Taxaholics Anonymous

Time for a new 501(c)3 organization in Lee County- Taxaholics Anonymous (TA).   Just like its Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) counterparts, TA would serve a desperate need here in Lee County.  You see, on November 2, 2010 Lee County taxpayers spoke out against traditional tax and spend behaviors among their elected leaders.  Those that weren’t owning up to their fiscal responsibilities were universally cast to the curb.  We haven’t yet treated them for their disorders, though.  I remain hopeful some civic-minded fiscal conservatives will carve out sufficient time and energy to help our troubled elected (and former) leaders as they receive rehabilitation for their clinical tax and spend maladies.

Our list of candidate clients include school system officials Dr. Jeff Moss, Bill Tatum, John Bonardi, Dr. Lynn Smith, Dr. Linda Smith, and Rev. Shawn Williams.   Note- Tatum and Moss need extra attention, as it appears their depth of affliction borders on psychosis.    The Lee County Board of Commissioners have universal tax enthusiast Richard Hayes, plus a few pro-sales tax folks who are attempting remediation under new Chair Linda Shook.  These few seem to be making some progress in reforming their taxing behaviors.  

Until recently, at the state level we had venerable taxaholic Jimmy Love, now replaced by tax cutter Mike Stone.  Love is still the attorney for several local boards and is thus, still a prime candidate for TA.  Bob Atwater still practices fast and loose spending as our state senator and looks to be a good candidate as well.  Perhaps we need to include a senatorial redistricting in his treatment plan. 

Bobby Etheridge was already in tax and spend rehab following the November election, but unfortunately he had a relapse when taxaholic Gov Bev Purdue appointed him to oversee disbursement of federal stimulus money across the state.   The lesson learned here is that you can’t allow one taxaholic to interfere with the treatment plan for another taxaholic.  Let’s hope we all learn from this mistake just how difficult it is to treat the most dire cases of taxaholism, especially criminally taxaholic officials like Bobby E.  I really don’t know if Etheridge can get into the TA program in Harnett County, so we Lee County citizens should be gracious and offer him sponsorship right here in Lee County.

The run-up to election 2012 is right around the corner.  Soon, there will be a number of hard core taxaholics in Lee County who will be leaving office and, thus, available for TA rehab.  Once we identify an executive director for the Lee County Taxaholics Anonymous we’ll widely disseminate the appropriate contact information.  In the mean time, prospective TA clients can perform advanced preparation by digesting the contents at the following web sites:

John Locke Foundation-


Americans for Prosperity-

About Alexander Hamilton

First Secretary of the Treasury, Founding Father, and a leading federalist. I wrote most of the federalist papers, collaborating with John Jay and James Madison. Some in the Republican Party consider me the best ever Secretary of the Treasury. I was an original proponent for a strong central bank to help protect the financial security of our nation.
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4 Responses to Taxaholics Anonymous

  1. Patrick Henry says:

    What’s up Doc? What’s up Doc? What’s up Doc?

    Never met a tax increase nor incentive he didn’t like!


  2. Norman Thomas says:

    Another attempt at satire that falls flat thanks to a misunderstanding of details. The first candidates for detax (I can play too!) you listed – “Dr. Jeff Moss, Bill Tatum, John Bonardi, Dr. Lynn Smith, Dr. Linda Smith, and Rev. Shawn Williams” – don’t hold any power to take anything from anyone through taxation. Jimmy Love, as the attorney for various governing bodies in Lee County, doesn’t hold any power to take anything from anyone through taxation. Likewise, Bob Etheridge as the overseer of how federal stimulus dollars are spent in North Carolina, doesn’t hold any power to take anything from anyone through taxation. And nobody on the BOC has proposed raising taxes. Nice try!

    • Alexander Hamilton says:

      Norman: Good comments. I especially like your “detax” procedure. It should be therapeutic for even the most ardent tax and spend enthusiasts. As for my analogy relating taxaholics to alcoholics and narcotic dependents, I would argue it’s fitting. You see, for the most part, alcoholics don’t create alcohol and dopers don’t typically manufacture their drugs. Like these two groups of substance abusers, taxaholics are consumers; they advocate the generation of the substance they so desperately want- our money. Like their chemical substance abusing brethren, taxaholics can never get enough. They can always be counted on to invent new ways of creating what they desire; whether it’s a new local sales tax, a new fee, or an increase in property taxes. Taxaholics can be Democrat, Republican, Progressive, or Independent; though very few are Libertarian. They can be elected or appointed. Some taxaholics are in positions of direct revenue generation while others are purely bottom feeders. Regardless of their station in life, taxaholics are largely responsible for putting us in the economic malaise we are experiencing today. So, yes, the aforementioned gentlemen (and lady) were appropriately identified as taxaholics. Granted, a few of them seem to be recovering taxaholics. But full and irreversible recovery has yet to be verifid. Best wishes, Norman, and thanks again for your comment.

  3. Goose says:

    Mr. Hamilton; where were you around March 11 when this reply was posted by Mr. Madison beating up on the Goose for a comment that was fairly similar to the theme of your Taxaholics Anonymous Post? Goose; Now it’s YOU who has stepped over the line. “Revenue is the cocaine of the politician…” Really? With that statement are you not exaggerating in the same way you accuse Patrick of doing? (Short answer- Yes).”
    Is the difference between my general statement and your theme really that different? Do we perhaps have our own “good old boy” network in play here?
    Let me point out some of the differences just to be fair. Mine is a general statement and of course, you picked and named your targets, so I was unfair to the politicians that aren’t hooked on revenue but I never said that they were all hooked. I implied that it was very easy to become addicted to spending revenue aka other people’s money.
    In my defense I want to point out that one can be addicted to revenue without the power to tax, look to our schools and our non-profits for examples. For those that do have the power to tax, during normal times, their habit can be maintained without raising tax rates since revenue tends to increase as the economy grows. It is only during times when revenue declines that the addicted starts to worry and show withdrawal symptoms. Only when revenue is returned to the people that are taxed to provide it can you conclude that an organization is reasonablely free of addicts.

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