If it’s Friday….

it’s Talking Points with the Founding Fathers!

Good Friday, Patriots!

And a welcome to all of those others recklessly determined to destroy my country.  Glad you are reading too.   When you read this blog, you learn something!

With that being said, I must give my condolences.  It’s a sad day for another bureaucratic program that might be on the agenda to cut.  Unless the governette gets her way, pushes all expenditures to the county level, fools the new Republican majority, and then claims “she balanced the budget”!  

Yes, my friends, the headline in this morning’s Sanford Herald reads “No More at 4?”.  Please bow your heads and pray for all of us who were born before 2003 when this program was implemented by ex-governor “should have been convicted” Easley, the gang of Democrats who USE to control the legislature, and our very own currently “being investigated” Governor Beverly Perdue.

How in the world did we all survive a day without going to “More at 4”?  How in the world did we learn to put our pants on correctly;  feed ourselves;  declare independence and free an entire civilization from tyranny;  win an American Revolution;  write a constitution that still is the law of the land; learn to make a car (Model T) and fly a plane; invent electricity, the toilet, and the microwave; manage to put a man on the moon; how to flip hamburgers at McDonalds, run the register at Walmart, or make subs;  produce nuclear power; invent the personal computer, cellular technology, and smartphones; and IP telephony?  Just how since ALL of these things happened before “More at 4”?

Now all of you who believe it should be funded, when you write back to blast me, please enlighten this patriot with your explanation of  how the accomplishments above were made before the “More of taxpayer money at 4” program?  I can hardly wait for the dialogue. 

Oh by the way, none of the Founding Fathers went through the program and they were  (are) brilliant!

Patrick Henry

“Give me liberty, and not liability.”

About Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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1 Response to If it’s Friday….

  1. Goose says:

    HEADS UP PH! A SWAT team from the SBI is looking for you they want to re-educate you by sending you to More at Four camp until you learn all the things you should have learned but missed by being born too early, you know like
    “learning numbers and letters, proper nutrition, HOW TO SHARE WITH OTHERS” I heard one of them mutter “This guy really needs to learn how to share, he even thinks that some of the money he earns he should be able to spent on HIMSELF!” The other replied “After we taser him senseless, the center can re-educate him the right way.”
    So hide maybe it will be safe to come out next APRIL 1ST?

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