Hallelujah…they’re listening..

It’s about time somebody in Raleigh listens.  Our high gas prices here in NC isn’t just about Libya’s brutal leader (Got to blame somebody and hush, you can’t blame the King.  It’s not PC).  NC gas tax is the highest in Southeast!

Start calculating 29.9 cents per gallon when you’re at the pump to see how much money COULD be in your pocketbook to spend on other items.

Here’s the headline on WRAL.com…

GOP eyes resurrecting cap on state gas tax

Raleigh, N.C. — As fuel prices soar, Republican lawmakers are looking at once again capping the state tax rate on gasoline.

The state eliminated the cap two years ago, flipping it upside-down to set a minimum tax of 29.9 cents per gallon. The gas tax, which is tied to the wholesale price of fuel, is set every six months and is now at 32.5 cents per gallon, and the rate is expected to increase by 2 to 2.5 cents in July.

The price of gas has been climbing steadily in recent weeks and is at a two-year high, averaging $3.51 a gallon nationwide….

Finish reading at :  http://www.wral.com/news/state/nccapitol/story/9237336/


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6 Responses to Hallelujah…they’re listening..

  1. This is all about perspective. The libs (and NCDOT executives) view our gas tax purely as a revenue stream, with no empathy towards taxpayers already stretched beyond their ability to make ends meet. “What’s two cents a gallon?” they say. I’ll tell you what it is– it represents millions of dollars we taxpayers cannot afford to cough up as we struggle to pay our bills in this terrible recession. Over the course of a year, that two cents represents the difference whether I can afford to service my car, put groceries on the table, pay my property bill, buy my blood pressure medication, etc…you get the picture.

    I want to throw up every time I hear someone say, “What’s another penny gonna’ hurt?” or “I didn’t ‘feel’ that one cent sales tax last year, did you?” (Did you get that Dr. Moss?!?)

    Fortunately, there are enlightened fiscal conservatives out there who recognize the folly of this kind of thinking. Some of these even serve in responsible positions in the NC General Assembly. (I had breakfast with several of them just this morning in Raleigh, and they are true heroes). Like Patrick’s note exclaims above, I am encouraged by their fiscally sound ideas and initiatives. I thank God daily for their persistence in looking out for our financial interests.


  2. Goose says:

    PH, Why should one “start calculating 29.9 cents/gallon” when the current rate is 32.5 cents/gallon and is almost certain to go up in July? True under current law the tax cannot fall below 29.9, but the proposal is to put a new cap on the rate not to roll the rate back and if they did roll back it would not be to zero. Even If the DOT never built a new road it still costs to maintain what we have. I just wish that the gas tax revenue went only to building and maintaining roads!

  3. Patrick Henry says:


    Must you be so literal? I know what the current rate is! Just getting people to look at stuff and realize how we are being robbed is freaking impossible! But it is what I am attempting to do!

    Can’t you see that? The rate WAS capped at 29.9 until the Democrats in Raleigh pushed it higher last year when they didn’t fear the voters. And before they were booted out of office. It might would be used for its “meaningful” purpose if the governor didn’t raid the funds to put in the General fund to give away on some welfare program. Easley started it. Beverly is still doing it.


    • Goose says:

      Rabble rousing oratory does have a place in a revolution but if you get too far from the truth…There is a name for that! Would your rant really suffer if you had used the current gas tax rate instead of a minimum rate?
      Do you really believe that the Republicans will roll the tax back to the old cap (which is now the minimum tax rate?) If so I have some ocean front property in southern Lee Co which I could give you a deal on. Revenue is the cocaine of the politician, liberals go crazy on it. Conservatives may really want to cut back but don’t usually manage to stabilize their use, let alone actually cut back on it. I hope they manage to hold the line on the rates and let real growth provide for their addiction to spending. Honk

      • Goose;

        Now it’s YOU who has stepped over the line. “Revenue is the cocaine of the politician…” Really? With that statement are you not exaggerating in the same way you accuse Patrick of doing? (Short answer- Yes).

        Please do not lump all political officials together as being addicted to revenues. That simply isn’t so. I personally know a number of local, state, and federal officials who loathe our present tax rates (at all levels of government) and who are working diligently to bring them down. Conservatives have indeed brought tax rates down. Bush tax cuts did that. Chatham County actually dropped its property tax rate within the last two years. And House Republicans in the State of NC are proposing a number of measures to bring corporate taxes down and to rescind the 1% sales tax.

        It is completely disingenuous for you to say the GOP doesn’t stabilize and cut back on rates and revenues. It’s that kind of talk that causes our voting public to be cynical about the political process. That cynicism leads to small turnouts at the polls and opportunities for liberals to regain power. Let’s not go down that path again!


  4. Goose says:

    Publius, you are right, I was sloppy with my use of the word politicians. To me a politician is mainly interested in being elected or reelected; I tend to use official or statesman for people that want to be elected to actually govern.
    If I haven’t stated it in black and white here I am a Cynic and I believe I have chided people here for being Optimists (including you). With that having been said let me examine some of your examples.
    Bush tax cuts; Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (JGTRRA) While some rates were reduced it exposed some of us to the AMT which actually raised our payments to the IRS. Bush himself stated that he expected the decrease in rates to lead to increased revenue.
    I am often amazed at the people that think rates and revenue is the same thing. Yes Chatham dropped their rates but due to the huge growth tin northern Chatham County their revenue growth was slowed, not stopped or reversed by the rate cuts.
    Yes House Republicans have PROPOSED cutting taxes but before you get all puffed up about it lets see what they actually DO about them. Unlike the Feds the state is not allowed a deficit and frankly I don’t picture them having the guts to cut spending enough to cover the short term effects of revenue cut in this economy.
    Remember I wrote about the addiction to revenue not rates and one theory is that cutting high rates can generate additional revenue over the long term.
    PS there is no reason that Conservatives cannot take advantage of a low turnout as well as Liberals. Someone said that we are governed by those who are willing to vote.

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