Mad blogger a “No show”

Update to previous post. KC and his sunshine band were a no show at the Lee GOP Convention today. Must have been a rough night after deciding they would be outnumbered.


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3 Responses to Mad blogger a “No show”

  1. One never knows when KFC’s bravado and bluster will translate into a public appearance. He makes a lot of threats (and promises) but he is highly unreliable in his follow-through.

    Late last October, he promised everyone he would disappear permanently from the blogging scene– which proved not to be true. He recently resumed his political blogging. He also claimed he would be less visible, focusing more time on his family and other private matters. Also not true. He is just as active today as ever, attending even obscure civic meetings and making his presence known with his usual jibberish.

    No it’s best just to consider KFC as Sanford’s village idiot. He’s usually around and never afraid to open his mouth. Count your blessings when he is a ‘no show.’


  2. jill says:

    this site cannot be read because of the background. Is it just me?

    • The background is fine. Not sure why you are having problems. Sorry. Try a different workstation and see if you get the same thing. We’ve had a glitch at WordPress from time to time, but never for more than a few hours. Thanks for commenting. Publius

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