    Thanks PH but I am an old goose laid my golden egg and have a fair nest egg built up. The fact is I would rather say I am unemployed than that I am retired. I was in Quality Management but towards the end I was spending most of my time teaching the bright young inexperienced managers about Vaccines and how and why ours were different than the ones they may have worked on elsewhere. Without going into details I had figured out that the Wyeth Sanford plant’s days were numbered, they were producing but not doing research to find the next product. In Biotech today if you stand still you die. The good news is that we have a world class Biotech facility at the Industrial Park, the bad news is that Pfizer doesn’t seem to have a clue about what to do with it. Honk?

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