Breaking News! Did someone call WRAL?

It appears the forum last night had a WRAL reporter there!

Did they pay them with my tax dollars?

Lee County could cut athletics to save money…

Budgets are tight across the nation as the United States continues to recover from a recession, and the budget cuts in Lee County could prove too much for high school sports.

Lee County High School held an information session for students and parents on Thursday evening to discuss the future of high school sports in the county.

“There has been a proposal on the table for a while now that would cut all middle school athletics, but now there’s a proposal that would also cut high school athletics,”athletic director Steve Womack said.

I haven’t heard about the high school athletics being axed.  Dang those darn taxpayer saving Republican commissioners. 

Mr. STEVE Womack – I’m playing my rusty old guitar to your bleeding heart cry.

Times are tight.  Get over it.  Give up your paycheck for the kids.  That would be the noble thing to do.  But I bet you won’t.  Because it isn’t about the kids.

Patrick Henry


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