If It’s Friday…

it’s Talking Points with the Founding Fathers…

ARE THEY THAT DUMB?  I’m referring to the Wisconsin teachers that are calling in sick to protest.  Just where the heck do they think the money to pay their salaries and benefits come from?  My God help us if these people who we should be able to trust to teach our kids the truth are this stupid.

I heard this morning that the average salary (with benefits which includes the state paying majority of their healthcare) is around $89,000!!  Most people when they think of salary forget the extras.  They forget that vacation, sick leave, matching contributions for 401K and other retirement plans, additional educational benefits, etc, are all a part of the total package. 

Public employees like those arrogant and  ignorant teachers,  are paid by the taxpayers.  Michelle Maulkin’s website has a list of administrators and their salaries.  Check it out and ask yourself:  “Do you make that much?”

Since they are paid by the taxpayers, I say Governor Walker, fire their butts.   We’re always told in this state that “Teachers don’t get in it for the money.”  Well, this is proof they do. So fire them.  In the private sector if you blatantly lie to your employer and they find out, you are toast.  Gone.  Out of there! 

Same thing should happen to the Wisc teachers.  I’m sure there are plenty of people looking for a job that would take half of what they are making.

I think it’s about time Lee County citizens find out what we’re paying our public employees.  Wonder if our county manager can provide that. 


“Give me liberty, not liability.”


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6 Responses to If It’s Friday…

  1. We’re working on getting the county salary info out at this site. Some will be forthcoming shortly…for the major department heads at the county level. We’re also working on getting the salaries for major school sysrtem officials. That is taking a little longer to acquire, but we’ll have it shortly. Thanks for asking.


  2. Blag Farsnef says:

    How hard is it to get that information? Since it’s all a matter of public record, I’d think one phone call is all it would take to find out how much every county employee makes. I’d think it would be even easier for a sitting county commissioner to locate this information.

    • I think you’re right. The sitting county commissioners should have this information at their fingertips. However, they probably do not have information on school officials, though I understand they have sought that info recently, along with data on the recent pay raises given to senior school officials.

  3. Goose says:

    Is PH missing the fact that in Wisconsin the governor “attacked” the public employees’ unions? Is North Carolina so union free that people here don’t know what that means? Does he know that even as GM was going down for the third time, in their union plants they were paying union members to come in and basically just sit on their hands because of contracts the unions had won for their membership? It isn’t a matter of a few teachers calling in sick anymore than the Boston Massacre was a matter of a few citizens getting shot. This will turn the liberal left into a solid block. The Unions are the money that funds the Left.
    I don’t think even here in NC you can just fire teachers without a good reason, you can defund their position which means the low man is out while the seniors take the jobs. But maybe the silly goose is wrong again honk?

  4. Patrick Henry says:

    No, you’re not wrong Goose about some of your comments. And I’m not missing anything. No one should be fired without good reason. However, blatantly lying to your employer is a good reason. And especially in these economic times where jobs are not a dime a dozen. Especially at anytime. Never lie to them. Never.

    Unions have been the demise of the American auto maker and the public sector. They started out with good intentions. Just read the history. If unions were so good for America, why is Detroit so decrepid and lost. People are leaving by the dozens. They are just packing up the trailers and heading south. The ones staying still act like we, the taxpayers, and consumers, owe them a living. We owe them nothing.

    As usual, it’s been a game of passing on to the next generation the ills of society. Nobody has wanted to confront the issues and say “No”. Unions are not use to “No”. What is sad is if they don’t give in and accept that paying a bit more for their own healthcare costs and retirement, it will result in layoffs. So while a few get their demands, others are left wondering how to feed their families.

    The Gov of Wisc is attempting to avoid layoffs. He has stated that intention several times.

    It amazes me that these same people will be in church on Sunday morning acting as if they care about each other. They care for no one but themselves.

    If my company asked me to take a pay decrease to avoid layoffs, I would. Because I’d rather have a job, and the capability of being able to put food on the table instead of wondering where the next morsel will come from. That’s because I DO care about others.

    And what’s worse about this entire situation, is that our dearly beloved President is helping to push the union agenda along. All the while, telling us we have to do with less while Michelle is out vacationing. What makes those teachers anymore special than you or me? They are his path to re-election.


    • Goose says:

      Well PH, compare this more reasoned reply, buried down here in the comments, with your “If is Friday” rant and you will know why I post. You are an intelligent man, why do you feel the need to make a big fuss about politics as usual. Their boss, the one they report to, know s what is going on. They may belong to the same union, or when they were promoted to boss they had to join a different union (which might not be allowed to act as a union). Many private employers fight the problem by requiring a doctor’s excuse to return to work or count to many “sick” days against you when you are considered for a raise. There are draw backs to both. I wonder how many moms call in sick when the Lee Co schools declare a snow day. Do you really think most of them say I have to stay home with the kids (true) rather than I don’t feel well (lie?)
      BTW when I was human I used to supervise a fairly large department in a company that was very anti-smoking (we were never allowed to smoke in a building and some periods we were not allowed to smoke on the property) I kept close track on attendance. Moms had twice as many absences than Dads or even older women that did not have kids in school. The known smokers missed 13% fewer days than the non-smokers as an average.
      I don’t think you really understand the Union mindset ,I know that I don’t. One of the subjects that is off-limits at my family gatherings is the need for unions, we can talk about sex, religion, even politics and have a reasonable conversation, but talk about unions become a feud. Some of the older members were in industrial unions, many of the younger are in education public unions. None will say unions might not be a good thing. The young will complain how seniority is holding them back but that becomes less and less as they become senior themselves.
      Of course ol’ B.O. knows where his power base is, nobody said he was stupid or a bad politican. Big Corparations, BAD, Big Unions,GOOD! I am amazed how many people buy that.
      Until Next Time, honk!

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